Who Drew in The Iron Age?
updated 06/22/2008
 When I started this website I never dreamed someday we'd be looking back with fond nostalgia on the Superman era of the Ninties. But here we are. And here are most of the most important artists to work on the four(!) monthly Superman titles that gave us a weekly continuing story throughout most of those years.
John Byrne - b. 1950 Jerry Ordway- b. 1957
"The Power That Failed" by John Byrne (script, pencils) and John Beatty. Superman v2 #19, July 1988. "Unnatural Disasters" by Jerry Ordway (script and pencils) and Dennis Janke. Superman v2 #38  December 1989
Dan Jurgens- b. 1959 Ron Frenz- b. 1960
"Dark Knight Over Metropolis Part 2" by Dan Jurgens (script and pencils) and Art Thibert. Adventures of Superman 467, June 1990  "The Cadmus Project" by Roger Stern, Ron Frenz and Brett Breeding. Superman Annual (vol 2) #2, 1988
Bob McCleod Kerry Gammill- b. 1954
"Survival" by Roger Stern, Bob McCleod and Brett Breeding. Action Comics 655 July 1990 "There Is A Happy Land, Far, Far Away" by Roger Stern, Kerry Gammill and Brett Breeding. Action Comics 657 Sept 1990
George Perez- b. 1954 Kieron Dwyer-b. 1967
"Superman On Earth" by George Perez (script, layouts) and Brett Breeding. Action 643 July 1989 "Missing in Action" by Roger Stern, Kieron Dwyer and Brad Vancata. Action 671, November 1991
Jon Bogdanove-b. 1958 Jackson (Butch) Guice-b. 1961
"Stormy Weather" by Louise Simonson, Jon Bogdanove and Dennis Janke  Man of Steel 7 January 1992  "Payment Due" by Roger Stern, Jackson Guice And Dennis Rodier. Action 680- August 1992
Peter Krause Barry Kitson
"Killing Is Serious Business" by Dan Jurgens (script), Peter Krause and Keith Williams.  Superman v2 #69 July 92. "No One Defeats Brainiac!" by Karl Kesel (writer), Barry Kitson and Mike Manley. Advs of Superman 519. January 1995
Stuart Immonen Paul Ryan- b. 1949
"The Return" by Karl Kessel (script), Stuart Immonen and Jose Marzan, Jr. Action 527 September 1995 "History Lesson" by Roger Stern, Paul Ryan and Brett Breeding from Man of Tomorrow 9, Fall 1997
Anthony Williams Tom Grumett
"Ready, Fire, Aim!" by Stuart Imonen (script), Anthony Williams and Jose Marzan, Jr. Action Comics 745,  June 1998  "Wake The Dead" by Roger Stern, Tom Grumett and Mike Marzan Jr.  Action Comics 665, May 1991
Scot Eaton Steve Epting
"Shattered Illusions" by Louise Simonson, Scott Eaton and Dennis Janke. Man of Steel 83, September 1998 "Public Hearing" by Dan Jurgens (script), Steve Epting and Joe Rubinstein -Superman v2 #145 June 1999
German Garcia-b. 1970 Doug Mahnke
"For A Thousand Years" by Joe Kelly, German Garcia and Joe Rubinstein. Action 761, January 2000 "Bridge the Past and Future" by Mark Schultz, Doug Mahkne and Tom Nguyen. Man of Steel 97, February 2000
Mike McKone Yanick Pacquette b. 1974
"Deadline USA" by Jeph Loeb, Mike McKone and Marlo Alquiza. Superman v2-152, January 2000 "A Night at the Opera" byStuart Immonen and Mark Millar (writers), Yanick Pacquette (pencils), Dexter Vines, Rich Faber and Jim Royal (inks). Adventures of Superman 575, February 2000
And we leave off here at the turn of the Millenium.  With the arrival of editor Eddie Berganza and an entirely new cast of writers and artists, the "John Byrne Era" of Superman is "officially" over.