This is an attempt to list significant events in the history of DC Comics in as chronological order as possible.  Most dates are the cover dates from the comics themselves.  It should be recognized that these dates tend to be two months after the actual release date.  Other dates come from various published sources and have varying degrees of precision.  Everything is relative. No attempt is made to list everything that ever happened.  More detailed information is contained in the various works cited in the bibliography.  Non-DC comics events listed are included because of their relevance to the history of DC Comics, not to their own companies.  An attempt has been made to refer to the company by the appropriate name in each time period.  This is not an attempt to explain super-hero continuity.  There are other web sites that do that.  All opinions given are mine and probably can't be changed.  Factual errors will be thankfully corrected. Comments

DC's "other" comics
Jan  Jan 28, 1996 Jerry Siegel dies.

The Marvel/DC crossovers continue with Green Lantern/Silver Surfer, written by Ron Marz and edited by Kevin Dooley.

Superman/Toyman one shot is designed to promote a new line of Kenner action figures. edited by Mike McAvennie.

The Joker:Devil's Advocate is a hardcover in which the Joker finally stands trial for his crimes.  Written by Chuck Dixon and edited by Scott Peterson.

Lobo/Judge Dredd is a one-shot edited by Dan Raspler.

Black Canary/Oracle: Birds of Prey by Chuck Dixon and Gary Frank, edited by Jordan Gorfinkle is a 64 page one shot that actually spawns a successful new series centered around female super-heroes.

League Of Justice 2-issue mini is an Elseworlds story featuring the Justice League in a world of swords and sorcery. edited by Bryan Augustyn.

Showcase '96 edited by Frank Pittarese begins another 12 issue cycle, this time with Superman related characters in the cover feature slot.

Damage (#20), Darkstars (#38) and Judge Dredd (#18) cancelled. 

Feb  DC Vs. Marvel 4-Issue Mini (#1 & #4 Published By DC) edited by Mike Carlin. Readers get to vote on who wins.

Firebrand written by Brian Augustyn and edited by Rob Simpson is a new DC universe series not related to previous heroes of the same name. 9 issues.

Man-Bat 3-Issue Mini edited by Darren Vincenczio, written by Chuck Dixon.

Batman:Dark Allegiances an Elseworlds one shot, edited by Denny O'Neil, written and drawn by Howard Chaykin, sets Batman in 1936.

Black Lightning (#13) and New Titans (#130) cancelled.

Blood Syndicate (#35) and Xombi (#21) cancelled 

Star Trek  (#80) and Star Trek The Next Generation   (#80) cancelled as Paramount decides to launch its own comic line, distributed by Marvel.

Mar  Sandman concludes (#75) One of the few instances in 
which a best-selling series is allowed to end, simply because the author (Neil Gaiman) wishes it too.

Batman:Scar of the Bat Max Alan Collins sets Batman in a 1930's Elseworlds.

R.E.B.E.L.S. '96 cancelled (#17) 

Apr  Garth Ennis’ Hitman begins edited by Dan Rasper and drawn by John McCrea. Tommy Monaghan is a metahuman gun for hire who takes out DC super villains. Runs for 60 issues.

Mister Miracle begins, written by Kevin Dooley and edited by Rob Simpson. 7 issues.

Shade The Changing Man cancelled (#70) 

May  DC and Marvel launch the Amalgam Universe in which their heroes are smushed together into single characters like Dr.Strangefate and JLX.  12 titles are issued which is way more than necessary to get the joke.

Heroes 6-Issue Mini (Milestone).  The MiIestone heroes form their first super team in order to combat their solo books being cancelled. Edited by Dwayne McDuffie.

Life, The Universe And Everything 3-Issue Mini completes DC/Byron Preiss' adaption of Douglas Adams Hitchhiker series.

Jun The Dreaming begins, an anthology series featuring different writers and artists, utilizing characters and ideas originally developed by Neil Gaiman in The Sandman.  As with all anthologies, some are more successful than others. (60 Issues) edited by Alisa Kwitney. (Vertigo)

Takion begins.  Paul Kupperberg and Aaron Lopresti attempt to shoehorn a new character into Kirby's Fourth World. 7 issues.

Artemis: Requiem 6-Issue mini edited by Paul Kupperberg.  William Messner-Loebs brings back his ultra-vicious version of Wonder Woman for one more go-round.

Batman Black And White 4-Issue mini edited by Mark Chiarello and Scott Peterson.  An anthology of Batman stories expressly made to be told in black and white.

The DC Annuals this year follow the theme: Legends of the Dead Earth.

Sergio Aragones Destroys DC is a one shot edited by Dan Raspler, with additional funny stuff by Mark Evanier.

Where In the World is Carmen Sandiego? edited by Laura Hitchcock is a new entry in DC's young readers line. (4 issues)

Deathstroke continues the trend affecting most of DC's grim and gritty titles and is cancelled (#60). 

Jul  Kingdom Come 4-Issue mini by Mark Waid and painted by Alex Ross, edited by Dan Raspler.  A dark dystopian future for the super-heroes of Earth and their battle to make things right again.

Pinky & The Brain begins, edited by Robert Graff. based on the hit tv series.

Nine Princes In Amber 3-Issue mini An adaption of Roger Zelazny's sf classic. Edited by Dan Raspler.

Terminal City 9-Issue mini (Vertigo) edited by Shelley Roberg, written by Dean Motter and drawn by Michael Lark and set in a 1930's version of the future.

Brian Augustyn leaves editorial to free lance.  Ruben Diaz takes over Justice League.  Paul Kupperberg takes over Flash and Impulse.

Cassie Sandsmark becomes the latest Wonder Girl in Wonder Woman 111, by John Byrne.

Extreme Justice (#18), Guy Gardner: Warrior (#44)
and Hawkman (#33) cancelled 

Aug  Aztek: The Ultimate Man begins 10 issues, edited by Paul Kupperberg.  A new superhero by Grant Morrison and Mark Millar.  Pencils by Steven Harris.  Touted as a return to traditional heroes and away from "Grim and Gritty."

