What's New?  ...

10/11/10 The Vault is now open.  Being a repository for old stuff I wrote long ago, re-illustrated in color.

10/3/10 new Lew Schwartz and Batman artists of the 50s pages. Bob Kane part 2.

9/20/10  new Bob Kane and Dick Sprang pages in Batman

7/26/10 Victor Fox comics

4/25/10 Temerson/Holyoke/Continental Comics

1/18/10 Classics Illustrated- nothing to do with anything else, but why not?

1/2/10 Curt Swan Before Superman , Batcave

11/10/09 new Superman in the Fifties and Sixties pages.  New Wayne Boring page.  Still working on all the links. There are a lot of links.

10/21/09 New webserver.  Much faster so far,  which will increase my enthusiasm for adding stuff.  New domain dccomicsartists.com in case you didn't notice.  Lots of internal links need to be fixed which may take me awhile.

Vertigo page updated. DC Timeline brought up to 2009.

10/7/09 Phantom Zone

7/11/2009  Quality Comics: way too many new entries to list. Intellectual Amos, Throckmorton, Madame Fatal, Phantom Clipper, Lassie, Barker, G2, Quicksilver, Whistle, Wizard Wells, Torchy, Anthrop, Dollplane, Destroying Demon, and way more.

1/08/2009  Green Lantern Corps

11/26/08  Super Lois
                Super Girls

11/08  Blackstarr, Decay, Graym Rannzz, Marvel Maid, Mentalla, Myrtle Pepper, Neutron, Quislet, Romado, Tellus

7/01/08 Who Drew Superman in the Iron Age?

9/29/07 Sky Pirate, Streak, Owen Cooley, Maxmillian O'Leary, Knodar, Johnny Thunder, Shocko
                Who Drew Superboy expanded to 1970.

9/20/07 Quality: Archie O'Toole, Elmo, Whip, Bob Allen, Arizona Rraines, Clock, Two Gun Lil, Rance Keane, Ace of Space, Zero, Spider Woman, Raven, Poison Ivy, Boyville Brigadiers, Samar, Rusty Ryan, Counterspy, Blimpy

9/10/07 Fawcett:: Sabbac

7/16/07 Bronze Age: 'Mazing Man, Booster Gold, Angel Love, Jack in the Green, Ghost Hiding in the Rushes, Parliament of Trees, Albert Hollerer, Looker, Bad Samaritan, Phobia, Warp, Plasmus,  Shimmer, Trigon, Tamaran, Terry Long, Titans of Myth, Mammoth, Gizmo, Mr. Bones, Wildcat, Mecanique, Helix, Hourman,  Doctor Midnight, Chroma, Charcaro

7/7/07 The Superboy mystery solved!

6/16/07 Psimon, Deathstroke, Fearsome Five,  Gordanians,  Ryandar, Terra, Church of Blood, X'Hal, Lord Damyn, Kilowog, Citadel, Salaak, Ch'p, Jehryll, , Tigorr, Omega Men, Harpis, Broot, Auron, Arisia

3/11/07 Larvox, Fiona Webb, Starman, Arkiss Chummuck, Wizard World, Starheart, Spirit King, Kari Limbo, Clown, Clive Yorkin, Viking Commando, Steel, Dr. Mist, Count Vertigo. Forgotten Heroes, Shockwave,

2/24/07 Forgotten Villains, Fury,Earthworm, Zyklon, Vanquisher, Onyx, Night and Fog, Kid Devil, Spanner, Vigilante, Creature Commandos,
G.I. Robot, Slipknot, Nightwing, Taz, Tsunami, Huntress, Masters of Disaster, Force of July, Windfall, New Olympians, Nebrios, Jericho, Cannon, Bolt, Blackbriar Thorn, Tobias Whale, Syonide, Seraph, Owl Woman, Ice Maiden, Construct, Cliff Carmichael,  Celcius, Baron Winters, Baron Blitzkreig, Airwave, Negative Woman, Rubber Duck, Replikon, Willow, Ringmaster, Thunderlord, Stacy Conwell, Silver Twist, Rising Sun, Pig Iron, Mocker, Mariah, Martin Stein, Little Mermaid, Kana, Atari Force.

