This page lists DC's golden and atomic age artists and gives samples of their work on the features they are most famous for.  Most of these are the same samples on the Who's Whose page, just listed in a different order to make it easier to find by artist.


Kane, Bob Ginger Snap More Fun 31 May 38
Kane, Bob Rusty and his Pals New Adventure unk
Kane, Gil Astra Sensation 101
Kane, Gil Don Caballero All Star Western  59
Kane, Gil Wildcat Sensation 73 Jan 48
Kane, Gil Rex, the Wonder Dog Rex the Wonder Dog 7
Kane, Gil Sandman Adventure Comics 91 Apr 44
Kane, Gil Space Cabby Mystery In Space 31 Apr 56
Kashuba, Maurice Kit Strong More Fun Comics 51
Kaye, Stan Cunnel Custard More Fun Comics 108
Kaye, Stan Hayfoot Henry Action 90 Nov 45
Kaye, Stan Genius Jones Adventure 91
Keiffer, Henry Wing Brady New Fun 2 Mar 35
Kelly, Walt Gulliver's Travels New Comics 1
Kessler, Saul Blackie Bear Funny Stuff 2 Mar 35
Kirby, Jack Boy Commandos Detective  66 Aug 42
Kirby, Jack Guardian Star Spangled 18 Mar 43
Kirby, Jack Manhunter (Paul Kirk) Adventure 75 Jun 42
Kirby, Jack Newsboy Legion Star Spangled 7 Apr 42
Kirby, Jack Sandman Adventure Comics 74 May 42
Kirby, Jack Tales of the Unexpected Tales of the Unexpected 12 Apr 57
Komisarow, Don Dreamy  eyes Newspaper ad 1937
Komisarow, Don Text illos Superman 5
Kozlak, Jon Chester Dr Fate More Fun 96 Mar 44
Krigstein, Bernie Strange Adventures Strange Adventures 33
Krigstein, Bernie Wildcat Sensation 83 Nov 48
Kubert, Joe Foley of the Fighting 5th (Dan Foley) All American Western 118 Feb 51
Kubert, Joe Gentleman Ghost Flash  88
Kubert, Joe Kings of the Wild Showcase 2 May 56
Kubert, Joe Maxmillian O'Leary Sensation  57
Kubert, Joe Monocle Flash  64
Kubert, Joe Neptune Perkins Flash  81
Kubert, Joe Purple Pilgrim Flash 86
Kubert, Joe Thorn (Rose Canton) Flash 89
Kubert, Joe Yellow Wasp Sensation 66
Lampert, Harry Flash (Jay Garrick)

Flash 1
Lampert, Harry Cottontop Katie Comic Cavalcade 28
Lampert, Harry King (Standish) Flash 4
Lampert, Harry Spot Savage All-American  1 Apr 39
Lampert, Harry? Movie Mirth Bob Hope  5
Lampert, Harry Ton O' Fun Detective 156
Lariar, Lawrence Barry O'Neil New Fun 2 Mar 35
Lauretta, Paul King Carter More Fun  49
Leffingwell, Robert Sagebrush  and Cactus New Comics 1
Lehman, R Lieutenant Bob Neal of Sub 662 More Fun 51
Lehti, Jack Crimson Avenger Leading 2
Lehti, Jack Red Coat Patrol More Fun 50
Lehti, Jack Ace Sportscaster Real Fact 6
Leonard, J. C. Maginnis of the Mounties New Comics 4
Lindermayr, John Pelion and Ossa New Fun 2 Mar 35
Lit-Win Rusty More Fun 108
Livingstone, Rolland H. Peter and Ho-lah-an New Comics 2 Jan 36
Lynch, Don Steve Malone Detective 34 Dec 39
Mayer, Sheldon Bo Bunny (and Skinny Fox) Funny Folks 28 Oct 50
Mayer, Sheldon Dizzy Dog Funny Stuff 55 Jul 50
Mayer, Sheldon Doodles Duck Funny Folks 29 Dec 50
Mayer, Sheldon J Worthington Blimp Comics Magazine 1
Mayer, Sheldon Lemuel Duck Animal Antics 40 Sep 52
Mayer, Sheldon Li'l Chic-A-Dee Funny folks 34 May 51
Mayer, Sheldon Li'l Snoony Scribbly  4
Mayer, Sheldon Mr Weed Comics Magazine 1
Mayer, Sheldon Popsicle Pete All American 5 Aug 39
Mayer, Sheldon Red Tornado All American 20 Nov 40
Mayer, Sheldon Scribbly All American 6 Sep 39
Mayer, Sheldon Scribbly Scribbly 1 Aug 48
Mayo, Ralph Johnny Quick Adventure 160
McArdle, Jay Dale Evans Dale Evans 6 Sep 48