Batman: GCPD 4-Issue Mini edited by Scott Peterson by Chuck Dixon and Jim Aparo.  Close up on Jim Gordon and crew.

Eradicator 3-Issue mini written by Ivan Velez and edited by Chris Duffy.  A Superman spin-off.

Justice League America (#113) and Justice League Task Force (#36) cancelled. End of the Iron Age? 

DC inaugurates a new science fiction line, Helix, edited by Stuart Moore and attempting to attract actual science fiction writers to comics.  The line seems almost doomed from the start when it is originally solicited as Matrix, then DC and finally Helix.

Cyberella is the1st Helix Series-12 issues,written by Howard Chaykin.  Gemini Blood is  written by Christopher Hinz. (9 issues)

Sep  9/6/96 Superman becomes a new Warner Bros animated series, headed by the same crew that made Batman a success.  Timothy Daly is Superman's voice.
The series lasts for four years.

Joey Cavalieri, fresh from the Marvel 2099 debacle, becomes editor of the Superman titles.

Peter David and Gary Frank attempt to breathe life into John Byrne's Supergirl and apparently succeed becauase the series lasts over 75 issues, a record for a character named Supergirl.  Edited by Chris Duffy.

Superboy And The Ravers is a spin-off series from Superboy written by Karl Kessel and edited by Frank Pittarese.  Superboy discovers an interdimensional hangout where all the coolest young heroes go to chill.
Readers chilled too- 19 issues.

Birds Of Prey: Manhunt 4-Issue mini follows the one shot earlier this year.  Edited by Jordan Gorfinkel.

The Justice League is reincarnated and refocused on the core group of classic heroes in Justice League: A Midsummer's Nightmare, a 3-Issue Mini written by Mark Waid and Acclaim's Fabian Nicieza, edited by Ruben Diaz.  Art by Jeff Johnson.

Fate meets Dr Fate and loses.  Another Zero Hour spin-off bites the dust.  (#22)

Oct  Teen Titans returns with a whole new cast, written by Dan Jurgens and drawn by George Perez.  Edited by Eddie Berganza. 24 issues.  The original team shows up soon to boost sales but it doesn't help.

Nightwing breaks out into his own book, written by Chuck Dixon and edited by Scott Peterson.

Ron Marz takes over Superboy (#32), beginning a slide in sales from which the title never really recovers.

Vermillion begins (Helix) edited by Stuart Moore, 12 issues.

Bloody Mary 4-Issue Mini (Helix) edited by Stuart Moore

Detention Comics is a one-shot edited by Eddie Berganza, featuring Superboy, Robin and Guy Gardner.
Written by Ron Marz.- whos taking over Superboy at this point.

Lobo: Death And Taxes 4-Issue Mini edited by Dan Raspler.

Amber: The Guns Of Avalon 3-Issue Mini edited by Dan Raspler

The Ray (#28) and  Swamp Thing  (#171) cancelled

Nov  The Final Night 4-Issue weekly crossover series, edited by Dan Thorsland, written by Karl Kessel, resolving the Hal Jordan/Parallax saga.

The Black Lamb 6-Issue Mini (Helix) edited by Stuart Moore written by Timothy Truman.  The Black Lamb is a vampire hero dedicated to preserving his species in the battle against humanity.

Wise Son: The White Wolf 4-Issue Mini (Milestone) by Ho Che Anderson, edited by Dwayne McDuffie, a Blood Syndicate spin-off.

Tempest 4-Issue Mini by Phil Jimenez, edited by Eddie Berganza.  Tempest is the new grown-up name for Aqualad.

Total Justice 3-Issue Mini by Christopher Priest, edited by Ramon Diaz. a toy tie-in starring the Justice League.

John Byrne takes over the New Gods with #12. (edited by Kupperberg)

Superman Adventures spin-off from the cartoon series begins. edited by Mike McAvennie.

Dec Superman Marries Lois Lane! in Superman: The Wedding Album.  Timed to match the TV show wedding, DC is often accused of allowing the networks to dictate comic book storylines, but in reality the wedding was planned before the TV show and simply delayed. This is a 96 page book that features sections by each of the current Superman creative teams, plus pages by Curt Swan and Al Plastino that don't really fit, but are great to have anyway.  Edited by Joey Cavalieri. Written by David Michelinie, Dan Jurgens, Louise Simonson and Karl Kessel.  Cover by John Byrne.
Dec  Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale present a Legends of the Dark Knight spin-off: Batman: The Long Halloween a 13-Issue series featuring all of the classic Bat villains, staged in the first year of his career.

DC/Marvel: All Access 4-Issue Mini (#1 And #4 Published By  DC) A spin-off from DC vs  Marvel. Axel Asher is the living cosmic key to the doorway between the DC and Marvel universes.  He hast the power to bring heroes back and forth from one universe to the other.  Written by Ron Marz and Edited by Mike Carlin and Mark Gruenwald.

Night Force returns, courtesy of writer Marv Wolfman and artist Brent Anderson.  Edited by Dan Thorsland. 12 issues.

Scare Tactics by Len Kaminski is also part of Dan Thorsland's new line of code-approved horror comics.

Batman: Gordon's Law, 4-Issue Mini edited by Scott Peterson.  An attempt to prove you can never have too many Batman spin-offs.

World's Finest 3: Superboy/Robin 2-Issue Mini, edited by Frank Pittarese and Jordan Gorfinkel.  Writen by Chuck Dixon and Karl Kessel.

Superman/Wonder Woman: Whom Gods Would Destroy is an Elseworlds mini-series that attempts to answer the question: What does an immortal Superman do after Lois Lane dies? edited by Mike Carlin, written by Chris Claremont.

DC also offers a series of Plus specials.  Major heroes teamed with minor characters in double length stories.

