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DC launched the Vertigo imprint under group editor Karen Berger, dedicated to more sophisticated story telling aimed at adults. Doom Patrol (64), Shade the Changing Man (33), Hellblazer (63), Animal Man (57), Swamp Thing (129) and Sandman (47) were moved over to the new imprint as a number of new mini series were lined up to jump start the line.  Unlike the regular DC Timeline, this table attempts to include all the Vertigo titles, so if I missed any, please drop me a line. Comments
Witching Hour
The Witching Hour
Jan 00-
Mar 00
1-3 Edited by Karen Berger. By Jeff Loeb and Chris Bachelo. Amanda Collins. Supernatural fun in modern day New York City.
Sandman Companion
The Sandman Companion
Jan 00 1 Hardcover by Hy Bender.  Examination of the Sandman phenomenon, with critical commentary and essays.  Edited by Karen Berger.

Winter's Edge III
Jan 00 1 Annual Holiday sampler. 80 pages, edited by Shelly Roberg.

Sleepy Hollow
Jan 00 1 Movie adaption. Steven Seagle and Kelly Jones. Edited by Joan Hilty.
Tall In the Saddle
Preacher: Tall In the Saddle
Feb 00 1 Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon produce another 48 page special. Edited by Axel Alonso
Feb 00 1 To celebrate the turn of the Millenium Vertigo Style, the first ever Vertigo fifth week event. First, Tom Peyer and Duncan Fegredo bring together all the Vertigo mainstays: Swamp Thing, Black Orchid, Shade, Animal Man, Robotman and John Constantine for a New Year's Party. Edited by Stuart Moore.
BraveOld World
V2K: Brave Old World
Feb 00- May 00 1-4 William Messner-Loebs and Guy Davis show what happens if, instead of jumping to a New Millenium, time slips backwards to 1900 again instead. Edited by Jennifer Lee.
Pulp Fantastic
V2K:Pulp Fantastic
Feb 00- Apr 00 1-3 Howard Chaykin and David Tischman with art by Rick Burchett. Typical Chaykin nonsense about an artificial planet run by religious fanatics. Edited by Shelly Roeberg
Four Horsemen
V2K:Four Horsemen
Feb 00- May 00 1-4 Robert Rodi and Essad Ribic.  The Four Horsemen return only to find nobody in these jaded times gives a damn. Edited by Axel Alonso.
I Die At Midnight
V2K: I Die at Midnight
Feb 00 1 Larry takes poison because his girl friend left him.  Then she comes back.  Now he needs an antidote.  Fun and Games from Kyle Baker. Edited by Cliff Chiang.
Mar 00- Jun 01 1-16 Edited by Shelly Roeberg. Created  by Ed Brubaker and Warren Pleece "Bladerunner meets Quadrophenia".
Sandman Presents: Petrefax
Mar 00- Jun 00 1-4 Ed by Joan Hilty. Created by Mike Carey and Steve Leialoha

Weird War Tales Special
Apr 00 1 Edited by Axel Alonso. Anthology
Swamp Thing 2000
Swamp Thing
May 00- Dec 01 1-20 Swamp Thing returns, only this time it's his daughter Tefe. Written by Brian K Vaughn with art by Roger Petersen. Edited by Joan Hilty

May 00- Aug 00 1-4 Terry LaBan and Alex Horley produce a saga of female vikings. Edited by Joan Hilty
Jun 00-
Aug 06
1-75 He can't conquer the world, but at least God will let him have his own ongoing series. Edited by Shelly Roeberg Written by Mike Carey with art by Chris Weston. 
I Hate It Here
Transmetropolitan: I Hate It Here
Jun 00 1 One-shot by Warren Ellis. A collection of Spider Jerusalem's newspaper columns, illustrated by the creame of Vertigo's art stable. 48 pages. Edited by Axel Alonso.
Aug 00- Nov 00 1-4 Written by Richard Kadrey with art by the Pander Bros. Punk sf.  Edited by Shelly Roeberg
Bad Blood
Hellblazer Special: Bad Blood
Sep 00- Dec 00 1-4 By Jamie Delano and Phillip Bond.  John Constantine in the year 2025. Edited by Shelly Roeberg and Jim Higgins.
Rifle Brigade
Adventures in the Rifle Brigade
Oct 00-
Dec 00
1-3 By Garth Ennis and Carlos Ezquerra. Edited by Axel Alonso,  High farce in Hitler's Germany.
Outlaw Nation
Outlaw Nation
Nov 00- May 02 1-19 By Jamie Delano and Goran Sudzuka. Story Johnson finally returns home from Vietnam 25 years after the end of the war. Edited by Karen Berger.
Sandman Presents: Merv Pumpkinhead -Agent of Dream
Dec 00 1 One-shot. By Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham. Is Merv really a special agent for the Sandman, or is it all just a dream? 48 pages, prestige format. Edited by Shelly Bond.

