This is an attempt to list significant events in the history of DC Comics in as chronological order as possible.  Most dates are the cover dates from the comics themselves.  It should be recognized that these dates tend to be two months after the actual release date.  Other dates come from various published sources and have varying degrees of precision.  Everything is relative. No attempt is made to list everything that ever happened.  More detailed information is contained in the various works cited in the bibliography.  Non-DC comics events listed are included because of their relevance to the history of DC Comics, not to their own companies.  An attempt has been made to refer to the company by the appropriate name in each time period.  This is not an attempt to explain super-hero continuity.  There are other web sites that do that.  All opinions given are mine and probably can't be changed.  Factual errors will be thankfully corrected. Comments
DC's "other" comics
The DC Editorial staff at the turn of the Millennium
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Big Book of.. 
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Mr Majestic
Jan  1/14/2000 AOL buys Time/Warner

Bob Shreck becomes editor of Green Lantern as Kevin Dooley resigns.  Tony Bedard takes over Aquaman. Dan Jurgens and Steve Epting take over the creative chores.

Batman: War on Crime- 2nd in the series of oversized painted comics from Paul Dini and Alex Ross. Edited by Charles Kochman and Joey Cavalieri.

Batman/ Daredevil- 48 pages prestige format edited by Denny O'Neil. by Alan Grant and Eduardo Barreto.

Steampunk: Catechism- preview of forthcoming series by Joe Kelly and Chris Bachalo.  Edited by Scott Dunbier.

Star Trek continues under Wildstorm as a series of one-shots and mini-series.

Feb  JLA-Earth 2- Hardover by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely. Edited by Dan Raspler.  Morrison dusts off Gardner Fox's Crime Syndicate of Earth 3 for some easy money.

Superman Y2K -80 page one-shot- Brainiac and Luthor have unleashed a computer plague upon Metropolis that is now out of their control. By Joe Kelly and Butch Guice. Edited by Eddie Berganza.

Superman: End of the Century is an in-continuity hardcover devoted to Lex Luthor's girl friend, the Contessa.  Stuart Immonen writes and paints. Edited by Joey Cavalieri.

DC begins reprinting classic comics from throughout its history as Millennium Editions., beginning with Action Comics 1 and Brave and Bold 28 (1st JLA).  62 issues are planned to be released throughout the year.

2/14/2000 Gil Kane dies

Detective 742 Mar  Batman finally loses the yellow circle around his chest emblem.

The Batman family books are turned back to individual story lines now that "No Man's Land" has ended.  Legends of the Dark Knight goes back to featuring out of continuity stories with #127. Edited by Bob Schreck.

Batman:Gotham Knights- replaces Shadow of the Bat on the schedule. Edited by Denny O'Neil.  Focuses on Batman's supporting cast.  40 pages, including 8 page black and white backup stories.

Apr  Batgirl #1 Written by Kelley Puckett and Scott Petersen with art by Damion Scott. Edited by Denny O'Neil.  The teen introduced during the No Man's Land story line graduates into her own title.

Joe Kelly’s Steampunk begins from Wildstorm’s Cliffhanger imprint. 12 issues.

Batgirl 1
May  Bob Schreck becomes editor of Batman with #577 as Denny O'Neil prepares to retire.

Legion Lost #1: Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and Oliver Coipel continue their controversial new take on the Legion with another 12 issue series.  Edited by Mike McAvennie.

Sins of Youth- Skip-week event.  The Young Justice characters become adults while the JLA become teen agers.  Mostly edited by Eddie Berganza.

Real Worlds: a series of prestige format one shots exploring the impact of Super-hero comics on people in the "Real" world.  Begins with a mentally challenged man who's life is changed by seeing the Tim Burton Batman film.

TV's Powerpuff Girls get their own series.  Edited by Heidi McDonald.

5/12/2000 Dick Sprang dies

Editor Rachelle Brissenden leaves Wildstorm. Authority is taken over by John Layman.

Jun  Ron Marz leaves Green Lantern with 125 and moves to the new company Crossgen.  Crossgen is currently attracting significant numbers of Marvel and DC staffers.

DC signs comics legend Will Eisner and begins a massive project to bring the Will Eisner Library back into print.  The Spirit Archives begins, reprinting all the Spirit stories in chronological order on a three times a year cycle.


Wildstorm: Superman/Gen 13- 3 issue mini-series written by Adam Hughes with art by Lee Bermejo. Edited by Eric De Santis.

Contract With God

Jul  DC raises the "standard" comic book price to $2.25.

The Silver Age is the latest crossover series.  Set in the early days of the modern super-hero era, the Justice League battles Agamemno and his allies.  Bookends written by Mark Waid. Despite the misnomer title, the entire series takes place using post-Crisis continuity.  Edited by Dan Raspler.

Superman/Bugs Bunny- 4 issue mini-series by Mark Evanier.  Mr Mxyztplk and the Do-Do team up to wreck havoc across two universes. Edited by Joey Cavalieri.

DC decides to bring back 80 Page Giants, featuring Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, and Nightwing, in al new material.

7/2000 Marvel finally gets a hit movie when Bryan Singer brings the X-Men to the screen.

Silver Age

Aug  8/10/2000 Joe Quesada becomes Editor In Chief of Marvel Comics.

Books of Magic ends with issue 75.

Planetary/The Authority: Ruling the World. 48 page one shot.  Written by Warren Ellis. Two teams with very hidden agendas begin investigating each other.  Edited by John Layman.

Sep  9/23/00 Milestone's Static debuts in a WB network animated series Static Shock.  Dwayne McDuffie and Denis Cowan work with the staff of the Batman animated series to produce the first Black superhero series for television.

DC 2000 is a JLA/JSA crossover just like they used to do in the old days. Two issues, edited by Dan Raspler. By Tom Peyer and Val Semeiks.

Superman: Last Son of Earth- Elseworlds adventure in which Kal is rocketed from Earth to Krypton. by Steve Gerber and Doug Wheatley. Two issues, edited by Andy Helfer.

9/22/2000 Axel Alonso and Stuart Moore leave DC to become editors at Marvel Comics.

Oct  Hal Jordan returns as the Spectre in Legends of the DC Universe #33  Written by Marc DeMatteis. 4 issues leading into his own series.

Judd Winick begins writing Green Lantern with #129. Edited by Bob Schreck.

Batman:Ego- one shot by Darwyn Cooke as Batman worries he's getting inured to violence (and here I thought that was only the readers.)

Wildstorm-Racer X- 3 issue mini series based on the Speed Racer cartoons. Edited by Eric DeSantis.

Marvel launches Ultimate Spider-Man, the first of a new line of comics supposedly accessible to new readers because they don't take place in the Marvel Universe.


Mark Waid takes over writing the regular JLA title with #47.

Superman:Mann and Superman- one shot by Michael T Gilbert. Down on his luck blue collar guy Marty Mann suddenly switches places with Superman.

Dec Harley Quinn regular series.  The animated character moves into the regular Batman universe. Written by Karl Kessel with art by Terry and Rachel Dodson. Edited by Matt Idelson.

Matt Idelson replaces Joseph Illidge as editor of Birds of Prey with #24.

12/15/2000 Jack Liebowitz dies

Wildstorm: Resident Evil: Fire and Ice- 4 issues. Written by Ted Adams and Kris Opirsko.  Based on the video game.  Edited by Jeff Mariotte.

Harley Quinn

Jan  Phil Jimenez takes over Wonder Woman starting  with issue164. "Gods of Gotham".  Batman and his villains get tangled in a plot by the Greek Gods to return to rule the Earth.  Tony Bedard replaces Maureen McTigue as editor. McTigue eventually moves to Harris Publications where she edits Vampirella.

Shazam: Power of Hope- tabloid size comic by Paul Dini and Alex Ross.

Superman/Green Lantern: Legends of the Green Flame- a long shelved (1987) Neil Gaiman script is turned into a 48 page special. Edited by Bob Schreck.

Superman/Batman: World's Funnest.  Mxyztplk and Bat-Mite play tricks on our two favorite heroes. Written by Evan Dorkin with art by a cast of thousands.  Edited by Joey Cavalieri.  Deemed an Elseworlds in order to protect the humor-impaired.

Supergirl 52 adopts the costume created for the animated tv show.

Aquaman ends after 75 issues.

Batman Chronicles ends with issue 23.

Milestone:Static Shock: Rebirth of the Cool- in honor of the tv show, the Milestone hero returns for a 4 issue victory lap.  Written and edited by creator Dwayne McDuffie.

Supergirl 52


Superboy 83- new creative team Joe Kelly and Pascual Ferry  remove Superboy from the Kirby inspired Project and attempt to move him back to his "urban roots".  The new direction fails to spark new interest and the book continues its skid towards cancellation. Edited by Mike McAvennie.

Bob Schreck becomes editor of Gotham Knights with issue 12 and Detective with issue 753. Michael Wright becomes editor of Batgirl.