12/26/06  Fawcett: Mark Swift. Hurrican Hansen, Diamond Jack, Lucky Lawton, Lee Granger

                Quality: Archie O'Toole, Arizona Raines, Anthrop, Atlantic Patrol, Batch Batchelor, Beezy Bumble, Big Brother, Big Top, Boyville Brigadiers, Captain Fortune, Choo Choo and Cherry, Citronella, Clip Chance, Bruce Cockburn, Counterspy, the Clock, The Destroying Demon,  Dusty Dane, Egbert and the Count, Black X, Ezra, Fargo Kid, Floogy the Fiji, Fuzzy, Gallant Knight, Hawk, Hawks of the Seas, Honeybun, Inspector Denver, Jonesy, Ken Shannon, Lala Palooza, Lassie (not the dog), Marmaduke Mouse, Perky, Rance Keane, Reynolds of the Mounted, Richard Manners, Rims, Roscoe, Secret War News, Shennanigan, Slap Happy Pappy, Spunky, Stunt Man Stetson, T-Man, Tommy Tinkle, Whip, Will Bragg, Wun Cloo.

12/05/06 Cotton Carver, Tom Brent, Captain Desmo, Jungle Fever, Rusty and His Pals, Nadir-Master of Magic, Professor Doolittle, Anchors Aweigh, Sgt. Mule added or upgraded.   Who Drew Batman  page extended up to 1986.  Who Drew Superman during the War Years? completely redone. Jon Small added to the Artist page.

10/30/06 Quality: Bob and Swab, G-5 Super Agent, Lion Boy, Don Glory, The Old Witch, Corsair Queen, Adam Peril, Hercules, X-5, Blaze Barton, Casey Jones, Neon the Unknown added or upgraded.

8/31/06 Artists Index- Morris Waldinger, Frank Godwin, H.T. Elmo, Charles Paris, Allen Simon, Munson Paddock, Wayne Boring added.

8/29/06 Fawcett: Mr Clue, Frontier Marshall, Streak Sloane, Zoro, Shipwreck Roberts, Rick OShay, America Smasher, White Rajah, Mortin Murch, Master Man, Diamond Jack, El Carim and Uncle Marvel added or upgraded.

7/29/06 Quality: Sniffer Snoop, Manhunter,  Eagle Evans, Daffy, Doc Wackey, X of the Underground, Shot and Shell, Phantom Clipper, War Wheel, Loops and Banks, Inferior Man, The Unknown, Sailor Danny, Pvt Dogtag, PT Boat, Merlin, Uncle Sam, Sally O'Neil, Kid Dixon, Scarlet Seal, Midnight, Justin Wright, Her Highness, Gabby, Cyclone, Paul Bunyan, Prop Powers, Pen Miller, Rookie Rankin added or upgraded.

7/18/06 Artists index-Raymond Perry, Don Komisarow, Harry Lampert, Phil Berube, Stookie Allen, Ed Moore, Jack Lehti and Sol Hess added.

7/12/06 Golden Age- A bunch of features from early Adventure Comics! Our Kids, Golden Dragon, Castaway Island, Beany, Sandor, Dale Daring, Tale of Two Citites, Bugville, Steve Conrad, Jungle Boy and tons more.

7/10/06 Letterers Index added!

5/29/06 Fawcett- Red Gaucho, Bulletman, Warlock, Jungle Twins, Captain Venture added or upgraded.

5/29/06 Quality: Spider, Whistler, Steve Wood, Intellectual Amos, Granny Gumshoe, Barker, Clock, Wings Wendall, Red Torpedo, Molly the Model, Invisible Hood, Chic Carter, Abdul the Arab, X-5, Strange Twins, Philpot Veep, Hugh Hazzard, Clip Chance, Capt. Cook, Black Ace, Archie O'Toole, Zero, The Voice, Spin Shaw, Samar, Neon, Doll Girl, Blaze Barton, Purple Trio, Manhunter, Spirit of Old Glory added or upgraded.