12/27/96 Marvel Comics files for Bankruptcy

DC Editorial Staff Jan 1997 
Mike Carlin-Executive Editor, Shazam
Vertigo Warner Bros
Joey Cavalieri
/Mike McAvvenie
Denny O'Neil
/Jordan Gorfinkel
Paul Kupperberg
/Jason Hernandez-Rosenblatt
Karen Berger (Exec)
/Axel Alonso
/Lou Stathis
Robert Graff
Adventures of Superman
Man of Steel
Man of Tomorrow
Superman Adventures-MM
Shadow of the Bat


Wonder Woman
New Gods
Sandman Mystery Theatre-
Essential Vertigo:Swamp Thing
Looney Tunes
Pinky and the Brain
Frank Pittarese
/Chris Duffy
Archie Goodwin
/Chuck Kim
Kevin Dooley
/Eddie Berganza
Shelly Roeberg Paradox
Superboy and the Ravers
Legends of the Dark Knight

Green Lantern
Sovereign 7
Teen Titans-EB


Seekers into the Mystery
House of Secrets


100 % True
Big Book of.. Jim Higgins
Paradox Mysteries-A Helfer
KC Carlson
/Frank Berrios
Dan Raspler
/Peter Tomasi
Dan Thorsland
/Alisande Morales
Stuart Moore
/Julie Rottenberg
Scare Tactics
Night Force
Book of Fate
Gemini Blood

Books of Magic (Vertigo)-Julie Rottenberg

Icon-Jackie Ching 
Static-Jackie Ching
Hardware- J Illidge
Scott Peterson
/Darren Vincenzo
Ruben Diaz
Green Arrow-Vincenzo
Batman and  Robin Adventures


Jan  Grant Morrison’s JLA begins. Focused on the big shots of the DC universe, with a traditional super-hero bent and a post-modern pacing.  Edited by Ruben Diaz. Art by Howard Porter.

The Post-Modern age begins?

Thrillkiller 3-Issue Mini (Elseworlds/Batman) written by Howard Chaykin and edited by Archie Goodwin in which Robin and Batgirl are gun toting vigilantes and Bruce Wayne is a cop.

Superman's Metropolis is the first in a series of Elseworlds in which Jean Marc and Randy Loficier combine DC's big name heroes with the atmosphere of classic silent movies.  Edited by Mike Carlin.

Time Breakers 5-Issue Mini (Helix) written by Rachel Pollack.

1/31/97 The Comics Newswire by Mike Doran begins as a feature of the Comic Book Net Electronic Magazine.  It would eventually become Newsarama, one of the premier web-sources of comic book news and commentary.

Feb  Batman/Captain America continues the new détente between DC and Marvel.  A one shot written and drawn by John Byrne and set in World War II.

Editor Denny O'Neil decrees that Batman has never been photographed nor had his existence officially acknowleged by the Gotham Police Department.  He is regarded by most people as an "urban legend".

The Book Of Fate begins, written by Keith Giffen and edited by Dan Thorsland it continues DC's attempt to build a line of code -approved horror comics. 12 issues.

Challengers Of The Unknown features four new characters mining the same old vein.  Written by Steve Grant and Len Kaminski.  18 issues.

Green Lantern/Flash: Faster Friends 2-Issue Mini is a crossover between the new Flash and the new Green Lantern.  Each issue is handled by the regular book's staff.

The Question Returns in a one shot, edited by KC Carlson and written by Denny O'Neil with art by Eduardo Barretto.

Mar  The New Gods (#15) is revamped into Jack Kirby's Fourth World in an attempt to boost sales.  John Byrne writes and draws. 20 issues. Edited by Paul Kupperberg.

Brainbanx 6-Issue Mini (Helix) edited by Stuart Moore.  Written by Elaine Lee featuring a telepathic spy and her shadowy partner.

DC editor and writer Kim Yale dies from cancer.

Apr  Marvel returns to Diamond Catalogue for August cover dated issues.

Batman/Wildcat 3-Issue Mini edited by Eddie Berganza. Written by Chuck Dixon and Beau Smith.

The Shade 4-Issue Mini is a spin off from James Robinson's Starman.  Edited by Chuck Kim
Unknown Soldier  4-Issue Mini edited by Axel Alonso and written by Garth Ennis.  Set in the present.

Diamond Comics Previews is now available through the internet.



May  May 4, 1997  Vertigo editor Lou Stathis dies from brain cancer.

In Superman 123 the unthinkable happens and Superman gets a new costume and powers, courtesy of Dan Jurgens and Ron Frenz.  Edited by Joey Cavalieri

Dan Abnet and Andy Lanning bring back the Immortal Man, an obscure character from the sixties as the  Resurrection Man.   Eddie Berganza edits.

Scissors, Paper, Stone is a manga style Elseworlds Titans graphic novel written by Adam Warren (Dirty Pair) and edited by Dan Thorsland.  An attempt to reach the new post Generation X group of comics fans who will eventually be the future of the industry.

Beginning of the Manga Age of Comics?

Anarky (4-Issue Mini) edited by Darren Vincenzio and written by Alan Grant, with art by Norm Breyfogle.  The Batman villain gets his own spot in the sun.

Adventures In The DC Universe is an attempt to do an adaption of a cartoon series that doesn't exist. Edited by KC Carlson, this new addition to the cartoon DC universe created by Paul Dini for the Superman/ Batman  cartoons never really jells because the creators can't jettison the regular continuity and come with anything really new. 19 issues.

Xero begins, written by Christopher Priest, edited by Alisande Morales.  A grim and gritty basketball player with super powers. 12 issues.  Unfortunately for Xero, grim and gritty is out this year.

Hardware (#50),  Icon (#42), and Static (#45) cancelled.  Last Milestone comics. Several issues solicited which never appeared.