Wildstorm: Homage:Zero Girl. Sam Keith provides 5 issues of weirdness involving a war between circles and squares. Edited by Scott Dunbier.

Cliffhanger: Danger Girl:Kamikazee- 2 issues. Manga influenced art and a new villain spice up this infrequently scheduled series.  Edited by Scott Dunbier.

Superboy 83

Spectre 1 Mar  Spectre #1 starring Hal Jordan as the Spectre, by Marc DeMatteis. Edited by Dan Raspler. Art by Ryan Sook.  Can the Spectre be the Angel of Vengeance if he has a guilty conscience.  27 issues.

Superman 166 begins a story line in which Superman discovers everything he knows about Krypton is not true.  Continues through all four Superman titles. The Silver Age version of the planet returns to DC continuity.  Written by Jeph Loeb, Joe  Casey, Mark Schultz,  and Joe Kelly. Eddie Berganza edits.

Cartoon Cartoons- is a new anthology series featuring characters from the Cartoon Network, including Johnny Bravo. Edited by Joan Hilty.

Wildstorm: Jezebelle- 6 issues-edited by John Layman.Written by Ben Raab.  Harper Harrison is the reincarnation of a Salem witch.

Gen 13/ Fantastic Four- one shot written by Kevin McGuire. Edited by Scott Dunbier.

Authority 22- after this issue, artist Frank Quitely quits to do Marvel's X-Men, resulting in the book being removed from the schedule in the middle of a four part story.

Green Arrow 01 Apr Kevin Smith resurrects Oliver Queen as Green Arrow returns, resetting the character’s personality back to the classic Denny O’Neil/Neal Adams era.  Edited by Bob Schreck.

Hourman ends after 25 issues.

Michael Wright takes over Nightwing with #54, from Bob Schreck.

Eddie Berganza takes over Wonder Woman 167 from Tony Bedard, who moves to Vertigo.

Monarchy, a new Authority spinoff from Wildstorm. Edited by John Layman. Written by Doselle Young. 12 issues.

May  5/18/2001 Marvel announces they are dropping the Comics Code in favor of their own (incomprehensible) labelling system.

Enemy Ace: War in Heaven by Garth Ennis, Chris Weston and Russ Heath- 2 issues. Edited by Peter Tomasi.

Green Lantern: 1001 Emerald Nights- Elseworlds. Edited by Mike Carlin. Written by Terry Laban with painted art by Rebecca Guay. The story of Scheherazade and Al Jhor Dan.

Wildstorm: Homage: Stray  one shot by Scott Lobdell. Stars Rex the Wonder Dog. Edited by Jeff Mariotte.

JSA 23 Jun  David Goyer and Geoff Johns orchestrate "The Return of Hawkman" in JSA 23.  The "new" Hawkman is a reincarnation of the original Golden Age version. Edited by Peter Tomasi.

In Legion Worlds Abnett and Lanning continue the new direction started in Legion Lost but without the controversial artwork of Oliver Coipel. 6 issues, edited by Mike McAvennie.  Different artists for each issue.

Wildstorm:Gen 13: Science Friction- one shot-edited by Jeff Mariotte. Written by Tom Simmons.  The Gen 13 crew are caught up in the action when "fictional" creatures from a beloved sci-fi film actually invade the Earth.

Editor Tony Bedard now writing for Crossgen.

Jul  JLA: Incarnations edited by Dan Raspler- 7 issues by John Ostrander- Seven years of JLA history covered in 7 issues.

Catwoman is pulled from the stands with issue 94, for retooling, repurposing and renumbering in hopes of attracting some attention and boosting sales.

Superman:Where Is Thy Sting- one shot edited by Joey Cavalieri. Death pursues Superman in a fable written by Marc DeMatteis. Presumably he's ticked off by that Doomsday business.

Monster World- 4 issues, edited by Jeff Mariotte. written by Scott Lobdell. 5 seven year olds- lost in space.

Wildstorm:Cliffhanger:Out There- edited by Scott Dunbier.Written by Brian Augustyn and Humberto Ramos. Four teens take on a small western town that's been over run by demons. 18 issues.

Wildstorm: Homage: Desperados:Quiet of the Grave- 5 issues edited by John Layman. Written by Jeff Mariotte and drawn by John Severin. sequel to A Moment's Sunlight.

Bizarro Comics

Aug  Our Worlds At War,- 3 month long event embroiling most DC titles into a war with Imperiex, Brainiac, Luthor and Darkseid.  Any number of "special issues" are released so that heroes can participate without screwing up their on-going storylines.

Bizarro Comics, a 240 page hardcover satirizing the concept of super-heroes and comics in general is a surprise success.  Edited by Joey Cavalieri.  Includes Kyle Baker's  Superbaby's Babysitter story originally  intended for the pulped Elseworlds 80 Page Giant.

Starman ends with issue 80, concluding James Robinson’s planned story line

Wildstorm: The Authority: in issue 23 Tom Peyer interupts Mark Millar's planned story line with a four part story that has nothing to do with it. Of course, the Authority hadn't been published at all since March.

Paradox: The Big Book of Wild Women edited by Heidi McDonald. Although it was announced and scheduled the book has never come out.

Just Imagine

Sep  9/11/2001- Terrorists destroy the World Trade Center and crash an airliner into the Pentagon.  Suddenly, comic books no longer seem relevant.

Wonder Woman 172- Wonder Womnan's mother, Hippolyta is killed during the Our Worlds at War crossover.

Just Imagine.Stan Lee’s name signed to DC comic books!!! 12 issue series beginning with Just Imagine Stan Lee with Joe Kubert creating Batman. Prestige Format. 

Oct  10/16/01 Warner Bros TV network debuts Smallville, a new series about the Adventures of Superman as a boy, except he's not Superboy- he's just Clark Kent.  Tom Welling plays Superboy and Michael Rosenbaum is Lex Luthor.

Deadman: Dead Again- a 5 issue weekly mini-series which places Deadman at the scene of most of the major deaths in the DC Universe.  Written by Steve Vance. Edited by Andy Helfer and Mike McAvennie.

Superman & Batman: Generations II- A second John Byrne mini-series chronicalling a world where Superman and Batman began their careers in the thirties.  Edited by Michael Carlin.

Wildstorm: Ninja Boy edited by Aaron Watanabe by Ale Garza and Allen Warner.  Fast paced martial arts action, attempting to gather some of the manga craze for DC. 6 issues.

Nov  11/17/01  Justice League debuts on the Cartoon Network, continuing the successful string of programs from Bruce Timm and company.  George Newbern is Superman.

Martian Manhunter ends with #36.

Suicide Squad- returns from Editor Peter Tomasi. Written by Keith Giffen. 12 issues.

Harley and Ivy: Love on the Lam- one shot by Judd Winick with art by Joe Chiodo.

The Establishment, a new spin-off from the Authority from  Wildstorm.  Written by Ian Edginton. Edited by Jeff Mariotte.

Taleweaver- another entry in Wildstorm's  "Asian-themed" line. Written by Leonard Banaag. Edited by Aaton Watanabe. 6 issues.  Feudal Japan in deep space.

Cliffhanger: Danger Girl: Kamikaze! 2 issue mini-series. edited by Scott Dunbier.

The Legion 1 Dec  Joker: Last Laugh, the umpteenth DC Crossover series is 32 parts long, all published in one month, running through Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Teen Titans, JSA, Spectre, Flash, Green Lantern, Orion, Young Justice and many other titles.  The general response is underwhelming.  This is the last DC crossover series for several years.

Doom Patrol- the World's Strangest Superheroes return once again as Cliff Steele is charged with creating a new team. Written by John Arcudi with art by Ten Eng Huat.  Edited by Andy Helfer. 22 issues.  Attempts to combine the surrealness of the Vertigo version with the straight ahead heroics of the original.

The Legion begins once again with a new number one, still written by Abnet and Lanning, with Oliver Coipel once again rendering the books illegible.  Edited by Mike McAvennie.

Supergirl:Wings - prestige format one shot by Marc DeMatteis. An Elseworlds story about an Earthbound angel who becomes a Supergirl.-  Sounds exactly like the regular title.

Wildstorm:ABC: Greyshirt:Indigo Sunset. Ric Veitch tells the story behind Greyshirt from Alan Moore's Tomorrow Stories. 6 issues  mini-series, edited by Scott Dunbier.

Farscape:War Torn- tv show adaption by Marv Wolfman. Edited by Neal J. Pozner. 2 issues , prestige format.

Four Women- 5 issue mini series by Sam Kieth.  Edited by Scott Dunbier.

Jan  1/22/02 DC announce editorial changes. Karen Berger promoted to Vice President, executive editor- Vertigo. 

Mike Carlin Promoted to Vice President, Executive Editor- DCU. Dan Didio joins DC as Vice President Editorial.

