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DC launched the Vertigo imprint under group editor Karen Berger, dedicated to more sophisticated story telling aimed at adults. Doom Patrol (64), Shade the Changing Man (33), Hellblazer (63), Animal Man (57), Swamp Thing (129) and Sandman (47) were moved over to the new imprint as a number of new mini series were lined up to jump start the line.  Unlike the regular DC Timeline, this table attempts to include all the Vertigo titles, so if I missed any, please drop me a line. Comments

Seekers Into the Mystery
Jan 96- Apr 97 1-15 J.M. DeMatteis begins a new  series, edited by Shelley Roeberg about a quest for a mysterious book with the powers of God. 15 issues. Art by Glen Barr (1-4), JonJ Muth (5,10,15) Michael Zulli (6-9) and Jill Thompson (11-14)
Vertigo Voices: The Eaters
Jan 96 1 Edited by Art Young. By Peter Milligan and Dean Ormston. An average middle class suburban family who just happen to consume human flesh.
Vamps: Hollywood and Vein
Jan 96- Jul 96 1-6 Written by Elaine Lee and edited by Julie Rottenberg
Blood and Shadows
Blood and Shadows
Mar 96- Jun 96 1-4 Edited by Brian Augustyn, written by Jon R Lansdale. Art by Mark Nelson.

Dog Moon
Apr 96 1 One shot  written by Robert Hunter of the Grateful Dead and drawn by Timothy Truman. Edited by Karen Berger.
Death: The Time of Your Life
Apr 96- Jun 96 1-3

Vertigo Verite: The System

May 96- Jul 96 1-3 3-Issue Mini edited by Lou Stathis is written and drawn by Peter Kuper, (if a book with no dialogue or captions can be said to be written).

Vertigo Verite: Seven Miles a Second

May 96 1 A biographical work written by AIDS victim and artist David Wojnarowicz, edited by Karen Berger.
The Dreaming
Jun 96- May 01 1-60 An anthology series featuring different writers and artists, utilizing characters and ideas originally developed by Neil Gaiman in The Sandman.  As with all anthologies, some are more successful than others.  Edited by Alisa Kwitney.
Flex Mentallo
Jun 96- Sep 96 1-4 Written by Grant Morrison with art by Frank Quitely.  A spin off from the Doom Patrol. Edited by Art Young and Stuart Moore.  Flex, former "hero of the beach" and companion to the Doom Patrol, delves into the mysterious dealings of his former comrade, The Fact. But is Flex really a super-powered muscleman with a heart of gold - or merely the fantasy of a suicidal rock star?
Terminal City
Jul 96- Mar 97 1-9 Edited by Shelley Roberg, written by Dean Motter and drawn by Michael Lark and set in a 1930's version of the future.

Vertigo Verite: Girl

Jul 96- Sep 96 1-3 Written by Peter Milligan. edited by Shelly Roberg.

Essential Vertigo: The Sandman

Aug 96- Mar 99 1-32 Reprints
Saint of Killers
Preacher: Saint of Killers
Aug 96- Nov 96 1-4 Edited by Julie Rottenberg, written by Garth Ennis.

Vertigo Verite: The Unseen Hand

Sep 96-Dec  96 1-4 Written by Terry LaBan and edited by Lou Stathis. Terry LaBan, Ilya, Ande Parks. A globe-spanning tongue in cheek thriller: super-spies, reality-wrecking lies, and trickledown economics.
House of Secrets
House of Secrets
Oct 96- Dec 98 1-25 Written by Steven Seagle and edited by Shelly Roberg.. This version features continuing characters.

Blood: A Tale
Nov 96- Feb 97 1-4 Reprint of Marc DeMatteis' 1987 Marvel/Epic series.

Essential Vertigo: Swamp Thing

Nov 96- Oct 98 1-24 Reprints

Dhampire: Stillborn

Nov 96 1 One shot introducing a new series by Nancy Collins.  Nicholas Gaunt is a half-vampire, trapped between two worlds.  Edited by Lou Stathis.
You Know Who
Preacher Special: The Story of You 
Know Who
Dec 96 1 Garth Ennis and Richard Case

Mythos: The Final Tour

Dec 96- Feb 97 1-4 Edited by Alisa Kwitney, written by John Ney Reiber.
Farewell, Moonshadow
Farewell Moonshadow
Jan 97 Edited by Shelly Roberg for Vertigo is a sequel to Marc DeMatteis' classic Epic Comics series.
Invisibles vol 2
Feb 97- Feb 99 1-22 by Grant Morrison and Phil Jimenez. Edited by Shelly Roeberg
Books of Faerie
Mar 97- May 97 1-3 A spin-off from the Books of Magic.  Edited by Julie Rottenberg and written by Bronwyn Carlton, with art by Peter Gross.