Jun  Marvel And DC repeat last year's Amalgam, a series of one-shots in which their characters are melded together, like Super-Soldier, who’s both Superman And Captain America, and Lobo the Duck.  Like I said before, way more than is necessary to get the joke. All these issues are published in the same week, the fifth week of the month when no regular titles would be scheduled. This is the first? skip-week event.

Young Heroes In Love is an attempt to cross super-heroes with tv shows like Bevery Hills 2001.  Written by Dan Raspler and edited by Frank Pittarese. 18 issues.

Axel Alonso becomes editor of Hellblazer (114) due to Lou Stathis' death.

Star Crossed 3-Issue Mini edited by Stuart Moore is a Helix title written and drawn by Matt Howarth featuring genetically altered humans living in the asteroid belt.

Jul  Batman and Robin movie released.

Batman and Robin Movie adaption and Mr Freeze, Batgirl, Bane and Poison Ivy one shots issued to cash in.

Tales Calculated To Drive You Mad begins, reprinting all the color Mad issues in magazine format.

All four of Dan Thorsland's new supernatural titles crossover in a story called "Convergence":  Book of Fate, Challengers, Night Force and Scare Tactics.

DC uses a "Pulp Heroes" motif to unite all their annuals instead of an actual crossover.

Aug  Steel starring Shaquille O’Neil released to movie theatres.

Several new titles added to the kids line including Cartoon Network Presents, Flintstones And  The Jetsons, And Scooby-Doo, edited by Bronwyn Taggart. All books bear a a Cartoon Network bullet
and "go-go" checks.

Major Bummer edited by Peter Tomasi, written by John Arcudi, drawn by Doug Mahnke.  About a guy with super-powers who would rather just sit around and watch TV.

The Kents 12-Issue Mini series written by John Ostrander with 4 different artists is actually a western with the Kent name attached to ensure sales.  Edited by Peter Tomasi. 

Chris Claremont adds Power Girl to the cast of his creator-owned  Sovereign Seven beginning with #25. Earns an 11 issue reprieve from cancellation.

Superman/Madman is the latest DC/Dark Horse cross-over.

Mixx publications begins offering Mixxzine.The 200 page black and white magazine offers an anthology of Japanese characters including Sailor Moon.

Sep  Ruben Diaz moves to Marvel.  Dan Raspler takes over JLA.

Mark Waid And Bryan Augustyn attempt a horror/humor series, Gross Point, edited by Martin Pasko. 14 issues.

Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan begins. The only successful Helix title. edited by Stuart Moore.  Drawn by Darrick Robertson.  Starring gonzo journalist Spider Jerusalem in a world gone mad.

JLA Secret Files, a 64 page one-shot combining story pages and pin-ups/character bios for an inflated price.  First of a series purporting to reveal important background information bringing you up to date on a character but really just a shill for the coming storyline.  Like paying for a commercial.  Edited by KC Carlson.

JLA/WildC.A.T.s crossover with the Image series.  Written by Grant Morrison, edited by Dan Raspler.  Vs the Lord of Time.

Bloody Mary: Lady Liberty- 2nd Helix mini-series continues the adventures of the Garth Ennis character.

Steel movie adaption, edited by Mick McAvennie.

9/03/99 The heirs of Jerry Siegel file for return of 50% of the rights to Superman under the copyright law of 1976.

Oct  A Man Called A*X begins.  An ongoing series written by Marv Wolfman and edited by Peter Tomasi. A sequel to the four issue Malibu comics series.  8 issues this time.

John Byrne’s Genesis uses Kirby’s New Gods characters as the basis of DC’s summer crossover series.  Fannish reaction is a big negative. Edited by Paul Kupperberg.

Elseworld's Finest- a two issue mini byJohn Francis Moore with art by Kieron Dwyer. Edited by Mike McAvennie.  Set in an Indiana Jones style1920's. 

Birds of Prey:Wolves one shot.

Inferno- a 4 issue Legion spin-off mini series, edited by KC Carlson and written and drawn by Stuart Immonen.

Batman/Spider-Man- DC/Marvel crossovers continue.  Aone-shot edited by Scott Peterson and written by Marc DeMatteis with art by Graham Nolan.

Nov  Life Story of the Flash hardcover written by Mike Waid and Brian Augustyn.  Retells the life of Barry Allen and sets up a new rivalry with the Reverse Flash's family.

Batman/Predator- crossover with Dark Horse.

Mike Baron attempts to revive the concept of Hawk and Dove but fans stay away in droves after DC’s butchering of the last series.  Edited by Kevin Dooley.

Michael Moorcock's Multiverse 12-issue mini (Helix) stars the Eternal Champion and is actually written by Moorcock himself. edited by Stuart Moore.

Terminal City-Aerial Graffitti is a five issue sequel to last year's series.  Edited by Shelly Roeberg. Written by Dean Motter.

Dec  Standard price is now $1.95

All regular titles feature full head shots on the covers this month.

Len Kaminski revives The Creeper for a 4 issue 
mini-series. Edited by Mike McAvennie.

DC fills this month’s skip-week with 9 Tangent Comics specials featuring new characters with the same names as traditional DC heroes but completely different premises.  Seemed like a good idea at the time. Edited by Eddie Berganza, so we’ll blame him.


Jan  JLA: Year One12-issue mini by Mark Waid and Bryan Augustyn attempts to fill in the missing years of DC post-Crisis continuity, but for the most part, nobody cares anymore, and besides he screwed it up pretty badly. Edited by Peter Tomasi.

JLA:Paradise Lost is a 3 issue mini series promoting Mark Millar's new character Zauriel, a angel thrown out of heaven. Edited by Dan Raspler.

Wonder Woman:Amazonia.  For a change someone other than Superman or Batman gets an Elseworlds.  Written By William Messner-Loebs. Edited by Paul Kupperberg.

The Batman Adventures: The Lost Years is a mini series that bridges the gap between two versions of Paul Dini's animated Batman series.  Dick becomes Nightwing.  Tim Drake becomes Robin. Nobody dies. Edited by Scott Peterson.