Catwoman-returns in a new series, edited by Matt Idelson, written by Ed Brubaker with art by Darwyn Cook.

Justice League Adventures based on the animated series by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm attempts to connect the DC characters with younger readers.  Edited by Dan Raspler.
Wonder Woman:Spirit of Truth is the latest oversized book from Paul Dini and Alex Ross. Edited by Charles Kochman and Joey Cavalieri.

Will Eisner's The Name of the Game- hardcover- tales of immigrant New York City in the first half of the 20th century.

The Authority 27, returning to Mark Millar's storyline from #23, finally comes out  after having been delayed due to changes to the storyline demanded do to the events of September 11.  Art by Arthur Adams.

Gen 13 Movie Adapation. Edited by Aaron Watanabe. 4 issues. Written by Jeff Mariotte  The movie, an animated cartoon completed in 1998, has apparently never been released anywhere except Australia.

1/24/02- Kurt Shaffenberger dies.

Feb  2/8/2002 Jeanette Khan retires.  Paul Levitz named President and Publisher.

2/17/02 Editor Aaron Watanabe laid off by Wildstorm.  He moves on to Dreamwave and video game design.

Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Strikes Again attempts to rekindle the awe and astonishment that was caused by the Dark Knight returns 16 years ago.

Deadman gets his own book, written by Steve Vance and edited by Andy Helfer. 9 issues.

Most DC comics this month have the title incorporated into the cover image and located anywhere but where it's supposed to be.  The event is called "Full Coverage".

Dark Knight Stirkes Again
Mar  DC, Dark Horse and Image and a number of other publishers colloborate on a two issue series of comics devoted to the 9-11 disaster.  The first issue is distributed by Dark Horse, the second by DC. All profits and artist fees were donated to 9-11 relief organizations.

Batman: The 10-Cent Adventure leads into the Bruce Wayne:Murderer storyline, although it's also offered as an enjoyable stand-alone story.  Written by Greg Rucka and edited by Matt Idelson. Bruce Wayne: Murderer continues throughout most of this month's Batman family titles. (And then leads into Bruce Wayne: Fugitive, which runs into September).

The Power Company is a new DC universe super-team created by Kurt Busiek  Seven one-shots introduce the individual team characters this month.  (And probably seal the book's eventual fate, as fans aren't willing to spring for seven issues of an untried title in one month.)  Edited by Peter Tomasi. 18 issues.


Apr  4/30/02 John Layman resigns as editor at Wildstorm to pursue writing projects.

Power Company debuts in its own title.  Edited by Peter Tomasi. 18 issues.

Lysa Hawkins becomes editor of Gotham Knights with #26.

Hawkman 1 May  The revived Hawkman series by James Robinson and Geoff Johns  moves into its own title. Edited by Peter Tomasi, with art by Rags Morales.

5/10/02 Robert Kanigher dies

5/2002 Marvel's Spider-Man finally hits the movie screen in a blockbuster film directed by Sam Rami.


Green Lantern:The Last Will and Testament of Hal  Jordan- hardcover by Joe Kelly with art by Brent Anderson.   Tom Kalmaku is forced to deal with a young boy who claims to be Hal Jordan's son.  Edited by Bob Schreck.

Superman and Savage Dragon: Chicago- crossover with the Image hero. prestige format, Edited by Joey Cavalieri. By Eric Larsen.

Jul  DC Firsts - four one shots purporting to show the first  meetings between DC stars including Hal Jordan and Alan Scott, and Superman and Lobo.

Superboy ends with #100.

Vertigo: Bill Willingham’s Fables, an adult updating of all the old fairy tales  breathes new life into the Vertigo line. Edited by Shelly Bond. 

Human Target: Final Cut -hardcover edited by Karen Berger. written by Peter Milligan.

Wildstorm:Gen 13 ends with # 77

Authority # 29 finally concludes the four part story begun in March 2001, with Gary Erskine on art, after Art Adams left after two issues.  Widespread industry scuttlebut indicates the entire story line has been censored and toned down in the wake of September 11. Last issue of this series.  Editor John Layman resigns from the staff.

Fables 1

Wildstorm-Black Sun- 6 issues edited by Aaron Watanabe and Jeff Mariotte. Spin off from the Establishment (Which was a spin off of the Authority, which was.....)

Sep  9/02 DC lays off Supergirl and Legion editor- Mike McAvennie. Stephen Wacker becomes editor of Legion with #15 (Feb 03)

"Return to Krypton" runs through this month's Superman titles, as Superman explores a world he thinks is his home planet- and meets a dog named Krypto.

Selina's Big Score- hardcover by Darwyn Cooke. Edited by Mark Chiarello.  Major redesign of the character. Hard boiled crime novel.

Samurai Jack Special #1- based on the Cartoon Network series. edited by Joan HIlty.

Powerpuff Girls Movie: The Comic- Cartoon Networks one-shot.

Mad Archives vol 1- hard cover collection of the first six issues of Mad Comics. First of a proposed series though no more have been issued to date.

Vertigo-Y-The Last Man- Edited by Heidi McDonald. Written by Brian K. Vaughn with art by Pa Guerra.  Yorick Brown is the last man on Earth.  What will the women do with him? One of Vertigo's major successes.

Wildstorm-Stormwatch: Team Achilles- written by Micah Wright with art by Whilce Portacio. edited by John Layman.  A team of humans assembled by the government to battle super-heroes. 

Gen 13 #0- offered for 13 cents. Written by X-Men's Chris Claremont. Edited by X-Men's Bob Harras.  Springboard to the new series beginning in November.

Wildstorm-ABC-League of Extraordinary Gentleman Vol 2 6 issues. Edited by Scott Dunbier

Oct  DC drops letters pages, reasoning fan response can be gotten through  the internet.

Crime novelist Brad Meltzer replaces Kevin Smith on Green Arrow, with #16. Edited by Bob Schreck. Art by Phil Hester.

Impulse ends with #89, although the character continues to appear in Young Justice.

With the conclusion of "Bruce Wayne:Fugitive", the Batman family books are taken out of synch and allowed once again to have individual story lines.

Wildstorm-Thundercats- adaption of the 80's cartoon series. 5 issues, edited by Jeff Mariotte. By J Scott Campbell and Ford Lytle Gilmore.

WildCats v3.0- Joe Casey and Dustin Nguyen attempts to restart the series.  Edited by John Layman.

Nov Smallville, the TV series gets its own 64 page one shot comic book, padded with photos, interviews and tv "exclusives."  Edited by Eddie Berganza.

Lysa Hawkins becomes full editor of Birds of Prey with issue 47.

Elseworlds: Planetary/JLA: Terra Occulta 48 page one shot. by Warren Ellis and Jerry Ordway.  In this parallel world, Kent, Wayne and Prince are Planetary.

Wildstorm- 21 Down Edited by Bob Harras. Written by JImmy Palmiotti and tying into the new  Gen 13 series.

Thunder Agents Archives puts DC into the business of Archiving comics that don’t even belong to them.  A proposed new series is still-born when the owner and the publisher can’t agree on a direction.

11/08/02 The heirs of Jerry Siegel file intent to reclaim 50% of the copyright to Superboy.

Supergirl 75 Dec  Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee begin a new storyline in Batman 608 entitled "Hush" which prompts a large increase in sales and public attention.

In an attempt to boost sales, the original pre-Crisis Supergirl appears in Supergirl 75. The effect is perhaps, too little, too late as the book is cancelled with issue 80. 

12/22/02 Eddie Berganza made Group editor. In addition to the Superman titles, he also edits Teen Titans, Outsiders and Superman/Batman.

Batman 608

Jan  JLA/JSA Virtue and Vice hardcover by David Goyer and Geoff Johns with art by Carlos Pachecho. Edited by Dan Raspler.  Half of each team mysteriously turns evil and fighting ensues.  A 96 page comic book for  $24.95.

96 page hardcovers are all the rage as Batman: Absolution also comies out this month. By Marc DeMatteis and Brian Ashmore.  Edited by Matt Idelson and Denny O'Neil.

JLA:Secret Origins by Paul Dini and Alex Ross, continues the series of oversize painted comic books.

Wildstorm: Homage:Zero Girl: Full Circle is a sequel to Sam Kieth's earlier series.

Homage: Mek  by Warren Ellis and Steve Rolston.  Science fiction about a culture where people can get Cyborg implants for the fun of it. Edited by Brain Abernathy

War Stories: The Reavers by Garth Ennis. Edited by Will Dennis first of four war one-shots. Art by Cam Kennedy.

Feb  Rick Veitch reboots Aquaman yet again, to the bemused yawns of fans everywhere. Art by Yvel Guichet.  Edited by Dan Raspler.  Now allergic to salt water, Aquaman moves to a freshwater lake.

Gotham Central is a police procedural set against the backdrop of Batman's home town.  Written by Greg Rucka and Ed Brubaker, with art by MIchael Lark.  Edited by Matt Idelson.