Mar 97 1 One shot edited by Julie Rottenberg written by Garth Ennis and set in Northern Ireland. (Vertigo)
Unknown Soldier
Unknown Soldier
Apr 97-Jul 97 1-4 written by Garth Ennis with art by Killian Plunkett


May 97-Oct 97 1-6 Edited by Alisa Kwitney and written by Lee Mars. A disturbing look at the relationship between ESP and mental illness.

2020 Visions

May 97- Apr 98 1-12 a tale of a disturbing disunited future America, written by Jaime Delano and edited by Karen Berger and Lou Stathis.

Weird War Tales

Jun 97- Sep 97 1-4 Edited by Axel Alonso.

Pride and Joy

Jul 97- Oct 97 1-4 By Garth Ennis, is a violent heart warming crime drama about a killer who loves his children. Edited by Alisa Kwitney.

Junk Culture

Jul 97- Aug 97 1-2 By Ted McKeever is a punk romance/teen comic, Vertigo style. Edited by Shelley Roberg.
Good Old Boys
Preacher Special: The Good Old Boys
Aug 97 1 Edited by Julie Rottenberg by Garth Ennis with art by Carlos Ezquerra featuring  Jody and TC, two of the more demented characters from the Preacher series.

Menz Insana

Sep 97 1 Edited by Shelly Roeberg, written by Christoper Fowler and painted by John Bolton.  Menz is a former chemist trapped on the "mental plane".

True Faith

Oct 97 1 A reprint of a graphic novel Garth Ennis originally did in Britain, drawn by Warren Pleece. A story about a boy caught up in a distraught man's quest to kill God.
Destiny:A Chronicle of Deaths Foretold
Nov 97- Jan 98 1-3 Edited by Karen Berger. Written by Alisa Kwitney. Drawn by Kent Williams, Michael Zulli, Scott Hampton and Rebecca Gray.  Destiny tries to explain plague via a series of examples.
Terminal City: Aerial Graffiti
Nov 97- Mar 98 1-5 Sequel to last year's series.  Edited by Shelly Roeberg. Written by Dean Motter. Art by Michael Lark. Cosmo Quinn, the daredevil window washer is entlisted by the authorities to vanquish a renegade sky writer.
Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess' 
Dec 97- Apr 98 1-4  Edited by Karen Berger.  Tristan,  a young human, ventures into fairy land to fetch his beloved a falling star.
Hellblazer-Books of Magic
Hellblazer: The Books of Magic
Dec 97- Jan 98 1-2 Edited by Axel Alonso. Written by Paul Jenkins with art by Paul Lee as Constantine leads Tim Hunter on a journery into Hell.
Vertigo: Winter's Edge 
Jan 98- Jan 00 1-3 Another sampler 

Uncle Sam

Jan 98- Feb 98 1-2 Steve Darnell and Alex Ross do a painted mini-series trashing Uncle Sam himself, proving that nothing is sacred at the DC Comics House of Revisionism.  Edited by Karen Berger for Vertigo.
Blood and Whiskey
Preacher Special: Cassidy: Blood and Whiskey
Feb 98 1 Yet another Preacher Special

Preacher Special: One Man's War

Mar 98

Swamp Thing: Roots

Mar 98 1 A fully painted graphic novel written and drawn by Jon J Muth. Edited by Shelly Roeberg.
la terreur
Witchcraft: La Terreur
Apr 98- Jun 98 1-3 James Robinson provides a sequel to his mini-series following the three witches from the old mystery books. . Set during the French Revolution.  Edited by Joan Hilty
Hell Eternal
Vertigo Verite: Hell Eternal
Apr 98 1 one-shot by Jaime Delano. Edited by Karen Berger.