Stuart Moore takes over Books of Magic from Julie Rottenberg, who leaves to become a TV writer (44).

Superman Red/ Superman Blue Feb  Superman Red/Superman Blue edited by Joey Cavalieri written by Jurgens, Kessel, Simonson, and Immonen compounds Superman’s dilemma by splitting the electric Superman in two, thereby suckering in  Silver Age fans who remember the classic story that this lame storyline has nothing to do with.  Comes with a neat reprint of the 3-D Superman comic from 1952.

New Year’s Evil is the skip week event as villains get their own titles.

In Wonder Woman 130, John Byrne begins a storyline which rewrites post- Crisis continuity by inserting Hippolyta into the Justice Society as the "original" Wonder Woman during World War II.

D Curtis Johnson creates Chase, a series about a woman who works for a spy agency in charge of keeping track of super-heroes. (DEO-Department of Extra-Normal Operations.) Edited by Eddie Berganza.

Superman:Distant Fires is an Elseworlds adventure set in a post nuclear holocaust world.  Wrtiten by Howard  Chaykin with art by Gil Kane.  Edited by Mike Carlin.

Legends Of The DC Universe begins, an attempt to spin off Legends of  the Dark Knight to other DC characters.  But the scattershot approach finds no room in the marketplace.

Double Shots are a new series of specials featuring individual members of the Teen Titans teemed with more popular characters. Edited by Eddie Berganza.

Legends of the Legion is 4 issues of origin stories. Edited by KC Carlson.

Secret Origins replica edition released.

Wonder Woman 130

Mar  Mar 1, 1998 Archie Goodwin dies at age 60.

John Francis Moore’s Chronos uses the name of a former super villain as a new hero. Edited by Archie Goodwin. 12 issues.

Babylon 5: In Valen's Name is a three issue mini based on the TV show. Written by JMStraczynski and Peter David.  Edited by Robert Graff.

Green Lantern/Sentinel: Heart of Darkness teams Kyle Rayner up with the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott.  Edited by Kevin Dooley. Written by Ron Marz.

Apr  The Batman line of characters get caught up in a seemingly endless story line beginning with Cataclysm,  in which a massive earthquake results in Gotham City becoming a crime-controlled No-Man’s land cut off from the rest of the U.S.  This sort of endless epic story telling seems to be popular with the ever-dwindling population of hard-core fans who can muster up the energy to follow it.  Continues through all the Batman family titles except Legends of the Dark Knight.

Howard Chaykin's Thrillkillers 62 is the latest Baman based Elseworlds one-shot. Edited by Archie Goodwin.

Millennium Giants is a crossover series based on ideas stolen from Jack Kirby’s Eternals.  It centers around the Superman titles, but also includes Challengers, Aquaman and the Teen Titans.

In Superboy 50, creator Karl Kessel returns to the book and attempts to infuse Kirby’s old Jimmy Olsen concepts into Superboy.  Sales do not rise. Mike McAvennie edits.

Power of Shazam cancelled with #47.

Paul Kupperberg gives up his regular titles to concentrate on special projects. L. A. Williams becomes editor of Impulse (47).  Joey Cavalieri takes over Flash (147).

May  Supergirl Adventures is a one-shot introducing the animated version of Supergirl to comic books. Edited by Mike McAvennie.

Nightwing and Huntress, edited by Scott Peterson and written by Devin Grayson is a four issue mini series dedicated to the proposition that you can never have too many Batman spin-offs.

Jun  Superman Forever, a special one-shot celebrates a temporary return to sanity on the part of the Superman creative team as Superman returns to his original costume and powers.  The fact that the previous year’s story line made no sense whatsoever is quickly glossed over.  Cover features a series of paintings by Alex Ross in a lenticular cell that seems to show Clark changing to Superman and flying off.

Road to Perdition by Max Alan Collins and Richard Piers Rainer  (Paradox Press)  a father and son bond while on a mission of revenge and assasination.  Edited by Andy Helfer.  Eventually a major motion picture.

In Wonder Woman 134 John Byrne re-writes continuity again to give Donna Troy (Wonder Girl) yet another new origin.  Her fourth, I think.

Jul  Faux Green Lantern Annual (1963) published. Last book edited by Julie Schwartz.

Hal Jordan "teams" with Kyle Rayner in Green Lantern 100-106 as Ron Marz attempts to "prove" his character is better than the original. Edited by Kevin Dooley.

GirlFrenzy is the skip-week event, as a bunch of DC’s female characters get their own one-shots.

Hardcore Station is a 6 issue mini-series by Jim Starlin, edited by Kevin Dooley.  Chief Justice Maxmillian operates a station deep in space, until super-villains arrive on their way to invade Earth.

80 Page Giants begin to be issued starring various major DC characters.  This is in addition to the 64 page annuals.

Lobo cancelled with 64.

Mixx publications offers a Sailor Moon Graphic Novel to America.  Manga, by way of television, begins to conquer the minds of the next generation of comic book fans.

Aug Todd Dezago’s World Without Grown-ups 2 issue mini-series is a prequel to next month’s Young Justice.  Edited by Eddie Berganza

The Nail by Alan Davis is a surprisingly popular Elseworlds mini series featuring the Justice League in a world in which there was never a Superman edited by Peter Tomasi.

Catwoman/Wildcat is a 4 issue mini-series edited by Eddie Berganza and written by Chuck Dixon.

Legion: Science Police- 4 issue mini edited by Mike McAvennie.

Trina Robbins and Colleen Doran produce a prestige format Wonder Woman one-shot: The Once and Future Story.

Sep Superman:Man For All Seasons by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, edited by Joey Cavalieri is a prestige format mini-series exploring the life of young Clark Kent.

Peter David begins run on Young Justice, the sequel to the World Without Grown-ups mini-series. Edited by Eddie Berganza.