McGill, Ray Hayfoot Henry Action  77 Oct 44
McLean, Al fillers        
McNamara, Tom After School New Fun 3 Apr 35
McNamara, Tom Alix in Follyland Buzzy 9
McNamara, Tom Gas House Gang More Fun 125
McNamara, Tom Silly Willie All Funny 22 Mar 48
Meskin, Mort Billy Gunn Leading 2 Spr 42
Meskin, Mort Black Star Leading  Spr 42
Meskin, Mort Dummy Leading  1 Win 41
Meskin, Mort Dr. Clever More Fun 76
Meskin, Mort Rainbow Man Action 46
Meskin, Mort Stuff, the Chinatown Kid Action 46
Meskin, Mort Vigilante (Greg Sanders) Action  42
Meskin, Mort My Greatest Adventure My Greatest Adventure 9 May 56
Meskin, Mort Manhunters Showcase 5 Nov 56
Moldoff, Sheldon Black Pirate Action  26
Moldoff, Sheldon Hawkwoman (Sheira Sanders Hall) All Star  5
Moldoff, Sheldon Hummingbird Flash 55
Moldoff, Sheldon Satana the Tiger Girl Flash 13
Moldoff, Sheldon Tales of the Unexpected Tales of the Unexpected 5 Sep 56
Mooney, Jim Tommy Tomorrow Action 174 Nov 52
Moore, Ed Drafty Worlds Best 1 Spr 41
Moore, Ed Paul Kirk, Manhunter Adventure 61
Moore, Ed Spy Detective 51
Moreira, Ruben House of Mystery House of  Mystery 18
Moreira, Ruben Roy Raymond Detective  177 Nov 51
Mortimer, Win Full-Steam Foley World's Finest 44 Feb 50
Mortimer, Win Merry, Girl of 1000 Gimmicks Star Spangled  84 Sep 48
Naydel, Martin McSnurtle the Turtle Funny Stuff 1 Sum 44
Naydel, Martin Flash All Flash 27
Naydel, Martin Terrific Whatzit Funny Stuff  1 Sum 44
Naydel, Martin Thinker All Flash  27
Neville, Dennis Hawkman (Carter Hall) Flash 1
Neville, Dennis Shiera Sanders Flash 1
Neville, Dennis Thought Terror Flash 4
Newman, George Inspector Kent Detective 19 Sep 38
Nodell, Martin Gambler Green Lantern  12 Sum 44
Nodell, Martin Green Lantern (Alan Scott) All American 16
Nodell, Martin Irene Miller All American 18
Nodell, Martin Vandal Savage Green Lantern  10 Win 43
Norris, Paul Aquaman (Arthur Curry)  


More Fun 73 Nov 41
Norris, Paul Black Jack More Fun 74 Dec 41
Norris, Paul Darwin Jones Strange Adventures  1
Norris, Paul Dyna-Mite Star Spangled  7 Apr 42
Norris, Paul? or  Cameron, Don? or
Winarski, Ed?
Punch Parker Worlds's Best 1
Norris, Paul Sandman Adventure 70
Norris, Paul Sandy, The Golden Boy Adventure 70
Norris, Paul TNT  Star Spangled 7 Apr 42
Novick, Irv Our Army At War Our Army At War 6
Novick, Irv Wonder Woman Wonder Woman 81 Apr 56
Nowak, Leo Robotman (Paul Dennis) Star Spangled 7 Apr 42
O'Mealia, Leo Andy Handy New Comics 4
O'Mealia, Leo Bob Merritt New Fun Comics 5
Oksner, Bob Binky (Biggs) Leave It To Binky 1
Oksner, Bob Justice Society All Star 38 Dec 47
Oksner, Bob Lady Danger (Valerie Vaughn) Sensation 85 Jan 49
Oksner, Bob Miss Beverly Hills Miss Beverly Hills of Hollywood 5
Oksner, Bob Miss Melody Lane Miss Melody Lane of Broadway 1 Feb 50
Oksner, Bob Strange Adventures Strange Adventures 24
Paddock, Munson Blood Pearls New Comics 9
Paddock, Munson Monastery of the Blue God New Adventure 23
Papp, George Congo Bill    More Fun  57
Papp, George Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) More Fun 73 Nov 41
Papp, George Hand (Iron Hand) Leading  1 Win 41
Papp, George Seven Soldiers of Victory Leading 1 Win 41
Papp, George Speedy (Roy Harper) More Fun  73 Nov 41
Papp,George King of Keys Real Fact 6
Paris, Charles Nighthawk Western  7
Paris, Charles? Studio Cop Mr. District Attorney 1