5/6/06 New Artists Index!
Plus: Nadir, Master of Magic, Tod Hunter, Jungle Master, The Shade, Bull's Eye, Boomerang Jones, and Monty of the Mounties.

4/16/04 Sandman page; Spectre page; Johnny Quick page; Additions to Green Arrow and Dr. Fate

4/15/06 DC: 1720 in the Black, Along the Mainline, Col Blimp, Capt. Grim, Charley Fish, Cheepy, Chikko Chakko, Eager Beaver, Gambler, Goofy Goose, Harlequin, Joe Kangaroo, Johnny Thunder (western), Mr Weed., Nutsy Squirrel, Presto Pete, Racoon Kids, Ray & Gail, Robin Crusoe, Sargon, Sheriff Corky, Skooky, Sweeny and Willy , Tortoise and Hare, Treetop Flats, Vandal Savage, Walrus Whopper, Willy Wolf- upgraded.

4/9/06 DC: Congo Bill, Henri Duvall, Shining Knight, Dr Clever, Dr Occult, Black Jack, Buckskin Jim, Don Drake, Magic Crystal of History, Pelion and Ossa,  Barry O'Neil, upgraded

3/2/06 DC: Skip Schuyler, Federal Men (upgrade), Socko Strong, Anchors Aweigh added.

1/24/06 Charlton: Yellowjacket, Diana the Huntress added (Charlton's first super heroes!)

1/17/06 Fawcett: Captain Nippon, Prof  Edgewise, Mr. Macabre added

1/4/06 Quality: Blaze Barton upgrade, Neon upgrade, Hercules upgrade, X-5, Margo, Strange Twins added

12/26/05 Black Pirate, Wonder Woman pages added. Gay Ghost upgraded

12/25/05 Kulak, Satana, Scoop Scanlon, Chuck Dawson upgraded, Atom and Hawkman pages added.  Drafty, Hanko, Butch the Pup, Tex Thomson, Young Doc Davis, Zatara and Tigress upgraded

12/22/05 Pig Iron, Alley Kat Abra, Fastback, Rubber Duck, Yankee Poodle, Zoo Crew added

12/18/05 A whole pile of new pictures added to the Bronze Age page, mostly those that debuted in 1982 and 1983.

Who Drew Superman in the Bronze Age? added.  Also Who Drew Superboy pages updated.

Sgt Ernie Rock, Dr Elektro, new Dr Fate page. The Fool (upgrade), Wonder Girl (golden age) upgrade, Bulls-Eye upgrade

Upgrades for Flash (Jay Garrick), Joan Williams, Johnny Thunder, Cliff Cornwall, the Whip, Hawkman and Shiera Sanders, Miss Snap, Drafty, Lando, Punch Parker.  New info for Tank Tinker.  New entry for Flora Styles. The Thought Terror, Satana the Tiger Girl (no picture), Hummingbird (no picture), Purple Pilgrim

Ibis the Invincible, Princess Taia, The Mask, Spy Smasher, Eve Corby, America Smasher (no picture)

Inspector Kent, Crimson Avenger (updated), Steve Malone, Masked Ranger, Larry Steele

Guardian Angel (Hop Harrigan), Ham Hocks, Doll Girl (updated)

Little Miss Redhead, Starfire (Mike Vosburg's), Romance, Inc. added

Rainbow Man, Tong, Tigress (Zatara villain), Eve, International Sea Devils, Captain X, Man Fish, Mr Neptune added
Mad Mod Witch updated
Dr Moon corrected
some broken pictures fixed.

Biff Bronson, Bob Neal,  Bulldog Martin, Flying Fox, Buccaneer, Johnnie Law, Kit Strong, Mark Marson, Buzz Brown, Red Logan, Ginger Snap, Biff Brody, Cabbie Casey, Rusty, Curly's Cafe, Cunnel Custard added.     Gravedigger and Lt Phil Hunter added.

Dr Thirteen and Molly Adams added.

