Santi, Ron J Rufus Lion  Funny Stuff 2 Fall 44
Santi, Ron Bulldog Drumhead Funny Stuff 2 Fall 44
Santi, Ron Sweeney and Willy Funny Folks 4 10/46
Santi, Ron Three Mousketeers Funny Stuff 2 Fall 44
Santi, Ron Who's Who in Zooville Funny Stuff 2 Fall 44
Schwab, Fred Butch the Pup NY Worlds Fair 1 1939
Sharp, Hal  Mister Terrific (Terry Sloane) Sensation 1
Sharp, Hal  Tarantula (John Law) Star Spangled  1 Oct 41
Sherman, Howard Doc and Fatty World's Finest 36  Sep 48
Sherman, Howard Doctor Fate (Kent Nelson) More Fun 67 May 41
Sherman, Howard House of Mystery House of Mystery 18
Sherman, Howard Inza Cramer More Fun 55 May 40
Sherman, Howard Mister Who More Fun 73 Nov 41
Sherman, Howard Nabu the Wise More Fun 67 May 41
Sherman, Howard Space Cabby Mystery In Space 24 Feb 55
Sherman, Howard Tommy Tomorrow Real Fact  6
Sherman, Howard Vigilante Action 195 Aug 54
Sherman, Howard Wotan More Fun  56 Jun 40
Sherman, Howard Wyoming Kid Western 7
Sherman, Hal Star Spangled Kid (Sylvester   Action 40
Sherman, Hal Stripesy Star Spangled  1 Oct 41
Shumaker, Pen Sandman Adventure 97 Apr 45
Shuster, Joe Bart Regan, Spy Detective  1 Mar 37
Shuster, Joe Calling_All_Cars  More Fun 11
Shuster, Joe Doctor Occult More Fun 8
Shuster, Joe Federal Men (Steve Carson) Adventure 40 
Shuster, Joe Henri Duval New Fun 8
Shuster, Joe Shorty Morgan Detective 1 Mar 37
Shuster, Joe Slam Bradley Detective 1 Mar 37
Simon, Allen Picture Stories from American History Comic Cavalcade 8 Fall 44
Small, Jon Star Spangled Kid World's Finest 18 Sum 45
Smalle, Ed Congo Bill Action 103
Smalle, Ed Janu the Jungle Boy Action 195 Aug 54
Smalle, Ed Benson's Animal Farm Real Fact 6
Smith, William Red, White and Blue All American 1 Apr 39
Sommer, Paul? Flippity and Flop Real Screen 5 Apr 46
Stallman, Manny, with John Giunta Big_Town Big Town 19
Starr, Leonard Doctor Thirteen Star Spangled 130 Jul 52
Starr, Leonard Mysto, the Magician Detective Detective  203 Jan 54
Starr, Leonard My Greatest Adventure My Greatest Adventure 1 Jan 55
Steinbrook, Harris Henry the Laughing Hyena Funny Stuff 19
Steinbrook, Harris? Three Mouseketeers Funny Stuff 25 Sep 47
Stoner, E. C. Speed Saunders Detective  1 Mar 37
Storm, George Buzzy Buzzy 15 Sep 47
Storm, George Penniless Palmer Star Spangled 26 Nov 43
Storm, George Whip (Rod Gaynor) Flash  1
Sullivan, Vin Beany

New Comics 2
Sullivan, Vin Charley Fish New Fun 5
Sullivan, Vin Jibby Jones New Comics 1
Sullivan, Vin Spike Spaulding More Fun 8
Sulman, Joseph Biff Bronson More Fun 51
Sulman, Joseph Caveman Curly All Funny 14
Sulman, Joseph Socko Strong Adventure 40 Jul 39
Sulman, Joseph Windy Braggart More Fun 125
 Sultan, Charles  Johnny Quick  Adventure  134-143  1948-49
Swan, Curt and Steve Brodie? Boy Commandos Boy Commandos 25 Jan 48
Swan, Curt and John Fischetti Brent Wood Action 142 Mar 50
Swan, Curt and John Fischetti Manhunters From Around the World Star Spangled 104 May 50
Swan, Curt and Sy Barry Manhunters Showcase 5 Nov 56
Swan, Curt and Steve Brodie? Tim Tomorrow  Action 132 May 49
Thompson, Jimmy Captain Compass Star Spangled  84 Sep 48
Thompson, Jimmy Hamilton and Egbert All Funny 6
Thompson, Jimmy Robbie the Robot Dog Star Spangled 29 Feb 44
Thompson, Jimmy Two-Gun Percy All Funny 13 Sep 46
"Thor" Wing Walker New Comics 2 Jan 36
Tirman, Irving Mike Gibbs, Guerilla Adventure 101 Oct 45
Toth, Alex Fool   Comic Cavalcade 27
Toth, Alex Johnny Thunder (John Taine) All American 100
Toth, Alex Molly Adams Romance Trail 6
Toth, Alex Sportsmaster (Crusher Crock) All American 98
Toth, Alex Roving Ranger (Jeff Graham) All Star Western  58 Apr 51
Toth, Alex Sierra Smith Dale Evans 9
Toth, Alex Streak the Wonder Dog Green Lantern 30
Tumey, Bart Bulldog Martin More Fun 51
Tumey, Bart Anchors Aweigh (Don Kerry and Red Murphy) Adventure 40
unknown- Arthur Peddy? Girls Love Stories Girls Love Stories 12  July 1951
unknown- Premani? Girls Love Stories Girls Love Stories 12  July 1951
unknown Puss n Pooch Leading 35 Mar 49
unknown Richut

Comic Cavalcade 32 Apr 49
unknown Steve Malone, District Attorney Detective 18 Aug 38
unknown Biff Brody More Fun 31
unknown Jumping Juniper Leading 18
unknown Ruff and Reddy


Funny Folks 28
unknown (Oksner?) Rusty

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis 8
unknown Salty the Sailor

Leading 18
unknown Walrus Whopper

Animal Antics 3 7/46
unknown Wobbly Creek (Hillbilly Goat)

Funny Folks 4
Waldinger, Morris Hand of Glory Phantom Stranger 5 Apr 53
Waldinger, Morris Oddities In Crime Mr. District Attorney 7 Mar 51
Wheelan, Ed Butch McLobster All Flash 2 Fall 41
Wheelan, Ed Fat and Slat Comic Cavalcade 1
Wheelan, Ed Minute Movies Comic Cavalcade 1
Wheelan, Ed Rockhead McWhizzard All Star 36
Wheelan, Ed Watt, The Question Man Wonder Woman 16
White, William F Zatara Action  103
Whitney, Ogden Sandman Adventure 47 Feb 40
Wickersham, Bob Fox And Crow Real Screen  1 Spr 45
Winarski, Ed Captain Desmo More Fun 72 Oct 41
Winarski, Ed Red Logan More Fun  31
Winter, Chuck Butch of Beeler's Alley Adventure 132
Winter, Chuck Wanda Wilson Sensation 14
Winter, Chuck Liberty Belle (Libby Belle) Boy Commandos  1 Win 43
Young, Cliff Green Arrow   More Fun   88 Feb 43
Thanks to Jerry Bails, Steve Rowe, Rich Morrissey, Craig Delich  and the guys at alt.binaries.picutres.comics
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