Batman/Aliens II is a DC/Dark Horse crossover. Edited by Michael Wright 3 issues, prestige format. Written by Ian Edgington.

Batgirl: Year One- no, not that Batgirl, the new one! 9 issues, edited by Matt Idelson. Written by Chuck Dixon.

2/12/03 DC shakes up editorial.  Mike Carlin steps down from Editor In Chief and  is replaced by Dan DiDio. Andy Helfer and Dan Raspler leave.  Carlin becomes editor of JLA, Superman:Birthright and Aquaman.

Wildstorm: Robotech- a new seven issue mini-series designed to cash in on a hoped-for wave of 80's nostalgia.  Edited by Ben Abernathy. Followed by many sequels.

2/14/2003 Marvel's winning streak at the movies ends with Mark Steven Johnson's Daredevil, critically panned and a box office failure.  It does spawn a sequel Electra, which does even less well.

Mar  3/2003 Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt, broadcast on CBS.

3/7/2003 DC aquires publication rights to Elfquest.

Superman: The Man of Steel ends with #134.

Superman the 10-Cent Adventure- is a promotional stunt dedicated to sucking nostalgic fans into the latest thousand plus part incomprehensible Superman "epic".
Edited by Eddie Berganza, Introduces new Superman writer Steven Seagle and artist  Scott McDaniel.

Matt Idelson takes over Gotham Knights from Lysa Hawkins with  #37.

Superman/Batman: Generations III continues the John Byrne Alternate History a millenium into the future. 12 issues. Edited by Mike Carlin.

Superman: Last Stand on Krypton is a sequel to Superman: Last Son of Earth.  64 page Prestige one-shot by Steve Gerber. edtied by Andy Helfer.

Apr  The latest Titans series ends with #50

Superman: Metropolis- a 12 issue series focusing on Jimmy Olsen, written by Chuck Austen. Art by Danijel Zezelj. Edited by Eddie Berganza.

H-E-R-O is Dial H for Hero back from the eighties with a new twist, a different person gets the dial every story arc. Written by Will Pfeiffer. Edited by Mike McAvvenie and Peter Tomasi.

Batman:Child of Dreams- Kia Asamiya's Manga version of Batman, translated into English and released in America for the first time. 352 page hardcover. Edited by Andy Helfer.

Birds of Prey: Catwoman/Batgirl and Birds of Prey: Catwoman/Oracle explore the relationship between Selena Kyle and Barbara Gordon over the years.  Prestige format.  Written by John Francis Moore. Edited by Matt Idelson.

Smallville 01 May  The hit WB tv series Smallville inspires its own comic book. 48 pages. Edited by Tom Palmer Jr. Written by Mark Verheiden and Clint Carpenter. Bi-Monthly.  Loaded with photos and interviews and other non-comics material. 11 issues.

5/2/2003 X2, the second X-Men movie is released building on Marvel's new found film success.

Jun  Mucha Lucha - 3 issues, edited by Joan Hilty- based on the Cartoon Network seires about a Mexican town where everyone wears a mask.

Sweatshop- underground/alternative cartoonist Peter Bagge tries his hand at DC comics- edited by Joey Cavalieri. 6 issues. 

Wildstorm:Thundercats/Battle of the Planets- more heaping helpings of 80's nostalgia. Edited by Jeff Mariote.

6/20/2003 Ang Lee's artsy fartsy "intellectual" Incredible Hulk movie debuts to the confusion of movie mayhem  fans everywhere.

Jul  Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day is a mini-series by Judd Winick in which two tired super team’s adventures are brought to a conclusion so that they can be reborn a month later in new trappings. Edited by Eddie Berganza. As usual, someone important is "killed".

JSA-All Stars- an 8 issue attempt to exploit the popularity of the regular JSA title.  Edited by Peter Tomasi. First and last issues written by David Goyer and Geoff Johns. Middle issues feature individual adventures of the team members, with Golden Age back-up stories.

Wildstorm: The Authority vol 2- returns the team to regular publication. Written by Robbie Morrison. Edited by Ben Abernathy.

Aug  Outsiders by Judd Winnick revives the 80’s super-team with a twist. It’s now headed by Nightwing, instead of Batman.  Edited by Eddie Berganza.

Batman/Superman/WonderWoman: Trinity 3 issue Prestige Format  crossover. Edited by Bob Shrek . Written and illustrated by Matt Wagner.  Supposedly the "First meeting" of Batman and Superman with Wonder Woman.

Gail Simone takes over Birds of Prey with # 56 and breathes new life into the moribund series, with a consonant boost in sales. Edited by  Lysa Hawkings. Art by Ed Benes.

The New Thunder Agents -ongoing series based on the classic Tower Comics characters. Written by Marc Andreyko. Edited by Dan Didio.  Pulled prior to release because the license was yanked.

Wildstorm: Terra Obscura is a new mini-series reviving the old Nedor heroes of the forties as part of Alan Moore’s ABC universe. Edited by Ben Abernathy. Written by Alan Moore and Peter Hogan.

Robotech: Love and War- 6 issue mini-series, edited by Ben Abernathy.

Tokyo Storm Warning. 3 issue Cliffhanger mini-series. Edited by Scott Dunbier.  By Warren Ellis. Japan, atom bombs, giant robots, giant monsters.  What more could you ask?

Batman/Planetary: Night on Earth.  The Planetary team of Warren Ellis and John Cassaday crosses over the Wildstorm Earth with many versions of Batman. Edited by Scott Dunbier.

Birds of Prey 56
Teen Titans 01 Sep  9/29/2003 Marvel and Joe Simon announce that they have reached an out of court settlement over the rights to Captain America, clearing the way to future film and media exploitation of the character.  The details are confidential, but then they always are.

Superman:Birthright by Mark Wade may or may not be the radical  reinterpretation of the character that replaces the 16 year old Byrne  version. 12 issue series edited by Eddie Berganza.

Geoff Johns re-invigorates Teen Titans by cross-polinating them with Young Justice.  The new series far exceeds expectations and goes through several reprintings. Edited by Eddie Berganza.

Keith Giffen returns to his slightly silly eighties version of the Justice League with a new collection of second bananas and also-rans Formerly Known as the Justice League.  The series is an unexpected success and goes through several printings. Edited by Dan Raspler and Mike Carlin.

Peter David replaces Supergirl on his writing schedule with the Mature Readers’ Fallen Angel. Is this mysterious superwoman with the disreputable rep and bad attitude really Linda Danvers?  He’d like you to think so. Edited by Lysa Hawkins.

Kurt Busiek’s Arrowsmith  brings classic alternate history fantasy from the science fiction world into that of comics. (Wildstorm/Cliffhanger- 6 issues- edited by Scott Dunbier).

Mark Waid's Empire, abortively published by Gorilla Comics, moves to DC to complete its run. 7 issues. Edited by Joey Cavalieri.

Wendy and Richard Pini’s Elfquest is acquired by DC and begins a series of reprints.  Elfquest 25th Anniversary Edition reprints the first Elfquest story.

Oct  Neil Gaiman’s Endless Nights starring the Endless, a new hardcover actually hits national bestseller lists, dumbfounding non-fannish book reviewers everywhere.

Superman/Batman revives the concept of World’s Finest Comics, proving that everything old is new again.

10/17/03 Dan Buckley becomes publisher of Marvel Comics

Sandman:Endless Nights

Nov  11/03 Mark Peary, nephew of Joe Shuster files for return of the copyright  to the other 50% of Superman.

Elfquest:Wolfrider issued as a manga sized trade paperback. Reprints from Elfquest vol 2 and other places featuring Cutter's father.

iCandy- on-going series by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning with art by Kalman Andrasofszky. Edited by Tom Palmer Jr. About a kid whose sister turns into a video game. Part of an abortive new line that's supposed to lie halfway between Vertigo and the DC Universe, along with Fallen Angel.

Wonder Woman: The Blue Amazon- Prestige one-shot inserting Wonder Woman into the Blue Angel film milieu.  by RJM Lofficier.  Sequel to Superman:Metropolis and Batman:Nosferatu.

Superman: Blood of My Ancestors. Prestige format, edited by Joey Cavalieri.  Written by Steven Grant and Gil Kane. Art by Gil Kane, John Buscema and Kevin Nowlan.  Memories of Life on Krypton.

JLA/Avengers from Kurt Busiek and George Perez proves that some things are worth the wait. 4 issue mini-series, co-published by Marvel and DC.

JLA/Avengers 1

Legion 25 Dec  Looney Tunes:Back In Action movie adaption.

Teen Titans Swingin' Elseworlds Special is announced and then canned before release. Written by Bob Haney with a cover by Nick Cardy.

In issue 25 of the Legion, Superboy returns.  Or does he?   Edited by Stephen Wacker. Written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning.

