Artist Character Feature Issue Number Date
Edson, Nat White House Photographer Real Fact 4
Elias, Lee? Fiddler


Flash  93
Elias, Lee Star Sapphire All Flash  32
Elkan, Max Dale Evans Dale Evans 1 Sep 48
Ellsworth, Whitney Billy the Kid New Comics 2 Jan 36
Ellsworth, Whitney Little Linda More Fun 7
Elmo, H. T. Quick Quiz World's Finest 58
Elven, Sven Captain Quick New Comics 4
Ely, Will House of Mystery House of Mystery 14
Ely, Will Nadir, Master of Magic Adventure  17
Ely, Will Scoop Scanlon Action 1
Ely, Will Jonnie Law More Fun  31
Ely, Will Larry Steele Detective 5 Jul 37
Farr, Jack Buzzy Buzzy 9 Sep 46
Farr, Jack Cabby Casey More Fun 108
Farr, Jack Super Sleuth McFooey All Funny 13
Farr, Jack Three Ring Binks Detective 104 Oct 45
Farr, Jack Vitamin Vic World's Finest 51 Apr 51
Ferstadt. Lou Flash All-Flash 11  
Feuer, Otto Bernard the Brave Funny Folks 21
Feuer, Otto Cheepy Funny Folks 4 Oct 46
Feuer, Otto Eager Beaver Animal Antics 3 Jul 46
Feuer, Otto Fraidy Cat Funny Folks 28 Oct 50
Feuer, Otto Hugo Hornspred Leading 18
Feuer, Otto Joe Kangaroo Funny Folks 4 Oct 46
Feuer, Otto Nip n Chip Animal Antics 18 Jan 49
Feuer, Otto Pelican Pete  