Toxic Gumbo

May 98 1 One-shot edited by Karen Berger and written by Lydia Lunch. Art by Ted McKeever. An outcast Cajun woman adept in the dark art of "swamp magic" travels into the toxic stew of the Louisiana Bayou, searching for adventure, wisdom and a safe haven. But her hallucinatory voyage of self discovery yields a gruesome truth: in a poisoned world, purity isn't necessarily a virtue


May 98- Oct 98 1-6 Steve Gerber attempts to recapture the insanity of Howard the Duck for a new generation but fails. Edited by Karen Berger.
Jun 98- Sep 98 1-4 Edited by Axel Alonso is an anthology of stories about crime.

Welcome Back to the House of Mystery

Jul 98 1 Edited by Alisa Kwitney.  Reprints from the seventies horror comic.
Vertigo Visions: Tomahawk
Jul 98 1 Edited by Axel Alonso. Written by Rachel Pollack with art by Tom Yeates. Tomahawk is captured by native americans and forced to undergo mystic rituals which change him forever..
Trial And Error
The Dreaming: Trial and Error
Jul 98 1 Written by Len Wein with art by Brian Apthorp and Scott Hampton. Cain goes on trial for the murder of Abel. Edited by Alisa Kwitney.

Muktuk Wolfsbreath: Hard-Boiled Shaman

Aug 98- Oct 98 1-3 Written by Terry LaBan with art by Steve Parkhouse. Edited by Alisa Kwitney. A trail of murder, talking tigers and halucenogenic magic.  Character previously appeared in books from Dark Horse and Fantagraphics.

Books of Faerie: Auberon's Tale
Aug 98- Oct 98 1-3 Edited by Stuart Moore. Written by Bronwyn Carlton with art by Peter Gross. The story of how Auberon became king of Faerie.

Vertigo Visions: Dr. Thirteen

Sep 98 1 Written by Matt Howarth, Pencils by Michael Avon. Edited by Joan Hilty. Terry Thirteen reaches the ultimate crisis of faith.  Is he paranoid or are they really out to get him?
Jonny Double
Jonny Double
Sep 98- Dec 98 1-4 Written by Brian Azzarello, art by Eduardo Risso, edited by Axel Alonso. Double agrees to keep tabs on a rich man's wayward daughter. Based on the Marv Wolfman character from Showcase 78 (1968).
Sep 98- 13- moves to Vertigo from Helix
Oct 98- May 99 1-8 Edited by Shelly Roeberg. Written by Peter Milligan with art by Shawn Phillips. A normal mixed up teen age girl is receiving telepathic messages from the Monkey God.

Tattered Banners

Nov 98- Feb 99 1-4 What if you were the only one who noticed the Big Bang was happening over again? by Alan Grant with art by Mick McMahon. Edited by Joan Hilty.
Pumplin Time
Vamps: Pumpkin Time
Dec 98- Feb 99 1-3 Written by Elaine Lee and drawn by Will Simpson. Further adventures of the Vampire baker babes. Edited by Axel Alonso.
Girl Who Would Be Death
Dec 98- Mar 99 1-4 Written by Caitlin Kiernan, art by Dean Ormston, edited by Alisa Kwitney and Shelly Roeberg. Plath struggles to recover the love she lost to New Orleans night life.  It involves a spell once used to trap Morpheus himself.
Heart Throbs
Heart Throbs
Jan 99-Apr 99 1-4 is a Vertigo romance title, edited by Axel Alonso.
You Are Here
You Are Here
Jan 99 1 is a 160 page graphic novel by Kyle Baker, edited for Vertigo by Karen Berger. Noel Coleman runs from his past, but it keeps catching up to him.

Winter's Edge II

Jan 99 2 96 page one shot anthology edited by Shelly Roberge spotlighting Vertigo series like Death, Minx, Nevada, Hellblazer, Golden Age Sandman and Tranmetropolitan
Gifts of the Night
Gifts of the Night
Feb 99- May 99 1-4 written by Concrete creator Paul Chadwick and painted by John Bolton. A fantasy set in the middle ages.
Shadows West
Jonah Hex: Shadow's West
Feb 99- Apr 99 1-3
Trenchcoat Brigade
Trenchcoat Brigade
Mar 99- Jun 99 1-4 Unites Phantom Stranger, Constantine, Dr Occult and Mr E. in one series by John Rey Neiber. (Vertigo) edited by Stuart Moore.
Sandman Presents Lucifer
Sandman Presents:Lucifer
Mar 99- May 99 1-3 Edited by Alisa Kwitney written by Mike Carey and painted by Scott Hampton.
Human Target
Apr 99- Jul 99 1-4 Written by Peter Milligan with art by Edwin Biukovic, edited by Axel Alonso.  The seventies character is transposed to the 90's.
Russian Roulette Apr 99 1-3 Nadia is thebrains behind one of Russia's premier crime syndicates, searching for independence through crime. Written by Jack Womack and drawn by Paul Lee. Edited by Alisa Kwitney and Shelly Roeberg.