Jan  JLA-Liberty and Justice is the latest oversize painted book from Paul Dini and Alex Ross.

Batman: Detective 27 is a hardcover one shot by Michael Uslan and Pete Snejbjerg , an Elseworlds story in which Bruce Wayne becomes Detective 27 in a secret society. Edited by Mike Carlin

Teen Titans: Go is an adaption of the Cartoon Network animated series. Edited by Tom Palmer, Jr and Lisa Hawkins.  By J Torres and Todd Nauck.

Wildstorm: Robotech is reprinted as a digest size trade paperback in hopes of being put in the Manga section in book stores.

Paradox Press: Road to Perdition Book 2 is released following the success of the movie. edited by Joan Hilty.

Plastic Man 1

Feb  2/13/04 Julie Schwartz dies- End of the Silver Age.

Kyle Baker introduces his new idiosyncratic version of Plastic Man.

Vertigo publishes a sideways comic called Vertical. 3 1/4" wide by 10 1/4" tall. by Steven Seagal and Mike Allred  Edited by Shelly Bond. Set in 1965 with a guest appearance by Andy Warhol.


Mar  The New Frontier, Darwyn Cooke’s new over-priced mini-series, attempts to see if over-aged fanboys can be separated from their money by once again promising the return of the Silver Age and jerking it away at the last minute. Edited by Mark Chiarello.  Surprisingly a major success!

Superman: Secret Identity is a four issue prestige format series by Kurt Busiek.  Not really a Superman story at all, but a real world story about a kid named Clark Kent.  Edited by Joey Cavalieri

Justice League Adventures is reprinted in a pair of digest-sized trade paperbacks to appeal to the manga market.

New Frontier 1

Hard Time

Apr  In the Flash 207, Wally West once again has a secret identity.- thanks to time manipulation by the Spectre.

DC Focus presents a new more realistic look at people with super  powers, who do not live in a universe of heroes and villains.  Hard Time by Steve Gerber and Brian Hurtt about a 15 year old in prison who discovers he has super powers. (12 issues).  Edited by Joan Hilty. Four ongoing series are released over the next three months.

Wildstorm: Coup D'Etat- a four issue crossover series featuring Sleeper, Stormwatch, Wildcats, and the Authority  which culminates in the Authority seizing control of the planet.  Edited by Scott Dunbier, Brian Abernathy and Alex St. Clair. Written by Ed Brubaker, Micah Ian Wright, Joe Casey and Robbie Morrison.

May  Focus: Kinetic by Kelley Pucket, Edited by Matt Idelson (8 issues).

Cartoon Cartoons digest sized trade paperbacks attempt to ride the manga wave into bookstores everywhere.  Only two issues produced, so we can safely assume the experiment was not a success.

Overstreet's 34th Price Guide proposes additional comic ages.  The Copper Age runs from 1984 to 1992, from Crisis to the beginning of Image Comics. Ebay has adopted this designation. (At eight years, this would be the shortest comic age ever.)

For Tomorrow Jun  Editor Eddie Breganza launches a new direction for all three Superman titles.  Brian Azzarello and Jim Lee take over Superman with a 12 part story-line "For Tomorrow" which sets sales records despite widespread reader disatisfaction and puzzlement with its strange pacing.

Greg Rucka and Matthew Clark take over Adventures of Superman, following a more traditional Metropolis based approach, and Chuck Austen and Ivan Reis offer non-stop action in Action Comics.

Kyle Rayner creator Ron Marz returns to write the last six issues of Green Lantern with #176. Edited by Peter Tomasi.

Focus: Touch by John Francis Moore and Wesley Craig. Edited by Matt Idelson. (6 issues)

Focus: Fraction by David Tischman and Timothy Green edited by Joan Hilty. (6 issues)

Jul  Firestorm by Dan Jolley. Edited by Peter Tomasi. Attempts to create a new version of the popular eighties character- amid much flak from die-hard fans of the original. Still it runs 35 issues.

Richard Dragon. Chuck Dixon brings back the martial arts fad hero from the late 70's. Edited by Michael Wright. 12 issues.

7/2/04 Spider-Man 2 released by Sony Pictures.

7/23/04 Catwoman movie starring Halle Berry debuts.  Gets clobbered by Spider-Man in the movie wars.

Ex Machina 01 Aug  DC scores big sales with a controversial mini-series Identity Crisis by novelist Brad Meltzer and artist Rags Morales.  The seven issue series results in the deaths of several major characters and reveals dirty secrets in the past of the JLA.  Although Internet comment is mostly negative, sales are high. Edited by Mike Carlin.

Elfquest: The Searcher and the Sword is a hardcover- containing the first new Elfquest material to appear under the DC banner.

Scratch-: Sam Keith tries to combine his trademark weirdness with the DC Universe. Batman guest stars in this five issue mini-series. Edited by Joey Cavalieri.

Wildstorm: Ex Machina by Brian Vaughan and  Tony Harris. An ex-superhero becomes Mayor of New York. Edited by Ben Abernathy.

Challengers of the Unknown returns yet again, under the pen of Howard Chaykin, this time from Wildstorm and featuring none of the original characters. Edited by Scott Dunbier. 6 issues.

Identity Crisis 01

Justice League Elite 01

Sep  9/04 The Batman debuts on the Cartoon Network and the WB- a new version of the cartoon series set in Year One, pre-Robin.

Justice League Elite by Joe Kelly edited by Mike Carlin is a 12 issue mini-series dedicated to bringing back the discredited 90's "grim and gritty" approach to super-heroes.  Several members of the Elite, Kelly's parody of Wildstorm's Authority, team up with some of the more ethically challenged Justice League members.

John Byrne revives the Doom Patrol, starting over from the begining. This move offends the more dedicated continuity fringe of fandom. Edited by Mike Carlin. 18 issues.

Catwoman:The Movie Adaption.

DC Comics Presents- a collection of one-shots in tribute to Julius Schwartz. Each 32 page comics contains two stories based on classic Silver Age comic covers. 8 issues released over two months.

DC announces an agreement with European Publisher Les Humanoids to market and distribute their English language editions. 36 books a year are promised.  Les Humanoids also publishes Metal Hurlant magazine, which DC will also distribute in America starting with issue 12.

First volumes from Humanoids include Technopriests by Alexander Jodorowsky, Townscapes by Enki Bilal and The Horde by Baranko.

DC Presents: Hawkman


Oct  Batman: the 12 Cent Adventure is this year's stunt priced loss leader  beginning yet another interminable Batman story line, "War Games". Written by Devon Grayson with art by Ramon Bachs.

Mr. Majestic- 4 issue mini-series takes the Wildstorm Superman rip-off and puts him in the DC Universe.  Seems kind of pointles, doesn't it?  By Abnett, Lanning and Kerschel. Edited by Tom Palmer, JR.

JSA -Strange Adventures - 6 issue mini-series featuring the JSA set during World War II. by Kevin J Anderson and Barry Kitson. Edited by Peter Tomasi. Spotlight on Johnny Thunder as he interacts with real life science fiction writer Jack Williamson.

Manhunter by Marc Andreyko and Jesus Salz features a new female character by the same old name. Edited by Joan Hilty.

Wildstorm-Alan Moore's Terra Obscura returns for a second mini-series.

Humanoids: I Am Legion: The Dancing Faun- Fabien Nury and John Cassaday -Prestige Format one shot.  A young Romanian girl could give the Nazis unimagineable power.

10/15/04 Christopher Reeve and Irv Novick die.

10/04 Jerry Siegel's wife and daughter file a lawsuit to get DC to return 50% of the copyright to Superman under the Copyright Act of 1976.

Batman 12 cent adventure

Johnny DC
Nov  11/19/04 Harry Lampert dies

Superman:True Brit- hardcover, written by Monty Python's John Cleese. Art by John Byrne.

Adam Strange by Andy Diggle and Pascal Ferry Edited by Eddie Berganza- 8 issues.  Rann appears to be destroyed and Adam gets involved with Thanagar and the Omega Men.

Teen Titans/Legion Special- sets up the rebooted Legion of Super Heroes series- by Mark Waid and Geoff Johns,  Art by Ivan Reis. Edited by Eddie Berganza and Stephen Wacker.

Johnny DC makes his comeback after 30 years as the new brand for DC's all ages cartoon titles.  The Batman Strikes is added to the line, based on the new young Batman series on the Cartoon Network. Written by Bill Matheny. Art by Christopher Jones and Terry Beatty.  Edited by Joan Hilty.

Justice League Unlimited is also retitled and renumbered.  Edited by Tom Palmer Jr.

Cartoon Network Block Party  is a new anthology title.

Elric: Making of A Sorceror by Michael Moorcock and Walt Simonson- 4 issue Prestige Format series.

DC signs an agreement (4/28/04) with Rebellion to obtain reprint rights to 2000 AD and Judge Dredd stories beginning with Sinister Dexter: Gunshark Vacation and Batman/Judge DreddFiles.  The plan is to issue 3 books a month.  Jamie Boardman and Scott Nybakken edit.