Manhunter and Thor upgraded
Hustace Throckmorton added (Quality)
Torchy added

Added to  Fawcett: Companions 3
upgraded Minute Man, Devil's Dagger, Captain Venture, and El Carim

Added a Hop Harrigan page!
Added King Carter, Windy Braggart, Gashouse Gang.
Updated the Shuster Shop page with new information on Paul J. Lauretta provided by Ron Goulart.
Updated Darwin Jones

Added The Hand, and updated the Seven Soldiers of Victory.
Added Mr. Banjo and  updated Ibac on the Fawcett page.

Added a Scribbly page!

Updated the Curt Swan Superboy page with new art and text.  Discerning readers will note the new version completely contradicts previous versions.  This sort of thing happens from time to time.

Added a page on the American Comics Group  which may or many not actually count as a DC Comics company under DC's "Other" Comics.

Updated the Who Drew Superman? page, with more information on 1940's inkers,  Jon Small, George Klein.

Moved Superman and Batman characters from the Bronze Age page to the Superman and Batman pages.
Sterling Silversmith, Lori Elton, Duela Dent, Black Spider Dr Phosphorus, Clayface, and Silver ST Cloud added to Batman page.

Lady Shiva, Richard Dragon, Starfire, Kobra, Secret Society, Silver Ghost, Machiste, Ragman, Starman, Outsiders, Calculator,  Assassin, Control, OSS, Kana, Mercenaries, Chaos and Order, Tara, Warlord, Deimos, Manhunter,Green Team, Omac, Lucien, Power Girl, Scalphunter, Hyena, Killer Frost, Syonide, Fadeaway Man, Ringmaster, Privateerm, Ultraa, Replikon,Airwave, Madame Xanadu, Cliff Carmichael, Firestorm, Martin Stein, Huntress, Mariah, Baron Blitzkreig, Star Hunters, Celcius, Tempest, Negative Woman, Shade, Little Mermaid, Ice Maiden, Bushmaster, Jack O Lantern, Olympian, Thunderlord, Tuatara, Rising Sun ,Godiva, Owl Woman, Impala, Seraph, Construct, Willow, Silver Twist, The Mocker, Crusdaers, Golden Glider, Black Lightning,Tobias Whale, Super Squad added to Bronze Age page.

Blackrock, Whirlicane, Jonathan Ross, Jenette Klyburn, Thunder and Lightning, Dora Luthor, Terri Cross, Faora, Skull, Tyroc, Colonel Future, Pulsar, Stargrave, Dawnstar, and Infinite Man added to Superman page.

Hendrik, Chuck and the Blackhawks updated. Blackie added
Seven Soldiers of Victory and Teen Titans updated

Three Mouseketeers and Bulldog Drumhead updated

1980-85 added to DC History Timeline.  Numerous other corrections made.

Dollman, Kid Eternity

Cooley the Leprechaun, Crusher Crock

Blue Lama, Puppetteer, Space Legion, Red Torpedo, Harvey, Coby, Lucy Torrence, Lord Shilling, Astra, Wizard Wells, Magno

Tom Thumb Blackhawk, Little Sure Shot, Iron Major, Scooter, Human Target, Judge Gallows

George Emmett, Mavis Trent, El Diablo, Jonah Hex, Thanagar

DeSaad, New Genesis, Esak, Slig, Terrible Turpin, El Diablo, Outlaw, Big Barda, Granny Goodness, Dr Bedlam, Virman Wunderbar, Elsa, Jaffar, Deep Six, Shaligo, Steppenwolf, Fastbak, Forager, Funky Flashman, Female Furies, Kanto, Demon, Haunted Tank, Bulldozer, Wildman,  Pooch

Goldface, Mr Cipher

Ice Cream Soldier, Challengers, Hyathis, Royal Flush Gang, Unimaginable, Key, Lily

TornadoTot, Grampa Plumm, Uncle Charley, Space Sprout,  Little Arthur, Bernie
Jonah Hex, El Diablo, Outlaw