The House on the Borderland
Jan 01 1 Hardcover. A 1908 horror classis by William Hope Hodgson. Illustrated by Richard Corben from a script by Simon Revelstroke. Edited by Axel Alonso.

The Names of Magic
Feb 01- Jun 01 1-5 Timothy Hunter returns in a mini series by Dylan Horrocks and Richard Case.  Edited by Heidi McDonald.
UserUser Mar 1-3 Meg Chancellor is looking for the Escape Key to life. 3 issues, prestige format, edited by Joan Hilty. Written by Devin Grayson with art by John Bolton.

El Diablo
Mar 1-4 by Brian Azarello. Edited by Axel Alonso.   A new version of the Weird Western Tales character.
The Crusades
Apr 0-20 by Steven Seagle and Kelley Jones. Edited by Shelly Bond. Set in San Francisco. 21 issues (starting with 0)
Weird Western
Weird Western Tales
Apr 1-4 edited by Axel Alonso and Will Dennis.   Anthology series.
American Century
American Century
May 1-27 by Howard Chaykin and David Tischman- 27 issues. In 1950, former fighter jock Harry Kraft deserts the airforce and takes up the life of a drifter/adventurer. Edited by Shelly Bond.
House of Secrets: Facade
May 00- Jun 00 1-2 edited by Shelly Bond, written by Steven Seagle. A new story featuring Rain Harper, one of the characters from the previous series.
Codename: Knockout
Codename: Knockout
Jun 0-24 written by Robert Rodi. Edited by Tony Bedard- a silly, sexy spy thriller.24 issues.

The Sandman Presents: Everything You Wanted to Know About Dreams But Were Afraid to Ask
Jul 1 48 page one shot by Bill Willingham and a host of artists. Edited by Shelly Bond. .
little Endless
The Little Endless Storybook
Aug 1 A children's book by Jill Thompson featuring Neil Gaiman's Sandman characters. Edited by Shelly Bond. "Suggested for mature readers of all ages."
Age of Magic
Hunter: the Age of Magic
Sep 1-25 Continues the adventures of Tim Hunter, now age 17. Edited by Heidi McDonald. Written by Dylan Horrocks and drawn by Richard Case. 
Angel and the Ape
Angel and the Ape
Oct 1-4 Howard Chaykin destroys more comic book icons from earlier times.  edited by Heidi McDonald.
Operation Bollocks
Adventures in the Rifle Brigade: Operation Bollock
Oct 1-3 by Garth Ennis. Edited by Tony Bedard.
war story
War Story
Nov 1-4 edited by Tony Bedard. by Garth Ennis.  Set in the darkest days of World War II.
I Paparazzi
I, Paparazzi
Nov 1 hardcover by Pat MGreal and photographer Stephen John Phillips. Edited by Karen Berger.  Horror, crime and suspense, done entirely with digitally enhanced photographs.


Grip-The Strange World of Men
Jan         03  1-5  edited by Shelly Bond.  by Gilbert Hernandez.  A sci-fi, horror, romance  thriller.
Sci Spy
Apr 1-6 by Doug Moench and Paul Gulacy.edited by Will Dennis.  Secret agenets in an interplanetary cold war
King David
King David
May 1 160 page soft cover by Kyle Baker. Edited by Karen Berger.  Biblically accurate, but given the Kyle Baker treatment.
Midnight Mass
Midnight, Mass
Jun 1-8 About a very strange town in Massachusetts. written by John Rozum. art by Jesus Sais. Edited by Heidi McDonald.
Fables 1
Jul 1- Bill Willingham’s Fables, an adult updating of all the old fairy tales  breathes new life into the Vertigo line. Edited by Shelly Bond.

