Alter Ego
#26 July 2003
"There's A Lot of Myth Out There", by Evanier and Beerbohm interview with Irwin Donnenfeld and Julius Schwartz

Comics Journal
#230 Feb 2001
"DC Comics Pioneer Jack Liebowitz Dies at 100" by Michael Catron

Comic Book Artist
#1 Spring 1998
Director Comments by Job B. Cooke- interview with Carmine Infantino
Along CameGiordano -interview with Dick Giordano
Orlando's Weird Adventures- interview with Joe Orlando

#5 Summer 1999
Donenfeld's Comics by Jon B Cooke- interview with Irwin Donenfeld
The Madames and the Girls- The DC Writers Purge of 1968 by Mike Barr

#6 Fall 1999
Secret Origins of the Direct Market by Robert L. Beerbohm

#7 Feb 2000
Secret Origins of the Direct Market by Robert L. Beerbohm, Part 2

Comic Book Marketplace Magazine
#36 June 1996
The Superman! by Robert Beerbohm
No Laughing Matter by Douglas Gilbert (3 parts- reprinted from the New York World Telegram 1942)

#50 August 1997
Many Lives of Julius Schwartz Part 1 by Pat S Calhoun
Big Bang Theory of Comic Book History by Robert Beerbohm

#51 September 1997
The Pulp Connection: The Superhero before Superman by Will Murray
The Many Lives of Julius Schwartz Part 2 by Pat S Calhoun

#53 November 1997
DC's Tangled Roots by Will Murray
New Fun! by Jon Berk

May 20, 1949  Vol L. #6  page 146
HOW THE COMIC BOOK STARTED by John R. Vosburgh.  (as annotated by Bob Beerbohm 5/24/98)

Overstreet Price Guide
#4   1974
Secrets Behind All Star Comics by Jerry Bails

#13 1983
Reminiscenses of a Comic Book Editor by Jack Schiff and Gene Reed
DC Before Superman by Gary And Lane Carter

#18 1988
Of Superman and Kids with Dreams: An Interview with Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster  by Thomas Andrae

#32 May 2002
The American Comic Book 1900-1938 by Robert Beerbohm, Doug Wheeler and Richard Olson

Unpublished articles
Major Disaster- by Will Murray- biography of Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson
Whit Ellsworth-  by Will Murray- biography of Whitney Ellsworth


Great History of Comic Books by Ron Goulart 1986 Contemporary Books
Mad World of William Gaines by Frank Jacobs 1973 Bantam Books
All In Color For A Dime Ed by Dick Lupoff and Don Thompson 1970 Ace Books
Batman and Me by Bob Kane and Tom Andrae 1989 Eclipse Books
The All Star Companion by Roy Thomas 2000 TwoMorrows Publishing
Batman the Dailies 1943-44 edited by Joe Desris  1900 DC Comics and Kitchen Sink
Howard Keltner's Index to Golden Age Comic Books 1976 Bails, Revised Edition 1998 Klein
The Steranko History of Comics Vol 1 1970, Supergraphics
The Photo-Journal Guide to Comic Books Vol 1-2  1989 Gerber Publishing
Forbidden Adventures: The History of the American Comics Group by Michael Vance 1996 Greenwood Press
Men of Tomorrow by Gerard Jones 2004 Basic Books


Grand Comics Data Base


The Who's Who of American Comic Books

The Pulp Gallery

Adventure House

The Jaimie Coville History of Comic Books

The Unofficial Guide to The DC Universe

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