Tangent Comics returns for a second skip-week event, all edited by Eddie Berganza.

Helix continues with a new wave of series and one shots, including Dead Corps(e) written by Christopher Heinz, The Dome: Ground Zero (written by Dave Gibbons), and Sheva’s War (written and drawn by Christopher Muller).  All edited by Stuart Moore.

Transmetropolitan (13) moves from Helix to Vertigo. 

This summer's annuals sport a "Ghosts" motif.

Teen Titans cancelled (24)

Peter Tomasi becomes editor of Starman upon Archie Goodwin's death.

Oct  Bob Rozakis leaves DC’s production staff.

John Ostrander’s Martian Manhunter delves into the soul of the only founding member of the JLA never to have his own title, much to the disgust of fanboys who apparently expected something else.  Lots of punching and kicking maybe?  Still, the series lasts 36+ issues.
Edited by Dan Raspler, with art by Tom Mandreke.

Superman:The Dark Side is an Elseworlds tale in which baby Kal-el's rocket lands on Apocalypse. Written by John Francis Moore, and edited by Joey Cavalieri.

Arsenal (Speedy) gets his own mini-series written by Devin K. Grayson and edited by Eddie Berganza.  Drawn anime style by Rick Mays.

Guns of the Dragon is a four issue mini series edited by Peter Tomasi and written and drawn by Tim Truman starring Enemy Ace, Biff Bradley and Jonah Hex. set in the 1920's. 

DC buys Wildstorm, including Cliffhanger, Homage and ABC.

DC establishes a webpage at DCComics.Com

Superboy TV series premieres.  Runs for 4 seasons, but doesn’t prompt  DC to put Superboy back into the regular continuity.

10/1/98 Marvel is reorganized under the ownership of ToyBiz.

Nov  11/3/98 Bob Kane dies.

DC introduces the DC Direct brand to cover its expanding line of toys, puzzles, statues and t-shirts.

DC One Million is this year’s crossover series, featuring the DC characters of the year 85,271.  Created by Grant Morrison, edited by Dan Raspler.

Superman: the Dailies reprints the early years of the Superman comic strip. co-published with Kitchen Sink.

Superman: The Doomsday Wars, is a 3 issue mini series, attempting to milk a really dumb villain for a few more bucks.  Written and drawn by creator Dan Jurgens.

Pinky and the Brain cancelled. (27)  They move into Animaniacs beginning with 43.

Elseworld's Finest: Supergirl and Batgirl-written by Barbara Kessel and Tom Simmons. An imaginary story in which there is no Superman or Batman.


Dec  12/23/98 Joe Orlando dies.

JLA/Titans 3 issue mini-series. written by Devin Grayson and Phil Jimenez and drawn by Phil Jimenez. Edited by Eddie Berganza. Features a cast of thousands, as is the wont for these sort of things, in the hopes of building support for yet another planned Titans releaunch.

In Batman, "Cataclysm" is succeeded by "No Man’s Land".   Bruce Wayne attempts to get government aid to rebuld Gotham City but fails, resulting in Gotham being completely cut off from the rest of the country.  Crosses over into all the usual suspects.

DC issues a series of 3-D specials featuring their most popular characters.

Superman:War of the Worlds- The Golden AgeSuperman faces HG Wells' martians.  Written by Roy Thomas.

Superman: The Sunday Classics reprints the early Sunday Comics pages, co-published with Kitchen Sink.

Bugs Bunny and Friends trade paperback celebrates 75 years of  Warner Bros cartoons.

Wonder Woman 139- Eric Luke and Yanick Paquette take over, following John Byrne's run.  Adam Hughes does the covers.

Eric Larsen takes over Aquaman (50) from Peter David, vowing no more villains with hard to pronounce names.


Jan  Standard price goes up a whopping 4 cents to $1.99!

1/99 Batman Beyond debuts on Warner Bros. featuring a futuristic new Batman, Terry McGinnis, trained by a very old Bruce Wayne. 52 episodes are produced. 

Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight gains a Comics Code seal with #114.

Superman: Peace on Earth is the first of a series of tabloid size  graphic novels featuring the art of Alex Ross, written by Paul Dini. Edited by Charles Kochman and Joey Cavalieri.

Chuck Dixon’s Birds of Prey becomes a regular series instead of a  series of minis. Edited by Jordan Gorfinkel and drawn by Greg Land.

Batman/Hellboy/Starman is a rather unorthodox crossover series with Dark Horse. 2 issues.

Crisis on Infinite Earths issued as a hard cover, although the book is delayed due to printing errors that had to be corrected.

Superman/Batman: Generations is a 12 issue series by John Byrne, edited by Joey Cavalieri that shows what would have happened if Superman and Batman had been allowed to age normally following their 1930's introduction.

Sailor Moon #2 from Mixx.

Feb  The Kingdom #1 from Mark Waid introduces Hypertime to the DC universe.   A skip-week event, featuring characters from Alex Ross’s Kingdom  Come series, edited by Dan Raspler.

Batman Beyond is a new cartoon related title based on the latest series created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm. Edited by Darren Vincenzo.

Sandman Mystery Theatre ends after 70 issues.

Sheva's War concludes with #5. Last Helix title.

Mar Jim Lee’s Wildstorm titles begin to appear under the DC banner,  including Alan Moore’s ABC comics, although Moore’s comics never bear the DC logo.  This includes Gen 13 (37), Humberto Ramos' Crimson (8),  Joe Madureira's Battle Chasers (5), and J Scott Campbell's Danger Girl (5) (edited by Scott Dunbier) and Wildcats (Vol 2, #1) (edited by Rachelle Brissenden) and Kurt Busiek's Astro City (16) and DV8 (0,26) (by Mike Heisler and Al Rio,edited by John Layman).  Danger Girl, Battle Chasers and Crimson are creator owned properties published under the Cliffhanger banner.  Astro City is also creator-owned and published under the Homage banner.