Batman/Judge Dredd

Green Lantern Rebirth 01 Dec  Green Lantern: Rebirth #1 by Geoff Johns and Ethan van Scrivner sets in motion a plan to reverse over 20 years worth of  Green Lantern stories and put  Hal Jordan back in the Green Lantern costume. Peter Tomasi, editor.

Solo, a unique bimonthly series which each issue, allows a name artist to do whatever they want. Edited by Mark Chiarello. 48 pages. $3.95. First issue features Tim Sale.

CMX-DC starts its own line of manga, importing material from Japanese publishers  beginning with Aoike Yasuko's From Eroica with Love (actually produced in 1976), Outsuka Aiji's Madara and Tsukuba Sakura's Land of the Blindfolded.  All published as 5 *7 3/8 black and white paperbacks.  Jake Tarbox is Group Editor.

12/10/04 Bob Haney dies

From Eroica with Love
The DC Editorial staff  2005 
Dan Didio-Executive Editor
Eddie Berganza Bob Schreck Matt Idelson Stephen Wacker Peter Tomasi
Adventures of Superman
Teen Titans
Green Arrow
Gotham Central
Gotham Knights
Legends of the Dark Knight
Legion of Super-Heroes
Green Lantern-Tomasi
Seven Soldiers-Tomasi
JSA Classified
Ivan Cohen Mike Carlin Michael Wright Joey Cavalieri Joan Hilty
Wonder Woman
Secret  Files


JLA Classified
Doom Patrol
Richard Dragon
Plastic Man
Blood of the Demon
Birds of Prey
Vertigo-Karen Berger Executive Editor
Will Dennis Mariah Huehner Shelly Bond Jake Tarbox
The Losers
Swamp Things
Y The Last Man
100 Bullets
Lucifer  Books of Magic-Life During Wartime
From Eroica with Love
Land of the Blindfolded
Sword of the Dark Ones
Devil Does Exist
Monster Collection
Tenjho Tenge
Musashi #9
Johnny DC
Joan Hilty Tom Palmer, Jr Nachie Castro Ben Abernathy Scott Dunbier
Looney Tunes
Cartoon Network Block Party
Scooby Doo
Powerpuff Girls


Justice League Unlimited
Teen Titans Go
Batman Strikes


Ex Machina
Astro City

Majestic-Alex Sinclair

Tom Strong 
Desolation Jones
Jan 1/7/05 Will Eisner dies 

The Question -6 issues featuring Rick Veitch's re-imagining of the classic Steve Ditko character.

Space Ghost -six issue mini series. Are you ready for a grim and gritty version of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon hero? by Joe Kelly and Ariel Olivetti.

CMX: Mushahi Number Nine by Takahashi Miyuki - a teen aged super-agent.

and Swan by Ariyoshi Kyoko. A shojo (girls) manga about a girl who wants to become a ballerina.

1/14/2005 Robert Bowman's Elektra debuts, based on Marvel's Daredevil spin-off character.  Reviews and ticket sales are not good.

Space Ghost 01

Legion #1

Feb  2/11/05 Stephanie Fierman is appointed Senior Vice President for Sales and Marketing with instructions to make DC more competive with manga in the bookstore market.

Mark Waid's retooling of the Legion of Super-Heroes, with art by Barry Kitson. Time has restructured itself and the new Legion lives in a "perfect" society that has no use for children.

Judd Winick becomes the new Batman writer with issue 635, featuring the return of the Red Hood. Art by Doug Mahnke.

2/11/2005 Francis Lawrence's Constantine, based loosely on the Alan Moore character, debuts to mixed reviews.

Mar  Bizarro World Hardcover  sequel to Bizarro Comics.

Breach  by Bob Harras and Marcos Martin. New character originally pitched as a Captain Atom revival. Edited by Matt Idelson.

Wildstorm: Majestic #1 by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning with art by Neil Googe.  Majestic returns to the Wildstorm universe and drags Superman with him. 

Seven Soldiers

Apr  Batman: The Man Who Laughs retells yet again the first meeting of the Batman and the Joker. by Ed Brubaker.

Legend is a mini-series in which Howard Chaykin attempts to retell Phillip Wylie's Gladiator, a novel which is only remembered because some people think it influenced the creation of Superman.

Wildstorm: Twilight Experiment- 6 issue mini 

Grant Morrison's 7 Soldiers of Victory introduces new versions of some old DC properties and sets up a series of mini-series featuring the individual characters before returning for a final climactic team-up- sort of like a seriously out of control Justice Society story from the Forties.

May  Batman Chronicles begins an attempt to reprint all Batman stories in chronogical order.  192 page softcover for $14.99.

Lex Luthor: Man of Steel  retells the Superman story from Luthor's point of view. 5 issue mini series. by Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo.

DC Countdown is an 80 page comic for $1. A loss leader designed to get readers interested in a slew of new mini-series being issued this summer.   Written by Johns, Rucka and Winnick. Edited by Dan Diddio.

CMX: Tenjho Tenghi by Oh Great! (Ou Gureito) is about warring gangs in high school.  Great flack emerges on the DC message boards when it turns out that art and story are edited to make the 18+ book acceptable for all ages.

Tenjho Tenge

Jun  DC begins yet another attempt to revive Captain Marvel with a three part guest starring role in this month's Superman titles. 

Omac Project brings the futuristic concepts of Kirby's Omac into the DC present.  Written by Greg Rucka. Art by Jesus Saiz. Edited by Joan Hilty.

Wildstorm:City of Tomorrow is a new mini-series by Howard Chaykin  Edited by Scott Dunbier.

Jul  New creative teams debut on two of the Superman books: Mark Verheiden and Ed Benes on Superman, and Gail Simone and John Byrne on Action Comics.

Batman Begins: Movie Adaption Edited by Jaye Gardner.

Year One: Batman/Scarecrow- 2 issues prestige format by Bruce Jones and Sean Murphy

Batman: Dark Detective- 2 issues prestige format- reunites the 70's Batman team of Steve Englehart and Marshall Rogers. Edited by Joey Cavalieri.

Green Lantern #1- Hal Jordan returns as the Emerald Crusader, once again a test pilot at Edwards Air Force Base..  Written by Geoff  Johns, with art by Carlos Pacheco.  Edited by Peter Tomasi.

Rann/Thanagar War- six issue mini-series by Dave Gibbons and Ivan Reis. Edited by Stephn Wacker and Peter Tomasi.

Villains United- 6 issue mini-series by Gail Simone and Dale Eaglesham. Edited by Stephen Wacker.  All the super-villains join together except 6.

Fallen Angel ends with issue 20.  Moves to IDW. 

Wildstorm:Top Ten: 49ers- by Alan Moore and Gene Ha- the origins of Neopolis revealed. Hardcover. Edited by Scott Dunbier.

Desolation Jones- written by Warren Ellis, art by J H Williams III.  Jones is an ex-spook who earns a living as a detective for hire to ex-spooks. Edited by Scott Dunbier.

Aug Year One: Batman/Ra's Al Ghul -by Devin Grayson and Paul Gulacy. Edited by Nachie Castro.  Another mini-series to cash in on the forthcoming movie.

DC Special-The Return of Donna Troy- first we kill them- then we bring them back.  How many times are you gonna fall for this?  By Phil Jimenez, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez and George Perez. 4 issues. Edited by Joan Hilty.

Son Of Vulcan - DC's last untouched Charlton property finally gets a reboot.  Written by Scott Beatty with art by Keron Grant. 6 issues. Edited by Tom Palmer, Jr.  Mikey Devante is chosen by Son of Vulcan to be his new sidekick, but does he want the job?

CMX- Appleseed- movie adaption.

Wildstorm-Albion by Alan and Leah Moore and John Reppion with art by Shane Oakley. 6 issues. Edited by Scott Dunbier.  First of a series of mini-series featuring classic British heroes from the sixties return, revamped for the new Millenium

Astro City-The Dark Age- 16 issues. Edited by Ben Abernathy.

Wildsiderz- J Scott Campbell and Andy Hartnell write. Campbell draws. A new group of teen heroes who get their powers from holograms.  Edited by Scott Dunbier.

Sep  9/23/05 A History of Violence released (Vertigo)

All Star Batman and Robin Written by Frank Miller with art by Jim Lee. Edited by  Bob Schreck.  Miller continues his deconstruction of the Batman character in a series of savage satires which is plagued by lateness and eventually just stops dead in the water.

Wildstorm-Silent Dragon -by Andy Diggle and Leinil Yu. Japanese gangsters in the future. Edited by Ben Abernathy. 6 issues.

DC cancels its contracts with Humanoids and 2000AD.