Feuer, Otto Pete the Pup (Skooky) Animal Antics 13
Feuer, Otto Peter Porkchops Leading Screen 35
Feuer, Otto Raccoon Kids (Rudy and Rolo) Animal Antics  3 7/46
Feuer, Otto Skooky (Pete the Pup) Animal Antics 3
Feuer, Otto Spylot Bones Leading 18
Feuer, Otto Dodo and Frog Funny Stuff 19
Feuer, Otto? Ham Hocks Animal Antics 24 Jan 50
Fitzgerald, Owen Bob Hope Bob Hope 2 Apr 50
Fitzgerald, Owen Here's Howie (Howe) Here's Howie 1
Fitgerald, Owen Martin and Lewis Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis 10 Jan 54
Flanders, Charles Sandra of the Secret Service New Fun 2 Mar 35
Fleming, Homer Buck Marshall, Range Detective Detective 1 Mar 37
Fleming, Homer Captain Bill/Jim of the Texas Rangers New Comics 4
Fleming, Homer Sandor New Comics Unk
Flessel, Creig Bradley Boys More Fun 17
Flessel, Creig Bret Lawton Detective 1 Mar 37
Flessel, Creig Buzz Brown More Fun 30
Flessel, Creig Hanko the Cowhand NY World's Fair 1939 
Flessel, Creig Pep Morgan More Fun 12
Flessel, Creig Sandman Adventure 52
Flessel, Creig Shining Knight (Sir Justin) Adventure 66
Flessel, Creig Steve Conrad New Comics 6
Flinton, Ben Atom (Al Pratt) All American 19 Oct 40
Fradon, Ramona Aquaman Adventure 179
Fuller, Ving J. Rufus Lion Funny Stuff 2 Fall 44
Gallagher, Joe Brainwave   All Star 15
Gershwin, Emil Sadface Charlie All Funny 4 Fall 44
Gershwin, Emil Starman Adventure 92
Giacoia, Frank Justice Society All Star 54 Aug 50
Giacoia, Frank Strong Bow All Star Western 58 Apr 51
Gilkison, Terry Flying Fox (Rex Darrell) More Fun 51
Giunta, John Mystery_In_Space Mystery In Space 2 Jun 51
Godwin, Frank Wonder Woman Sensation  18 Jul 43
Good, Ed Manhunter Adventure  91
Grandenetti, Jerry Our Army at War Our Army At War 10
Green, Stan Walrus and the Rooster Funny Stuff 19
Gretter, Clemmens 2023: Super Police (Rex Cosmos) New Fun 2 Mar 35
Gretter, Clemmens Don Drake of the Planet Saro New Fun 2 Mar 35
Gretter, Clemmens Ray And Gail New Comics 6
Grossman, Rube Biggety Bear Funny Folks 36 Jul 51
Grossman, Rube Blabber Mouse Comic Cavalcade 32 Apr 49
Grossman, Rube Blackie Bear Funny Stuff 25 Sep 47
Grossman, Rube Goofy Goose Animal Antics 3 Jul 46
Grossman, Rube J Rufus Lion Funny Stuff 25 Sep 47
Grossman, Rube King Oscar's Court Leading 18 Sep 46
Grossman, Rube Lippy Leprechan Leading 35 Mar 49
Grossman, Rube Ozzie Owl Funny Folks 21 Aug 49
Grossman, Rube Peter Panda Peter Panda 3 Dec 53
Grossman, Rube Pinky and  Winky Animal Antics 31 Mar 51
Grossman, Rube Robin Crusoe Funny Folks 8 Jun 47
Grossman, Rube Roly and Poly Leading 35 Mar 49
Grossman, Rube Rudolph the Red Nosed Rudolph 1 Win 1950
Grossman, Rube Sheriff Corky Animal Antics 3 Jul 46
Grossman, Rube Stanley the Timid Scarecrow Peter Panda 1 Dec 53
Grossman, Rube Tortoise and the Hare Animal Antics 3 Jul 46
Grossman, Rube Treetop Flats (Mike Mole) Funny Folks 4 Oct 46
Grothkopf, Chad? Johnny Quick (Johnny Chambers) More Fun 71
Grothkopf, Chad Sandman New York World's Fair 2 1940
Grothkopf, Chad? Tubby Watts More Fun 71
Guardineer, Fred Anchors Aweigh (Don Kerry and Red Murphy) Adventure 40
Guardineer, Fred Boomerang Jones New Adventure 24
Guardineer, Fred Tigress Action 1
Guardineer, Fred Tong Action 1
Guardineer, Fred Zatara Action  1
Harper, Thurston Hayfoot Henry Action 81 Feb 44
Harper, Thurston Tinkerman Tad All Funny 6
Harris, Lee Airwave (Larry Jordan) Detective  66 Aug 42
Harry, Frank Ghost Patrol Flash 
Harry, Frank Little Miss Redhead Sensation 77
Harry, Frank Liz Scribbly  4
Harry, Frank Willy Nilly Sensation 80
Hasen, Irwin Astra Sensation 102
Hasen, Irwin Doiby Dickles All American  27 Jun 41
Hasen, Irwin Harlequin (Molly Mayne) All American  94 Feb 48
Hasen, Irwin Harvey Payne Everything Happens to Harvey 1
Hasen, Irwin Icicle All American  90 Oct 47
Hasen, Irwin Injustice Society All Star  37
Hasen, Irwin Joan Fortune Sensation 14
Hasen, Irwin Johnny Law Big Town 7 Jul 51
Hasen, Irwin Knodar Green Lantern 30
Hasen, Irwin Minstrel Maverick (Harmony Hayes) All American Western 118 Feb 51
Hasen, Irwin Mystery_In_Space Mystery In Space 2
Hasen, Irwin Omalley of the 4th Precinct Green Lantern 3 Spr 42
Hasen, Irwin Overland Coach (Tony Barrett) All American Western 118 Feb 51
Hasen, Irwin Per Degaton All Star  35
Hasen, Irwin and Bernard Sachs Romance Trail Romance Trail 1
Hasen, Irwin Sky Pirate Comic Cavalcade 25 Feb 48
Hasen, Irwin Stretch Skinner Sensation 4
Hasen, Irwin Wildcat (Ted Grant) Sensation 1
Hasen, Irwin Wizard All Star 34 May 47
Hasen, Irwin Wonder Woman Wonder Woman 44 Nov 50
Heath, Russ Kings of the Wild Showcase 2 May 56
Helfant, Art Popsicle Pete All American 13 Apr 40
Hess, Sol Simp O'Dill All Flash 9
Hibbard, E. E. Justice Society of America All Star 3 Win 41
Hibbard, E. E. Rag Doll Flash 36
Hibbard, E. E. Shade Flash  33
Hibbard, E. E. Thinker  All Flash 12 Fal 43
Hibbard, E. E Winky, Blinky and Noddy All Flash 5
Hickey, Tom Bruce Nelson Detective 1 Mar 37
Hickey, Tom Golden Dragon New Comics 7 Aug 36
Hickey, Tom Mark Marson of the Interplanetary Police More Fun 31
Hickey, Tom Skip Schuyler Adventure 37 Apr 39
Hudson, Bill Funny Fez Comic Cavalcade 33 Jun 49
Hughes, Eugene Our Army At War Our Army At War 6
Infantino, Carmine Black Canary (Dinah Drake)    Flash 86
Infantino, Carmine Captain Comet Strange Adventures  9
Infantino, Carmine Detective Chimp Rex the Wonder Dog 4
Infantino, Carmine Doctor Flura All Flash 31 Oct 47
Infantino, Carmine Doctor Pat (Windsor) Sensation 95
Infantino, Carmine Interplanetary Insurance Inc  Mystery in Space  16
Infantino, Carmine King Faraday World's Finest 64 May 53
Infantino, Carmine Kit Colby, Girl Sherriff Jimmy Wakely 10
Infantino, Carmine Knghts of the Galaxy (Artho,Ora and Lyle)  Mystery in Space  6
Infantino, Carmine Larry Lance Flash 92  
Infantino, Carmine Phantom Stranger Phantom Stranger  1
Infantino, Carmine Pow Wow Smith (Ohiyesa) Detective  152 Oct 49
Infantino, Carmine Romance Inc (Ann Martin) Sensation 94
Infantino, Carmine Trigger Twins All Star Western 87
Infantino, Carmine Turtle Comic Cavalcade 24
Jenney, Bob Gary Hawkes More Fun 36 Oct 38
Jepson, Paul Rod Rian Flash Comics 4


 DC Romance Artists