The Filth
Aug 1-13 by Grant Morrison . edited by Karen Berger. Art by Chris Weston. Sci-fi-spy stuff of some sort.
100 Per Cent
Aug 1-5 By Paul Pope.  Edited by Shelly Bond. Six star crossed characters meet in Manhattan 2038.
Y-The Last Man
Sep 02-
Mar 08
1-60 Edited by Heidi McDonald. Written by Brian K. Vaughn with art by Pa Guerra.  Yorick Brown is the last man on Earth.  What will the women do with him? One of Vertigo's major successes.

Vertigo Pop:Tokyo
Sep 1-4 edited by Shelly Bond- first in a series. By Jonathan Vankin and Seth Fisher.  Manga, crime and rock n' roll.

Lucifer- Nirvana
Oct 1  48 page Prestige format. one shot. 
Bigg Time
Bigg Time
Oct 1 128 black and white softcover by Ty Templeton. Long time loser Lester Bigg is suddenly given the power to communicate with his guardian angel.  Edited by Heidi McDonald and Joan Hilty.

Fight For Tomorrow
Nov 1-6  by Bryan Wood and Dennys Cowan. Chop sockey action edited by Heidi McDonald and Zachary Rau.

In the Shadow of Edgar Allan Poe
Nov 1 Hardcover by  Jonathan Scott Fuqua and Steve Parke. Edited by Karen Berger
Vertigo Pop!- London
Jan  1-4  written by Peter Milligan. Edited by Karen Berger.
The Sandman Presents: Bast
Mar 1-3  Edited by Shelly Bond. 3 issues. Written by Caitlin Kiernan

Vertigo X :10 Years on the Edge
Apr 1 Vertigo celebrates its10th anniversary with a 99 cent preview. 48 page special, edited by Shelly Bond.

Blood and Water
May 1-5 by Judd Winick. Edited by Mariah Huehner. A vampire version of Friends.

Zatanna:Everyday Magic
May 03 1 Prestige format one-shot written by Paul Dini. Edited by Shelly Bond.
Jun 03 1 Hardcover by Warren Ellis and Colleen Doran. Edited by Heidi McDonald and Will Dennis.
Beware the Creeper
Jun 03 1-5 by Will Dennis written by Jason Hall. Not the DC universe character.
Jul 03 1 hardcover by Howard Chaykin and David Tischman. Edited by Shelly Bond
Vertigo Pop!: Bangkok
Jul edited by Shelly Bond. Written by Jonathan Vankin
At Death's Door
Death: At Death's Door
Jul 1 Black and white manga style digest paperback by Jill Thompson. 208 pages for $9.95.
The Losers
Aug 03-
Mar 06
1-32 edited by Will Dennis. Nothing to do with the DC war series. Written by Andy Diggle.  Hard boiled crime drama.

Fables: The Last Castle
Nov 03 1  Prequel one-shot to the Fables series.

Sgt Rock: Between Hell and a Hard Place
Dec 03 .by Brian Azzarello and Joe Kubert. Hardcover.
Feb  Vertigo publishes a sideways comic called Vertical.  3 1/4" wide by 10 1/4" tall. by Steven Seagal and Mike Allred  Edited by Shelly Bond. Set in 1965 with a guest appearance by Andy Warhol.
My Faith in Frankie
My Faith in Frankie
Mar 1-4 Edited by Shelly Bond. by Mike Carey and Sonny Liew. A manga inspired fantasy about a little girl with her own personal God.
Here There Be Monsters
Midnight, Mass: Here There be Monsters
Mar 1-6 A second Vertigo mini series by Jeff Rozum- 6 issues. Edited by Joan Hilty.
Swamp Thing
Swamp Thing
May 04-
Sep 06
1-29 Swamp Thing returns in a new series by Andy Diggle. Edited by Will Dennis.
Bite Club
Bite Club
Jun 1-6 Howard Chaykin and David Tischman's attempt to cross vampires with The Sopranos is a six issue mini series edited by Shelly Bond.

Jul 1-3 3 issues about a whimsical super-hero in a world where nothing ever goes wrong. By Grant Morrison.
The Witching
The Witching
Aug 04-
May 05
1-10 By Jonathan Vankin and Leah Gallagher. Edited by Shelly Bond.  The three witches from DC's old horror comics get their own series.
Life during Wartime
Books of Magic: Life During Wartime.
Sep 04-
Oct 05
1-15  Neil Gaiman and Si Spencer try to reinvigorate Timothy Hunter. Edited by Shelly Bond.
Oct 1-3 By Grant Morrision and Frank Quitely. Edited by Karen Berger   featuring genetically engineered pets turned into human killing machines.  That should have strong reader identification!