Shortly after being solicited, RUSSIAN ROULETTE was cancelled. 

Invisibles vol 3
Invisibles Vol 3
Apr 99- Jun 00 12-1 Grant Morrison concludes his trilogy by numbering the issues backwards. Edited by Shelly Roeberg and drawn by many.
Scene of the Crime
May 99- Aug 99 1-4 Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark produce an "urban neo-realistic" crime story. It says here. Edited by Shelly Roeberg.
May 99 1 Hardcover written by Pat McGreal with art by Stephen John Phillips and Rebecca Guary.  "The tale of an English woman's odyssey of self discovery within an Eastern Harem". Edited by Alisa Kwitney

Jun 99- Jan 01 1-16 Edited byAxel Alonso and Joan Hilty. A horror anthology featuring work by some of DC's best, including Jim Lee's first art for the company.
Cruel and Unusual
Cruel And Unusual
Jun 99- Sep 99 1-4 Edited by Stuart Moore. Written by Jaime Delano and Tom Peyer with art by John McCrea. Bobbie Flint is a TV executive put in charge of a prison.
love street
Sandman Presents: Love Street
Jul 99- Sep 99 1-3 Stars John Constantine as a brash young man in London's swinging sixties.  Written by Peter Hogan and drawn by Michael Zulli.
100 Bullets
Aug 99- 1- Edited by Axel Alonso. by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso. Agent Graves has a deal you can't refuse- an opportunity for revenge against a person who's done you irrevocable wrong.  And no one will ever catch you.  What's the catch? One of Vertigo's Hits.

Sep 99- Dec 99 1-4 Edited by Joan Hilty. Written by Will Feiffer and drawn by Jill Thompson follows two college students through their death-defying senior year.
Mollys Story
Books of Faerie: Molly's Story
Sep 99- Dec 99 1-4 Written by John Rey Neiber with art by Hermann Mejia. Molly makes a desperate pilgrammage back to Faerie to save King Oberon.
Happydale: Devils in the Desert
Sep 99- Oct 99 1-2 By Andrew Dabb and Seth Fisher. A small town populated entirely by circus freaks is descended upon by a deparaved spree killer. Edited by Andrew Helfer (so this really should be a Paradox book).  In its original form, was originally intended to be published by Image Comics, under Jim Valentino's "Image Central" imprint. This folded shortly before Happydale was meant to be published, however, so the book floated around for a couple of years until it eventually ended up at Vertigo
Heavy Liquid
Oct 99- Feb 00 1-5 Edited by Shelly Roeberg. Five 48 page issues using only indigo and red. The detective "S" is hired to locate the one artist who can turn the drug Heavy Liquid into a work of art.
Congo Bill
Congo Bill
Oct 99- Jan 00 1-4 Edited by Axel Alonso.  Scott Cunningham and Danijel Zezelj. Congorilla crossed with "The Heart of Darkness".
Nov 99- Mar 00 1-5 Written and drawn by Ted McKeever, the bizarre land of Murr is somewhere between Heaven and Hell, where even being dead can't protect you. Edited by Stuart Moore.
Strange Adventures
Strange Adventures
Nov 99- Feb 00 1-4 Edited by Axel Alonso. Another Vertigo anthology of Big Name creators producing really weird stories.
proposition player
Proposition Player
Dec 99- May 00 1-6 Edited by Shelley Roeberg, written and drawn by Bill Willingham, with additional art by Paul Guinan. A gambler wins the souls of all his friends and then finds himself in the middle of a tug of war between Heaven and Hell.
Dream Hunters
Sandman: The Dream Hunters
Dec 99 1 Hardcover. Edited by Karen Berger.  Neil Gaiman, with art by Yoshitaka Amano.  Morpheus in ancient Japan.
All characters and artwork copyright by DC Comics Inc.