Silver Age:
Wendy Winthrop Captain Action, Scooter .
Golden Age:
Sea Sleuth, Harlequin, Streak, Rusty and His Pals, Harvey Payne, Coby

Enemy Ace, Psions, Animal-Vegetable Minearl Man, Mr 103, Adam Strange, Amy Ames, April O'day, Karen Sommers, Lily Martin, Lisa St Claire, Melanie Winters

Captain Storm

Silver Age:
Starbreaker, Queen Arrow, Dr Light, Diane Meade, Dr Moon, Matt Cable, Alec Holland, Destiny
Sea Devils
Golden Age:

Spaceman At Work, Puppeteer, Black Racer, Apokolyps, Kalibak, Metron, Lightray, Orion, Oberon, Mr Miracle,

Brainstorm, Headmaster Mind, Keith Kenyon, Arrowette, Hector Hammond, I.Q., SecretSix
Rip Hunter

06/13/ 04
Appa Ali Apsa, John Stewart, Inferior 5, Egg Fu, Sensei, Red Tornado, Zahl, Geek, Eve Doremus, Dr Cyber, Tim Trench, I Ching, Cain, Abel, Lamplighter, Guy Gardner, Crime Syndicate, Queen Bee, Angor, Abenezar, Rath & Gast, Felix Faust, Merlyn, Glorious Godfrey, Mantis, Mother Box, Boom Tube, Justice League,
Gnarrk, Element Girl, CAW, Mopee, Gas Gang, Metamorpho, Anthro, Mark Merlin, Beautiful Dreamer Forever People, Infinity Man, Mal, Lilith, MrJupiter, Sgt Rock, Sgt Rocky, Jimmy Rock, Losers

Creator Sq, Swamp Thing, Alex Olsen, Mind Grabber Kid, Wonder Girl, Olivia Reynolds, Mopee

Silver Age:
Abra Cadabra, PlasticGang, Daphne Dean, Nameless, Heat Wave, Mary West
Golden Age:
Astra, Wonder Girl, Knodar

Metamorpho, Iona Vane, Major Disaster, Evergreen, Charley Vickers, Tyrano
Deadman, Haunted Tank, Automan, Dexter Myles,

Anti-blackhawks, King Condor, Bravo, Zinda, Cave Carson, Snapper, Starro, Amazo, Suicide Squad, Golden Gladiator, Viking Prince, Silent Knight, CAW, Ra-man, Ultra

Aqualad, Dolphin, Hawk and Dove, Creeper, Bwana Beast, GEORGE, Weapons Master, M Machine, Listener, Golden Centurion, Dr Hands, Leaper, Mr Delta, Anti-Blackhawks, King Condor, Bird Man, Eclipso, Wonder Girl, Congorilla

Silver Age:
Zatanna, Sue Dibny, Amos Fortune, Turtle, Scavenger, OGRE, Topo, Huntress, Enrichetta, Animal Man, Goldface, Warlock, Enchantress, Ilda, Star Hawkins, Mera, Aquababy, Immortal Man, Tula, Vulko, Black Manta, Thanatos, Ocean Master, Fisherman, Quisp
Golden Age:
Lucy Torrence

Space Ranger, Manhunter, Abin Sur, Green Lantern, Carl Ferris, Carol Ferris

Byth, Zatanna,Hawkman, Top,Sue Dibny,Capt Boomerang, Amos Fortune,Dr Destiny

Golden Age:
Les Watts

Kanjar Ro, Rudy West,  Weather Wizard, Kid Flash, Elongated Man, Trickster, Sonar, Stel, Jack Jordan, Sue Williams, Green Lantern Corps, Terga, Sinestro,  T'Omm J'Onnz,  Tornado Tyrant, Sardath, Alanna, Adam Strange, Prof Zoom, Johnny Cloud, DrAlchemy, Mr Element, Hellcats, Marie, Three Witches Bug Eyed Bandit Hunter, Enemy Ace, Unknown Soldier, Dinosaur Island

5/20/04  Gunner and Sarge,  Larry Rock,  Ona, Steve Savage,  Madame Rouge, Doom Patrol, Robotman, Immortus, Elasti-Girl