The Originals
Nov 1 By Dave Gibbons black and white hardcover about street gangs. Edited by Karen Berger.

Angel Town
Jan 1-5  by Gary Phillips and Shawn Martinbrough Edited by Will Dennis. Gritty crime drama.

Feb 1-8 By Jason Hall and John Watkis. Noir science fiction. Edited by Will Dennis

Constantine: The Official
Movie Adaption
Mar 1
Apr 1-3 By Grant Morrison and Philip Bond. Sort of a Bombay musical in comic form.  With demons. Edited by Karen Berger

May 1-12 by Phil Jimenez 12 issue fantasy maxi-series.

Jun 1-6 by Hans Rodionoff and Ray Fawkes with art by MIke Huddleston.  A woman with amnesia must battle a demon to save her friends, who she doesn't remember.

The Fountain
Oct 1 Hardcover by Darren Aronofsky and Kent Williams. Edited by Karen Berger.   One man in three different times tries to save the life of the woman he loves.
Aug 1-9 Neil Gaiman's classic novel of urban fantasy is adapted to comics by by Mike Carey and Glen Fabry.

Dead Boy Detectives Digest
Sep 1 by Jill Thompson. The Neil Gaiman creations return in a manga style and sized black and white comic. 144 pages for $9.99.

Dec 1-24+ By Brian Azzarello and Marcello Frusinby Brian Azzarello and Marcelo Frusin. A dark new western, edited by Will Dennis.


Jan 1-45+ By Brian Wood and Riccardo Burchellia near future tale of civil war in America where the DMZ is New York City. By Brian Wood. Edited by Will Dennis.
Feb 1-22 By Douglas Ruskoff and Liam Sharp- Jake Stern roams through a world in which the more horrifying portions of the Old Testament are literally true and still going on.  22 issues 

The Exterminators
Mar 1-30 By Simon Oliver and Tony Moore  A series about real exterminators going up against supernatural cockroaches.

American Virgin
May 1-23 Steve Seagle and Becky Cloonan, ed by Shelly Bond. A young Christian minister's soul is challenged by the events of a terrorist act..

Can't Get No
Jun 1 One shot by Rick Veitch about the fall of the Twin Towers.

Jack of Fables
Sep 1-38+ Spins off from the main series as Jack (everybody knows Jack) takes off into the mundy world. by Willingham, Matthew Sturges and Tony Atkins. Ed by Shelly Bond
Deadman Oct 1-13 By Bruce Jones and John Watkiss. Not the adventures of Boston Brand, but Brandon Cayce. Edited by Jonathan Vankin.

Pride of Baghdad
Oct 1 By Brian Vaughan and Niko Henrichon. Edited by Will Dennis. A pride of lions escape from the Baghdad Zoo during an American bombing raid. 136 page one shot.

American Splendor
Nov 1-5 By Harvey Pekar,Dean Haspiel, Ty Templeton and others. Edited by Jonathan Vakin.  Pekar continues his acclaimed independent comic (which began in 1976) as a Vertigo mini-series.

Fables;1001 Nights of Snowfall
Nov 1 By Bill Willingham, Charles Vess and others. Edited by Shelly Bond. Snow White is captured by the Sultan and must entertain him with 1001 tales. Hardcover.

The Other Side
Dec 1-5 By Jason Aaron and Cameron Stewart. The travails of two young men caught in the Vietnam War, one American and one North Vietnamese.

Crossing Midnight
Jan 1-19 By Mike Carey and Jim Fern crosses horror with Japanese and Korean backgrounds and the tale of twin teen age girls born on the opposite sides of midnight. Edited by Karen Berger.
Sandman Mystery Theatre: 
Sleep of Reason
Feb 1-5 By John Rey Neiber and Eric Nguyen.  A new heir to the Golden Age gas mask guy runs for 5 issues. Edited by Jonathan Vankin.

Mar 1-34+ Script:Jason Aaron 
Pencils:R.M. Guera 
Edited by Will Dennis
Sopranos style drama set on a modern day Indian Reservation.