Patrick, Bill Cal n Alec New Comics 6
Patrick, Bill Don Coyote (Sir Loin of Beef) New Comics 6
Patrick, Bill Gumshoe Gus Detective 1 Mar 37
Peddy, Arthur, with Bob Oksner Girls Love Stories Girls Love Stories 12
Peddy, Arthur, with Bob Oksner Girls Love Stories Girls Love Stories 12
Peddy, Arthur Justice Society All Star 40 Apr 48
Peddy, Arthur Key All Star 57
Peddy, Arthur Romance Trail Romance Trail 1
Peddy, Arthur? or Barry, Dan? Tom Sparks, Boy Inventor World's Finest 49 Dec 50
Peddy, Arthur Wildcat Sensation  77 May 46
Perry, Raymond Ivanhoe New Fun 2 Mar 35
Perry, Raymond text page surprint  Batman 21
Perry, Raymond text page illustration All Star 48
Peter, Harry G. Angle Man   Wonder Woman  92
Peter, Harry G. Dean Meg Sourpuss Wonder Woman 21
Peter, Harry G. Desira, Queen of Venus All Star 13  
Peter, Harry G. Doctor Poison Sensation 2
Peter, Harry G. Doctor Psycho Wonder Woman 5
Peter, Harry G. Duke of Deception Wonder Woman  2
Peter, Harry G. Etta Candy Sensation 2
Peter, Harry G. Hercules Wonder Woman 1
Peter, Harry G. Hippolyta All Star  8
Peter, Harry G. Little Wonder Woman (Wonder Girl) Wonder Woman 23
Peter, Harry G. Mala All Star 8
Peter, Harry G. Mars (Ares) Wonder Woman  2
Peter, Harry G. Minister Blizzard Wonder Woman  29 
Peter, Harry G. Moon O'Day Wonder Woman 45
Peter, Harry G. Paula Von Gunther Sensation 4
Peter, Harry G. Steve Trevor All Star  8
Peter, Harry G. Villainy, Inc Wonder Woman 28
Peter, Harry G. Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) All Star 8
Place, Graham Buzzy Buzzy 34 Nov 50
Place, Graham Date With Judy Date With Judy 9 Feb 49
Post, Howie Doodles Duck Leading Screen 35
Post, Howie Giggle Toons Funny Stuff 39
Post, Howie Jimminy & the Magic Book More Fun 121
Post, Howie? J Rufus Lion Funny Stuff 45 May 49
Post, Howie J Rufus Lion Funny Stuff 62
Post, Howie Martin and Lewis Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis 4
Post, Howie Plato Platypus Funny Folks 21
Post, Howie Rodeo Rick Western 3
Premiani, Bruno Tomahawk Tomahawk 3
Prentice, John My Greatest Adventure My Greatest Adventure 1 Jan 55
Prentice, John Fireman Farrell Showcase 1 Mar 56
Purcell, Howard Flora Styles All American 28 Jul 41
Purcell, Howard Gay Ghost (Charles Collins) Sensation 1
Purcell, Howard Johnny Peril Comic Cavalcade  19
Purcell, Howard Lando, Master of Magic World's Best 1 Spr 41
Purcell, Howard Mark Lansing of Mikishawm Adventure 61 Apr 41
Purcell, Howard Sargon the Sorceror (John Sargent) All American  26 May 41
Purcell, Howard Sgt. Mule Our Army At War  29 Dec 54
Ray, Fred Lord Shilling Tomahawk  86
Ray, Fred Red Coat Patrol More Fun 72
Ray, Fred Tomahawk Star Spangled 84 Sep 48
Reinman, Paul Sargon   Sensation 70
Reinman, Paul Green Lantern All-American 70 Jan 46
Reinman, Paul Green Lantern All American 61 Oct 44
Rice, Pierce Manhunter Adventure 87
Rick, Richard Wiley of West Point All-American 1 Apr 39
Robinson, Jerry Johnny Quick   More Fun 74 Dec 41
Roussos, George Airwave Detective 79 Sep 43
Roussos, George Johnny Quick Adventure 113
Roussos, George Vigilante Action 103
Roussos, George Tales of the Unexpected Tales of the Unexpected 8 Dec 56
Ross, R. L. Penniless Palmer Star Spangled  8 May 42
Ryan, Dick Bugville New Comics 4
Ryan, Dick Dale Daring New Comics 4


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