Alan Moore’s ABC comics are included in this deal beginning with the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen #1, drawn by Kevin O'Neil, edited by Scott Dunbier.  The greatest heroes of the 1890's are gathered together to defend the Earth.

Mar  The Batman "No Man's Land" crossover moves into high gear with the introduction of a new Batgirl.

Devin Grayson tries to restart Titans with a new #1, edited by Eddie Berganza, restoring the classic members and bringing back the classic villains.

Dr Mid-Nite by Matt Wager attempts to revive and revitalize another Golden Age hero, without turning him into a Vertigo character.  The overpriced prestige format discourages sales however, edited by Archie Goodwin and Dan Raspler.

Mark Evanier’s Fanboy mini-series succeeds in trademarking the generic term for DC Comics, edited by Tony Bedard, drawn by Sergion Aragones and a cast of thousands.

Vext: is an ongoing DC universe series  created by Keith Giffen and edited by Kevin Dooley.  Vext is the former god of mishap now exiled to life on a super-hero filled Earth. (6 issues)

Green Lantern: The New Corps edited by Kevin Dooley.  Kyle tries to recruit new Green Lanterns to rebuild the Corps.

Apr  Tom Peyer’s Hourman begins, a spin off from the DC One Million maxi-series.  Although there is a certain fannish buzz, the book fizzles after 25 issues. Art by Rags Morales. Edited by Tony Bedard.

Batman:Legends of the Dark Knight is added to the synchronized story loop with #116, joining the "No Man's Land" arc. 

Batman and Superman World's Finest is a 10 issue mini-series exploring the relationship betweeen Kal and Bruce over the years.  Written by Karl Kessel.

Warren Ellis’ Planetary from Wildstorm  explores a twisted version of super-hero continuity throughout the twentieth century, including new takes on Marvel and DC characters, as well as Doc Savage and Japanese horror movies.  Art by John Cassaday, edited by John Layman.

Conjurors is a 3 issue Elseworlds series starring the Phantom Stranger and the Challengers of the Unknown in a world where magic rules and science is unknown, Edited by  Alisande Morales and written by Chuck Dixon.

May  The Justice Society returns in  a series of faux forties titles which  combine to form a complete story.  A skip-week event. 9 issues all together, edited by Dan Raspler and Peter Tomasi, with bookends All Star Comics 1 and 2 written by James Robinson and David S Goyer.

Warren Ellis’ The Authority begins from Wildstorm, a sequel to Stormwatch. Edited by Rachelle Brissenden with art by Bryan Hitch and Paul Neary.  With the UN unwilling to fund and reconsitute Stormwatch, three members decide to form their own team answerable to no one.

Batman: Nosferatu is an Elseworlds in the style of Superman's Metropolis, set in the world of silent films by Randy And Jean-Marc Lociffier. Edited by Joey Cavalieri.

Superman/Fantastic Four is a big book in the tabloid format popularized by Alex Ross.  Written and pencilled by Dan Jurgens. Edited by Mike Carlin.  The Cyborg Superman teams with Galactus.  (Isn't that sort of like the Porcupine teaming with Darkseid?).

Anarky edited by Darren Vincenzo. The Batman villain gets his own book by Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogle. 8 issues.

Jun  Tom Strong #1 (ABC) by Alan Moore and Chris Sprouse. At first apparently a Doc Savage parody, Moore updates the pulps to modern times and slips in a surprising amount of inventiveness.

Green Lantern-Fear Itself is a hardcover starring many of the men who have been Green Lantern written by Ron Marz with computer art by Brad Parker. Edited by Kevin Dooley.

Trouble Magnet (4 issues) Edited by Mike McAvennie, written by Ryder Windham. Witlock was a pretty smart robot, until someone stole his brain. Now he has to get it back.

Jul  Stars and S.T.R..I.P.E. written by Geoff Johns and James Robinson with art by Lee Moder, this new version of the Star Spangled Kid features the strip daughter of Stripsey Dugan.  An edgy teen hero strip. 14 issues. Edited by Mike Carlin and Peter Tomasi.

A.Bizarro, a brilliant send up of modern times as a bizarro tries to fit in to American culture and discovers this IS the bizarro world.  Written by Steve Gerber with art by MD Bright, edited by Joey Cavalieri 4 very funny issues.

Night Tribes is a 48 page Wildstorm one shot, featuring characters spun off from Wet Works written by Christopher Golden and Tom Sniegowski.

Aug  Justice Society returns from David S Goyer and James Robinson (art by Stephen Sadowski) with a new series set in the present combining the few remaining members from the original team with new "legacy" heroes from the current generation.  The book heralds a turnback to more established story telling techniques and a bow towards the days when heroes actually stood for something.  Edited by Tony Bedard.

Promethea from Alan Moore and J.H. Williams III (art) from ABC. Edited by Scott Dunbier. The most ambitious of the ABC line, Alan Moore stands an entire history of magic on the back of a seeming Wonder Woman clone.

Manhunter: the Special Edition reprints the Archie Goodwin/Walt Simonson series with a new epilogue which is the last story Archie ever wrote. Edited by Denny O'Neil and Jim Spivey.

100 Bullets from Vertigo edited by Axel Alonso. by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso. Agent Graves has a deal you can't refuse- an opportunity for revenge against a person who's done you irrevocable wrong.  And no one will ever catch you.  What's the catch? One of Vertigo's Hits.

Giant Killer is a painted 6 issue mini-series by Dan Brereton.  The government creates a super soldier to stop a plague of monsters descending from space.  Can Jack wipe out the monsters who provide half his genetic heritage?  And who is Jill, anyway?. Edited by Dan Raspler.

Wild Times- Wildstorm gets the skip-week event spot in a series of books that showcase what the characters would have looked like if they had debuted in different eras of history.

Sep  Gorilla Grodd takes control over Gorilla City and runs ape through all of DC's annuals this summer.