May 1-12 Written and drawn by Rick Veitch is either a new take on war comics or romance comics. The adventures of a National Guard unit suddenly deployed to a middle east hot spot. Edited by Karen Berger.

God Save the Queen 
Jun 1 Hardcover by Mike Carey and John Bolton. Slacker Faeries.

Jul 1 By David Lapham. Hardcover. Crime thriller, featuring betrayal, family secrets and double lives.

Sep 1-6 By Mike Carey and Jock. A college age drama where you can lie cheat and fake your way through anything.
The Un-Men Oct 1-13 By John Whalen and Mike Hawthorne. Edited by Jonathan Vankin. The mis-shapen creatures created by Swamp Thing villain Antone Arcane have founded their own town and attempt to live normal lives.

Nov 1 Hardcover. By G. Willow Wilson and M.K. Perker. A stolen hookah, a spiritual underworld and a genie on the run in the modern middle East.

Vinyl Underground
Dec 1-12 Si Spencer and Simon Gane- Occult detectives solve crimes in modern London.  Edited by Shelley Bond.
Feb 1-20+ An epic tale of the turn of the Millenium-in the year 1000. by Brian Wood and Davide Gianfelice.Edited by Will Dennis.

Feb 1 Hardcover by Mat Johnson and Warren Pleece. In the early 20th century a young black man must pass for white in order to save his brother from a lynching.
Young Liars
May 1-18 A habitual liar and a rich girl with a bullet lodged in her brain seek high adventure.  By David Lapham.

American Splendor: 
Season Two
Jun 1-4 A second series of four issues covering the relentlessly ordinary life of Harvey Pekar.

House of Mystery
Jul 1-18+
By Matthew Sturges and Bill Willingham with art by Luca Rossi. After Cain is evicted a bunch of people find themselves trapped in the House of Mystery with no way to escape, so they tell each other stories.

Madame Xanadu
Aug 1-15+ By Matt Wagner and Amy  Reader Hadley. The tarot reading mystery woman from DC's 70's horror anthologies finally has her life story revealed.

Hellblazer presents:  
Chas- The Knowledge
Sep 1-5 By Simon Oliver and Goran Sudzuku. A London cabdriver must take on an ominous entity from London's grim history.
The Art of War
Oct 1-6 By Rick Veitch. Season Two.

Oct 1-13+ By journalist G. Willow Wilson and M. K. Perker. A story about a stewardess who's afraid to fly, lost in a country which doesn't exist.

The Alcoholic
1 Nov By Jonathan Ames and Dean Haspiel. " In the proud tradition of drunken writers everywhere." Hardcover.

Greatest Hits
Nov 1-6 Script:David Tischman 
Pencils:Glenn Fabry 
Edited by Shelley Bond
The Beatles as super-heroes.

Unknown Soldier
Dec  1-12 Script:Joshua Dysart 
Pencils:Alberto Ponticelli 
Edited by Pornsak Pichetshote 
Cover by Richard Corben
2002 Uganda.
Sandman: The Dream Hunters
Jan 1-4 P. Craig Russel adapts Neil Gaiman's prose Sandman novel. Edited by Karen Berger.

The Haunted Tank
Feb 1-5 By Frank Marrafino and Henry Flint. Edited by Brandon Montclare. Cover by Joe Kubert.

Bang! Tango
Apr 1-6+ By Joe Kelly And Adrian Sibar. Cover By Chaykin.
Edited by Bob Schreck.

Seaguy: Slaves of Mickey Eye
Jun 1-3
The Literals
Jun 1-3 By Willingham, Sturges and Buckingham.  Part of the Great Fables Crossover.Fables adopts a major publisher mainstay, the crossover, as Fables, Jack of Fables and a mini-series, the Literals embark on a 9 issue continued story line.

The Unwritten
Jul 1-5+ By Mike Carey and Peter Gross begins.  The first issue is offered for $1.00 to entice readers to diver into a fantasy about a fantasy character come to life, or is it a real person trapped into a work of fiction?

Greek Street
Sep 1-3+ Peter Milligan's Greek Street resets the ancient Greek myths into the streets of modern London.  Art by Davide Gianefelice.

Sweet Tooth
Nov 1-3
All characters and artwork copyright by DC Comics Inc.