Oct  Supergirl  #1- yet another DC character called Supergirl gets her own comic. By Jeph Loeb and Ian Churchill. Edited by Eddie Berganza.  A major disappointment to any fan who thought this was going to be a revival of the Silver Age character, or even make any sense.

Justice - a 12 issues re-imagining of the Super Friends by Alex Ross, Jim Krueger and Doug Braithwate.  Painted art combined with a 70's aesthetic.

Nov  Vertigo- Harvey Pekar and Dean Haspiel unveil The Quitter,  a graphic novel about Pekar's early years in the vein of his independent comic American Splendor.

Showcase Presents -a series of budget priced 500 page newsprint black and white reprints of Silver Age comics begins with Superman and Green Lantern.

Dec  Infinite Crisis #1- Geoff Johns and Phil Jimenez  As the DC universe reels from one mega-blockbuster crossover directly into the next it certainly does seem infinite.  7 issues plus crossovers, spin-offs and Aftermaths.

Superman in the Forties- a trade paperback collection of classic Superman tales, with introduction and commentary by me!

Vertigo: Loveless #1 by Brian Azzarello and Marcelo Frusin. A dark new western, edited by Will Dennis.

Wildstorm: Captain Atom: Armageddon - Captain Atom moves to the Wildstorm universe. by Will Pfeifer amd Goise[[e Camuncoli. Edited by Alex Sinclair. 9 issues. Then he comes back.


Jan  Jonah Hex #1 by Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti and Luke Ross. Edited by Stephen Wacker.  The bad good guy of the old west returns a little worse for wear for the new century.

Vertigo: DMZ #1 a near future tale of civil war in America where the DMZ is New York City. By Brian Wood. Edited by Will Dennis.

All Star Superman #1 by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely- a good old fashioned imaginary story gussied up real pretty to sneak it by the fanboys. 12 issues.

Mark Voger publishes The Dark Age (Tomorrows) identifying the Dark Age as running from 1985 (Crisis) until the Death of Superman (more or less). The book was based on a January 1997 article published in CBG #1252.

Feb  Vertigo: Testament by Douglas Ruskoff and Liam Sharp- Jake Stern roams through a world in which the more horrifying portions of the Old Testament are literally true and still going on.  22 issues 

Wildstorm: Team Zero a six issue WWII mini series by Chuck Dixon and Doug Mahnke


Mar  Superman Chronicles #1 reprints the stories from Action, Superman and World's Finest from the beginning in publication order in an affordable paperback format.

Elfquest: The Discovery 1 (of 4) by Wendy and Richard Pini continues the decades long series with a new chapter bringing the sea elves together with the land elves for the first time.

Kyle Baker's Plastic Man ends with issue 20.

Joe Kubert returns to Sgt Rock with a new 6 issue mini-series, the Prophecy.

Vertigo: The Exterminators by Simon Oliver and Tony Moore  A series about real exterminators going up against supernatural cockroaches.

Apr  Wonder Woman ends with issue 226 to make way for a reboot with a famous author.

Wildstorm -The American Way by John Ridley and Georges Jeanty (ed by Abernathy) (8 issues) A government sponsored superhero group takes on the issue of civil rights in the 60's.

May  Sam Keith brings his indy sensibilites to a Batman/Joker story: Secrets (5 issues) edited by Scott Dunbier so technically it's a Wildstorm project.

One Year Later begins in DC's mainstream titles, as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman jump one year into the future following the conclusion of Infinite Crisis.  In a sweeping move Dan Didio shifts the editorial duties around on DC's big guns.  Peter Tomasi takes over the Batman books from Bob Schreck.  Matt Idelson takes over Superman from Eddie Berganza, restoring the original numbering foremely carried by Adventures of Superman.

Kurt Busiek and Geoff Johns begin an 8 part story "Up, Up and Away" in Action and Superman explaining how Clark Kent survived a year without super powers. 

Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis, for once imposes a title change without a new #1, begins with issue #40. by Kurt Busiek and Butch Guice edited by Joey Cavalieri. A new character claiming to be Aquaman takes over the title, with the fate of the original cast as a great mystery. (17 issues.)

Blue Beetle is the first series spun off Infinite Crisis featuring the fourth (or is it fifth?) character to bear that ludicrous name. By Keith Giffen, John Rogers and Cully Hamner.

Hawkgirl takes over the Hawkman book with issue 50 as Carter Hall is missing. By Walter Simonson and Howard Chaykin.

Supergirl's already hopelessly tangled storyline makes a play for the record, as Greg Rucka dumps the One Year Later Kara into Kandor in Supergirl #7 and she simultaneously joins the Legion of Super-Heroes 1000 years in the future in Supergirl and the Legion of  Super-Heroes #16.

Vertigo: American Virgin #1 Steve Seagle and Becky Cloonan, ed by Shelly Bond. A young Christian minister's soul is challenged by the events of a terrorist act.

Jun  Ion #1 (of 12)-Ron Marz and Greg Tocchini attempt to prove there's room for more than one Green Lantern in the DC universe, after Marz spent a decade trying to prove their wasn't. Edited by Eddie Berganza, featuring the continuing adventures of Kyle Rayner.
52 #1 (of 52) by Geoff Johns, Greg Rucka, Grant Morrison, Mark Waid, and Keith Giffen. a year-long weekly series chronicling a year in which Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are not around to help the B-List heroes out. 

Secret Six #1 (of 6). Gail Simone and Brad Walker center their mini-series using an old name around a group of super-villains up to no good. Edited by Tom Palmer Jr.

Shadowpact #1 by Bill Willingham, edited by Joey Cavalieri- attempts to team up a bunch of D list supernatural characters with Detective Chimp and create a title somebody might care about.  Less interesting than it sounds.

Aug  Wonder Woman returns, a couple of months behind schedule.Edited by Matt Idelson. Written by novelist Alan Heinberg with art by Terry Dodson.  The original planned five issues are aborted at issue 4 due to lateness (issue 3 comes out in October, issue 4 in February), with the conclusion finally released in a November 2007Annual.

Superman Returns: Prequels Four comic book stories co written by director Bryan Singer attempt to bridge the gap between Superman II and Superman Returns.

Green Lantern Corps #1- Dave Gibbons and Patrick Gleason launch a spin off series starring all those alien Green Lanterns DC used to think no one had any interest in.

Flash: Fastest Man Alive #1 edited by Joan Hilty by Paul Dimeo and Danny Bilson, art by Ken Lashey, continues a "tradition" by making Bart the new Flash.  Runs 13 issues before DC capitulates and brings Wally back.

Sep  Superman Returns: The Movie seems to do much better in the Real World than it does in Fandom's limited circles where viewers just can't forgive Brandon Routh for not being Christopher Reeve.

Batman 655 new team of Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert begins a new era for Batman as Morrison brings chunks of old Batman continuity in for a poiishing and refitting.  Damien, Batman's son from the Mike Barr graphic novel Son of the Demon, is reintroduced.

Detective 821 new team of Paul Dini and JH Williams

All New Atom #1 introduces a new hero, Ryan Choi operating in Ray Palmer's old stomping grounds, (my home town), Ivy Town, Ct. By Gail Simone and John Byrne. Ed by Mike Carlin. The series runs 25 issues, proving there really isn't a market for third generation character revamps any more.

Vertigo:Jack of Fables #1 spins off from the main series as Jack (everybody knows Jack) takes off into the mundy world. by Willingham, Matthew Sturges and Tony Atkins. Ed by Shelly Bond

Oct  Justice League of America #1 by Brad Meltzer and Ed Benes restarts the series again.(following last month's 0 issue) although Benes novelist style pacing turns off some internet fans who want instant gratification, a frustration compounded by some late issues early in the run.

Martian Manhunter, an 8 issue series reboots the Atomic Age icon. Written by AJ.Lieberman and drawn by Al Barrianuevo. After 50 years, J'Onn finally changes his clothes. Ed by Mett Idelson.

Trials of Shazam #1.  Judd Winick and Howard Porter jump start the Shazam Family, forcing them from the forties to the 21st Century with no mercy granted.  Freddy Freeman is on trial to see if he can be the new Captain Marvel. (12 issues)

Wildstorm- The Boys by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson (ed by Ben Abernathy) The story of a government group dedicated to keeping super "heroes" in line.


Nov  Harvey Pekar's American Splendor series comes to DC after 30 years as an independent title and a hit movie.

Pride of Bagdad by Brian K Vaughn and Nico Henrichon is a Vertigo graphic novel looking at life in war torn Iraq.

Johnny DC: Krypto the Superdog #1 a six issue mini series based on the Cartoon Network series.

Wildstorm brings back some of their oldest features as part of a gigantic mega crossover called Worldstorm, including Wetworks and  Gen 13. Grant Morrison's The Authority and Wildcats series however met with severe deadline problems and only the first couple of issues ever appear.