Negative Man, Chief, Mallah, Brain, Starfire, Mad Mod Witch

Tomar Re,  Adam Strange II,  Ra-Man, Star Sapphire, Oa, Guardians, Krona, Evil Star, Dorinne Clay, Beast Boy, Martian Hideaway, Zook, Katma Tui, Qward, Morloo, Dr 7,  T. O. Morrow, Gargaux,  Mento, Diabolo, Marco Xavier,  Vulture, Mr Thunder, Suzy Shoemaker, Robbie Reed,  Myrwhydden, Black Hand,  Tattooed Man,  Shark,  Dr Polaris, MrGenie, Mer-Man, Mer-Boy, BirdBoy,  WonderTot, Memakata, Cassandra, Tannarak, Tala

5/12/04 More Silver Age:
Pied Piper,  Mirror Master,  Gorilla City, Captain Cold, Timepool, Maya,  Chronos, Jason Woodrue, Jean Loring,  Atom,  Justice League.

4/9/04 Lionmane

4/6/04 More Silver Age images:
Prof Zoom, Kid Flash,  Bat Lash, Camp Wack-A-Boy,  Challenger Haters,  Dr Alchemy,  Flash, Green Glob, Iris West,  Mr Element,  Multi-Woman, Starfire, Star Rovers,  Turtle,  Villo

3/18/04  DC's Other- pulps and comics added
                Golden Age updates:  Detective Sergeant Carey, Captain Desmo, Red Coat Patrol, Jimminy and the Magic Book. Blackie Bear, Who's Who In Zooville, McSnurtle the Turtle, J. Rufus Lion, Lemuel Duck, and  Melody Lane.

3/4/04 Started adding illustrations to the Silver Age Who's Whose page:
Cosmo, Legion of the Weird,  Johnny Peril,  Space Ranger, Darius Tiko,  Volcano Man,  Multi-Man,  Challengers Mountain, Ultivac, June Robbins, Ultra,  Tino,  Madame 44,  Super Chief,  Teen Titans,  Corinna Stark,  Miss Liberty,  Drabny, Tomahawk's  Rangers, Matt Savage, Lord Shilling, Harvard Harvard III, Stanley and His Monster,  Shnitzel-Shaugnessy,  Brat Finks,  Jan Vern, Yggardis,  Renfrew,  Witch Kraft,  Uncle Hal, Super Hip,  3 Mouseketeers,Ira West, Mary Robin, Clock King, BonnieTaylor, 3Girls-

3/1/04    New web page feature added- A timeline of DC history. DC Timeline

2/21/04  Batman Who's Whose page updated with illustrations for most every entry.  Effron the Sorceror and Rokk and Sorban, the Galactic Gamblers added to Superman page.  A couple of link errors fixed.  Fatman upgraded on Golden Age Who's Whose page.

12/06/03 Lots of stuff. Faster than I can keep yp with it.  Hoppy the  Marvel Bunny, Mr Atom and Master Man added to the Fawcett section.  Mr. Scarlet and Pinky upgraded. Tarantula, Robbie the Robotdog and Captain X, Aquagirl and Butch of Beeler's Square added or upgraded on the Golden Age page.

Luthor and Lois Lane pages added to the Superman Who's Whose section, together with even more characters than listed below, including the Look Alike Squad of Kandor, Kru-El, Black Flame, Metallo, Supergirl, Time Trapper, Freddy Shaw, Nor Kan, Nightwing and Flamebird, Wonder Man, Heroes of Lallor, Van Zee, Mighty Boy, Kryptonite Kid, Sam and Ella Lane, Futureman, all kinds of different color Kryptonite, Fortress of Solitude page, Mxyztplk/Mxyztptlk page.

