Lew Sayre Schwartz (1926-)

Schwartz began working with Bob Kane in 1948 after Kane signed his new contract with National.  The standard operating procedure was for Schwartz to do full pencils, laying out the entire story. Kane himself would fill in Batman and Robin's faces to make sure they stayed on model.  Despite Schwartz's completing full artwork on many stories, Kane would often redraw various Batman and various supporting characters, often without Schwartz's knowledge.

pencilled splash for "The Penguin's Fabulous Fowls" Batman 76 (Apr-May 1953)   (story by Ed Hamilton)   completed page as inked by Charles Paris

Batman 47 (Jun-Jul 1948) "Fashions in Crime" written by Bill Finger. Inks by Charles Paris Detective 168 February 1951 "The Man Behind the Red Hood" written by Bill Finger.  Inks by Charles Paris.
In Schwartz's layouts, the action was always much farther away from the reader than in Kane's own stuff.  Many panels consist solely of backgrounds.  Schwartz seems to go out of his way not to have to actually draw a complete Batman figure (perhaps to keep Kane from redrawing it). His henchmen have a particular look to them that is very distinctive.
Batman 75 (February- March 1953) "The Gorilla Boss of Gotham City" written by David Vern Reed. Inked by Charles Paris. One of Schwartz's most iconic splash pages. Interestingly, when the story was reprinted in Batman Annual 3, the falling policemen and the body hanging out of the window were all deleted.
Schwartz remained with the strip until 1953 when he decided to pursue other projects.  He went on to teach at the School for Visual Arts and to work producing live and animated commercials and short films for which he won four Emmy's and six Clio's.  His place as Kane's chief ghost was taken by Sheldon Moldoff.

In 1961 he formed Ferro, Mogubgub and Schwartz.  This studio did animated title design and storyboards for films, among them Doctor Strangelove by Stanley Kubrick

He also wrote a children's adaption of Moby Dick that was illustrated by Dick Giordano and commissioned by the town of New Bedford, Massachusetts in 2002.

From 1988-1999 Schwartz wrote and drew a comic strip called the Dinosaur Group that was published in the Cape Cod, Massachusetts area.


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