Batman:Fortunate Son is a 96 page hardcover written by Gerard Jones with art by Gene Ha and edited byArchie Goodwin and Jordan Gorfinkel.

The L.A.W. is a 6 issue mini-series attempting to reintroduce the Charlton Heroes into the DC universe. Written by Bob Layton and drawn by Dick Giordano.
Edited by Joey Cavalieri.

Two new Cartoon Network titles, Dexter's Laboratory and Cartoon Network starring: (although it just replaces Cartoon Network presents).  #1 features the Powerpuff Girls, followed by Johnny Bravo, Cow and chicken and Space Ghost: Coast to Coast.   Edited by Dana Kurtin, Heidi MacDonald and Kevin Dooley.

Top Ten from Alan Moore and Gene Ha (art) begins. (ABC) Edited by Scott Dunbier. A police drama set in a city in which virtually every one has super powers.

Mr. Majestic spins off from WildC.A.T.S. Written by Joe Casey and Brian Holguin with art by Ed McGuiness. Edited by Jeff Mariotte

Sci-Tech is a four issue mini-series from Wildstorm edited by Rachelle Brissenden and written by Brandon Choi and Jonathan Peterson. A story about a mild-mannered reporter who discovers he has super-powers.

Divine Right: The Adventures of Max Faraday by by Jim Lee and Scott Lobdell launches into a Wildstorm crossover event called "Divine Intervention"

Oct Flash and Green Lantern: Brave and the Bold is a six issue series edited by Peter Tomasi and written by Mark Waid and Tom Peyer showing the friendship of Barry Allen and Hal Jordan over the years.

Maureen McTeague takes over Wonder Woman (149) from Paul Kupperberg.  She replaces Yanick Paquette with Matthe Clark as penciller.???

Body Doubles written by Dan Abnet and Andy Lanning. Two female villains from Resurrection Man take on a bevy of DC's heroines. 4 issues. Edited by Eddie Berganza.

Batman:Harley Quinn is a one shot starring the Paul Dini character who first appeared on the Animated Batman cartoon show Edited by Jordan Gorfinkel and Darren Vincenzo. Written by Paul Dini.  the character moves into the regular DC universe and becomes part of the "No Man's Land" storyline.

Superman and Bugs Bunny- written by Mark Evanier and a raft of corporate lawyers. Edited by Joey Cavalieri. 4 issues. I bet the first draft was funnier.

Tomorrow Stories from Alan Moore (ABC) is an anthology title featuring several different characters including Jack B Quick and Greyshirt. Edited by Scott Dunbier.

Speed Racer  is a three issue licensed series from Wildstorm. Edited by Eric De Santis.

Yeah! is from Wildstorm/Homage. Edited by Shelly Roeberg, written by Peter Bagge with art by Gilbert Hernandez.  The most popular all girl rock band in the universe.  Hernandez can't draw a drum set either.

Nov  Day of Judgement is this year's mega-crossover as  Etrigan offers Azmodel the Spectre's power in exchange for the rule of Hell. Written by Geoff Johns. Edited by Dan Raspler and Kevin Dooley.

Batman Beyond returns as a regular series, edited by Darren Vincenzo.  Written by Hilary Bader and drawn by Craig Rousseau.

Superman and Savage Dragon : Metropolis is a one shot crossover with the Image character. Edited by Joey Cavalieri and written by Karl Kessel with art by Jon Bogdanove.

Joseph Illidge becomes editor of Birds of Prey replacing Jordan Gorfinkel.

Gen 13 #45 is the first issue under the DC umbrella.  Scott Lobdell and Ed Benes take over the creative chores behind the genetically enginered super teens. Edited by Eric DeSantis.

Desperadoes: Epidemic is a one shot sequel to Desperadoes: A Moment's Sunlight. by Jeff Mariotte and John Cassaday. An actual western!

Ball and Chain is a super-powered romantic comedy writen by Scott Lobdell with art by Ale Garza. 4 issues. Edited by Rachelle Brissenden.

Deathblow: By Blows is a 3 issue Wildstorm mini, edited by Jeff Mariotte, written by Alan Moore and drawn by Jim Baikie. The new Deathblow must battle a legion of assassins who also claim to be Deathblow.

Dec  Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning take over the Legion of Super-Heroes with a story arc called "Legion of the Damned" which leads into a mini-series called Legion Lost.  The new darker direction is extremely controversial, particularly the artwork by Olivier Coipel. Edited by Mike McAvennie.

Batman: Dark Victory is a 13 issue series edited by Mark Chiarello,  by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. A sequel to the long Halloween, but this time including Robin.

Nightfall: The Black Chronicles is a Wildstorm/Homage mini series written by Ford Gilmore and edited by Jeff Mariotte.  The history of the Nightwatch, a special police force that enforces the truce between humanity and the things that go bump in the night.

The Superman line is revamped under editor Eddie Berganza, and new writers Mark Schultz, Jeph Loeb, Joe Kelly and Joe Casey (Superman 151,  Adventures 573, Man of Steel 95, Action 760.  New art styles by Mike McKone, Steve Epting, Doug Mahnke and German Garcia-Kano and many others, attempting to make Superman more "contemporary" are highly controversial and disparagingly referred to by long-time fans as "manga".  The new direction is accompanied by an ever-louder outcry from fandom as to its utter incomprehensibility.

The Superman Monster is an Elseworlds one-shot written by Dan Abnet and Andy Lanning and drawn by Anthony Williams.  Edited by Joey  Cavlieri  In the 1880's Viktor Luthor builds himself a man (in just six weeks).

Flashpoint is an Elseworlds mini-series in which Barry Allen is paralyzed saving President Kennedy from assassination. The paralyzed Flash can still think faster than anyone, but can he save the world from Vandal Savage?  Written by Pat McGreal and edited by Joey Cavalieri.


All characters and artwork copyright by DC Comics Inc.