11/03/03 Illustrations added to the Superman Who's Whose page:
Power Boy, SunBoy, Beppo, Klax-Ar, Futuro, Super Teacher, Thought Monster, Pete Ross, Superman Revenge Squad, Bizarro, Element Lad, Rava, Leslar Lar, The Danvers, Alura, Solar Boy, Metalman, White Kryptonite, Phantom Zone, Dev Em, Jax-Ur, Luthor,  Roz Em, Chlorophyll Kid, Stone Boy, Fire Lad, Polar Boy, Night Girl, Legion of Substitute Heroes, Shrinking Violet, Hyperman, Argo City, Bizarro World, Super Menace, Mxyztplk, Mxyzptlk, Mighto, Super-Girl, Lightning Lass, Proty, Luthor's Lair, Gzptlsnz, Zigi and Zagi, Krypton, Dad Kent,  Smallville, Steve Bard, Gravity Girl, Superman, Perry White, Funny Face, Zar-Al, Roxas, Vidal, George Taylor, Parasite, Lois Lane, Super Pets, Marvel Maid, Metropolis.

9/27/03 A lot has changed.  First, the comics.org people had a server crash.  So everything had to be uploaded again.  There are still probably pages that are missing or corrupted.  I'm working on it.  Lots of changes to the "Who Drew Superman" pages, prompted by the publication of Superman Archives #6.  Joe Desris' research and interviews with the original artists has provided invaluable assistance in the composition of these pages.  So there's lots of new stuff about Pete Riss and George Roussos added- and a lot of things formerly erroneously credited to Ed Dobrotka have been removed.

Also, I'm slowly updating the Superman pages into the seventies.  Neal Adams and Murphy Anderson have been added to the artists' roster, with many more coming in the weeks ahead.

And last but not least, I've started on adding illustrations to the Batman and Superman Who's Whose pages.

9/11/03 Willy Nilly, Wiley of West Point added, Along the Mainline upgraded.

6/21/03 Charlton characters added: Punch and Jewelle, Dr Spectro, Question, Madmen,  Tabu,  Horus, Judomaster, Son of Vulcan, Sarge Steel, The Ghost, Nightshade, Sentinels, Thunderbolt, and Peacemaker.

    Fawcett characters added or updated: Dr Voodoo, Devils Dagger, Captain Cook,  Commando Yank

    Quality characters added or updated: Captain Cook, Captain Triumph.

    DC characters added:  Rusty, Lil Snoony, Melvin, Peachy Pet, Miss Beverly Hills, Here's Howie, Zooville, Treetop Flats, Ham Hocks, Chick N' Gumbo.

3/10/03 DC Characters added: Dr Clever, Dr Glisten, Liz, Don Caballero, Strong Bow (correction)
1/18/03 DC Characters added: Cabbie Casey, Cunnel Custard, Curly's Cafe, Gas House Gang, OMalley of the 4 th Precinct, Rusty, Dr Psycho, Cheetah
            Fawcett characters added: Whitey Murphy, 3 Lts. Marvel

12/08/02  Quality characters added:  Uncle Sam, Wonder Boy, Kid Patrol, Kid Dixon, Quicksilver, Merlin, Prop Powers, Pen Miller, Paul Bunyan, Sally O'Neil, Jack and Jill

          All-American characters added: Ultra Man, Red, White and Blue, Hop Harrigan, Adventures Into the Unknown, Scribbly

        Funny animals added: Biggety Bear, Walrus Whopper, Presto Pete, Pete the Pup, Crazy Like A Fox

11/17/02 substantial rewrite of the late 40's/early 50's Batman pages to include Sy Barry and more info on Ray Burnley, Lou Schwartz and Bob Kane, courtesy to a large extent, of Craig Delich

9/2/02  new creator data added to Maximilliam O'Leary, Peachy Pet, Punch Parker, Pow Wow Smith, Sportsmaster, Crusher Crock, Tom Sparks, Hop Harrigan, Ghost Patrol, Icicle, Monocle, Neptune Perkins, and Rag Doll- thanks to Craig Delich.  Wanda Wilson, Regina Paige, Joan Fortune and the Fool added to the Golden Age Who's Who gallery.

8/21 Black Adam, El Carim, Captain Venture, King Kull, Dexter Knox, Joan Jameson, Sivana Family, Sivana Jr, Monster Society of Evil, Mr Mind, Aunt Minerva, Ibac, Phantom Eagle, Devils Dagger, Commando Yank and Blaze Barton added (among other Fawcett characters).

8/17 added Captain X, Betty Bates Lady at Law, Hack O'Hara, Mr. Scarlet and Pinky, Blaze Barton,Captain Triumph,Georgia Sivanna and Just N' Wright

8/1 added Freckles Marvel, Uncle Marvel, Don Coyote, Ray And Gail, Maginnis of the Mounties, Captain Quick, Steve Conrad, Dale Daring, Chikko Chako, Captain Jim of the Texas Rangers, Charlie Fish, Brad Hardy, Radar, Midshipman Dewey, Sandy the Golden Boy (origin page), Woozy Watts, Ol' Oz Bop, Andy Handy and Castaway Island

7/25 added Buckskin Jim, Sagebrush and Cactus, Along the Mainline, Pelion and Ossa, new Johnny Quick, The Ray,
        Neon the Unknown, 17-20 in the Black, Wing Brady, Jibby Jones, 2023 Science Police,Sandra of the Secret Service,
        Roly and Poly, Tortoise and Hare, Doodles Duck,  Lippy the Leprechaun, Puss and Pooch, Magic Crystal of History,
        Captain Spinnaker, Les Sparks

7/15 added NeroFox, Spylot Bones, Hugo Hornspread, Jumping Juniper, King Oscar, Pelican Pete,Salty the Sailor, Tinkerman Tad, Sadface Charlie, Hamilton and Egbert

6/11 created What's New Page, added Fraidy Cat
6/9 added Plato Platypus, Bernard the Brave and Ozzie Owl

5/26 added Jack Burnley page to  Who Drew Batman?
         added Captain Nazi and Captain Marvel Jr, to Who's Whose
5/25 added Mr Tawny, Marvel Family, 3 Lts Marvel, Mary Marvel, Blue Beetle, Punch Parker,
         Red White and Blue, Rockhead McWhizzard, Drafty
5/24 added Kulak, Captain Atom, Blue Beetle(s),
5/21 added Hercules (Quality)
5/20 added Butch the Pup, Lala Palooza
5/18 added Fatman, Hanko the Cowhand
5/12 added  Andre, Chop-Chop, Olaf, Blackhawks, Blackhawk Island, Human Bomb, Phantom Lady,
         Mouthpiece, Steele Kerrigan, Plastic Man, Chic Carter, 711, Firebrand
5/05 added Kulak, Chris Kl-99, Eve Colby, Tor, Scoop Smith, Bozo, Stormy Foster, the Clock, Dan Dare,
        Wildfire, Spider, Red Bee, Black Condor, Madame Fatal, Jester, Lance O'Casey, Invisible Justice,
         Espionage, Midnight, Don Q, Johnny Law, Rusty Ryan,
5/04 added Spy Smasher, Shazam, Ibis, Sivana, Maginificus, Beautia,

4/29 added Tarantula, TNT Robotman,Young Doc Davis, Lando,Penniless Palmer, Captain X Raccoon Kids,
         Nip and Chip, Blabber Mouse, Custer and Cheesy, Eager Beaver, Twiddle and Twaddle, Sherrif Corky,
         Polar Playmates, the Mist
4/27 added Richut, Joe Kangaroo, Crazy Like a Fox, Pete the Pup,
4/23 added Mr Weed, Blimp,
4/20 added Miss America
4/19 added Nutsy Squirrel, Willy Wolf, Robin Crusoe, Sweeney and Willy
4/17 added the Cyclone Kids, Mary James, Transformation Island, Scribbly
4/16 added Radio Squad, Manhunters Around the World, Mysto, Nabu, Huntress, Cheetah, Janu, Rodeo Rick,
         Omalley of the 4th Precinct, Mike Gibbs Guerilla,Interplanetary Insurance, Dover and Clover

4/15 loaded Illustrated version of Golden Age Who's Whose page on new server provided by
        Comics.org (the Grand Comics Database) yay!