Dec  Tales of the Unexpected- features two series, a revival of the  Spectre with a new host and a Dr. 13 story "Architecture and Mortality" concerned with all the characters who have been left out of the new DC Universe, including Genius Jones, Infectious Lass, Captain Fear, I, Vampire, and Jeb Stuart. By Brian Azzarelo and Chris Chiang

Jan  1-24-07 The Boys by Garth Ennis and Derrick Robinson is summarily cancelled with issue 6, even though 7-10 have already been solicted. The controverial series would eventually find a new home at Dynamite Entertainment.

Batman/Spirit #1 by Jeph Loeb and Darwyn Cooke, brings Eisner's detective into the DC universe.

Superman Confidential #1 by Darwyn Cooke- a look at lost episodes of Superman's past.

Vertigo: Crossing Midnight #1 by Mike Carey and Jim Fern crosses horror with Japanese and Korean backgrounds and the tale of twin teen age girls born on the opposite sides of midnight.

Wildstorm: Red Menace #1 by Danny Bilson, Paul DiMeo and Adam Brody with art by Jerry Ordway- a noir superhero tales set against the backgroung of the McCarthy era.

Wildstorm: Texas Chainsaw Massacre #1- horror movie adaptions are the latest thing.

Feb  Justice Society of America #1- restarts it's numbering for no discernable reason.

Batman Confidential #1 basically replaces Legend of the Dark Knight, telling tales from Batman's past.

Spirit #1- Darwyn Cooke provides new adventures of Will Eisner's classic character.

Vertigo: Sandman Mystery Theatre: Sleep of Reason #1 by John Rey Neiber and Eric Nguyen.  A new heir to the Golden Age gas mask guy runs for 5 issues.

Wildstorm-Welcome to Tranquility #1 by Gail Simone and Neil Googe- a new series about a retirement village for aging heroes and villains.

Mar  Action Comics Annual #10
Apr  Mark Waid and George Perez bring back Brave and Bold as a team-up title, not necessarily focussing on Batman as previous versions did. Although the character focus shifts from issue to issue, continued plotlines are the rule.

Jeff Smith brings a unique vision to the Captain Marvel saga, with a graphic retelling of the character's origin and classic Golden Age battle with Mr. Mind in Shazam : Monster Society of Evil, a four issue prestige format series.

Batman 663 by Grant Morrison features a Joker story which is almost entirely prose, much upsetting to fans who suddenly discover they have to know how to read.

May  Wonder Woman #6- novelist Jodi Piccault takes over the writing on Wonder Woman with art by Drew Johnson. The series is handicapped by the fact that Alan Heinberg's previous adventure has not been completed, with issue 5 being a fill-in.  Bringing in a popular novelist to jump start the book sounds like a good idea, but Piccault's six issue run is hemmed in by crossovers on all sides.

Vertigo-Army @ Love #1- written and drawn by Rick Veitch is either a new take on war comics or romance comics. The adventures of a National Guard unit suddenly deployed to a middle east hot spot. Edited by Karen Berger.

Jun  DC introduces Minx, a young adult graphic novel imprint aimed at the teen girls market.  The first announced novel is The Plain Janes by Cecil Castellucci and Jim Rugg. Edited by Karen Berger.

World War III shoehorns 4 extra issues into 52.  Written by Keith Champagne and John Ostrander- the four books gather up plot points that were almost abandoned in the chaotic rush to put out a weekly comic.

Amazons Attack #1 (of 6) by Will Pfeifer and Pete Woods attempts to pump life back into a Wonder Woman story line plagued by terminal lateness.  However the confusing continuity (or lack thereof) between this book and Wonder Woman's regular title defeats that purpose.

Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century #1 spins out of the new Kids WB TV series adding the Legion to the Johnny DC line. By J. Torres and Chynna Clugston-Flores.


The DC Editorial staff July 2007
Dan Didio-Executive Editor  Vertigo-Karen Berger Executive Editor Wildstorm
Eddie Berganza

Teen Titans

Peter Tomasi
/Elisabeth Gerhlein

Green Lantern
Green Lantern Corps

Joey Cavalieri

Brave and Bold

Karen Berger

Army @ Love

Ben Abernathy

Welcome to Tranquility
Gen 13




Friday the 13th

Casey Seijas
Pornsak Pichetshote

Crossing Midnight 

Scott Peterson



Grifter and Midnighter

Ninja Scroll


Mike Marts

Legion of Super Heroes
JSA Classified

Matt Idelson
/Nachie Castro

Wonder Woman
Jonah Hex (Castro)
Catwoman (Castro)

Bob Schreck

All Star Superman
Mystery In Space

Shelly (Roeberg) Bond/ Rufino

Jack of Fables


Jonathan Vankin




Scott Dunbier



Danger Girl


Mike Siglain


Mike Carlin
/Tom Palmer Jr.

Batman Confidential
Birds of Prey
Green Arrow
JLA Classified
Trials of Shazam

Joan Hilty
/Rachel Gluckstern

Blue Beetle

Will Dennis




Y the Last Man

100  Bullets


Johnny DC

Joan Hilty/
Jeanine Schaeffer

Block Party (Hilty)
Cartoon Network (Hilty)
Scooby Doo (Schaeffer )

Legion of Super-Heroes (Schaeffer)


Jim Chadwick/ Scott Peterson


Justice League Unlimited (Gluckstern)

Looney Tunes (Gluckstern)
Teen Titans Go (Palmer)
Batman Strikes (NCastro)

Jul 52 concludes with the restoration of the DC "multi-verse" by the creation of 52 parallel worlds of which "New Earth" is only one.  Some of these 52 universes are based on Elseworlds on-shots published a decade ago. Others are homages to the "original five" parallel worlds spotlighted in the original Crisis on Infinite Earths series.

Immediately following, DC begins their second weekly series, Countdown, focusing on the seemingly unconnected adventures of  Jimmy Olsen, the Pied Piper, Mary Marvel, Harely Quinn and Donna Troy.  All roads lead towards a Great Disaster.  Countdown is touted as being a tightly woven series under the greative control of "show runner" Paul Dini.  In reality however, it wanders erratically towards a non-conclusion.

Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus #1 (of 4)- beginning a chronological reprinting of the stories that brought Jack Kirby back to DC- including Jimmy Olsen, New Gods,  Forever People and Mister Miracle.  The really super thick hardcover book (404 pages) is a new reprint format for DC.

Original Encyclopedia of Comic Book Heroes- reprints the three volumes of Mike Fleisher's fabled work from the 1970's.

Wildstorm: Supernatural: Origins #1- a licensed comic tying into the hit TV series on the WB/CW network.

Minx: debuts a new "young adult graphic novel imprint"- edited by Shelley Bond-The Plain Janes by Cecil Castelluci and Jim Rugg kicks off the line. Each book is 176 pages in black and white 5 1/4" x 8" and $9.99. Four high school girls name Jane form a gang.  By bringing in established genre writers DC hopes to get a toehold into the teen girl market, something they're sorely been missing out on for about 4 decades.

7/9/07 DC announces Zuda a free on-line site devoted to original web comics.  Each participant competes to see how long his or her feature will be allowed to run, with the end result being a print collection.


Aug  August 2007-Longtime Wildstorm editor Scott Dunbier parts company after widespread rumors concerning the extremely late Black Dossier book, and possible copyright problems involving its publication outside the United States. Dossier finally comes out January 2008.

8/10/2007 Coordinating Editor Jann Jones heads up a new push to breathe life into the Johnny DC line.  Billy Batson, Tiny Titans and Super Friends are three new titles aimed squarely at the youngest readers, 4 and 5 years olds.

Sinestro Corps Special #1-The Sinestro Corps War begins here before continuing in Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps, becoming the surprise hit series of DC's year.

Action Comics 851- in 3-D- Twice postponed and still not finished- the latest chapter in Johns', Donner's and Andy Kubert's attempt to tell a coherent story about Zod.  The conclusion is supposed to be in Action Comics Annual #11.

Green Arrow #75 is the final issue, as the stage is set for the Green Arrow/Black Canary wedding.

Minx: The Re-Gifters- Mike Carey, Sonny Liew and Marc Hempell- more coming of age- teen girl stuff (not that there's anything wrong with that.)

All Flash #1 replaces The Flash: Fastest Man Alive #14 on DC's shipping schedule as DC tries to slip major changes in the book past the internet by not actually including the real titles in the Diamond Previews catalogue. Story by Mark Waid, art by Various.  Even so DC announces the changes a month before the book actually comes out, so it's not a real surprise.

The Sinestro Corps War begins in Green Lantern 21 becoming the surprise hit series of DC's year.

Oct  Flash #231 by Mark Waid and Daniel Acuna replaces Flash:Fastest Man Alive #15, resuming the adventures of Wally West as the Flash, (as well as the numbering of the previous series) now equipped with an entire instant family, after a year in an alternate universe.  (only in comics).

All New Booster Gold #1 ed by Mike Siglain written by Geoff Johns and Jeff Katz. Art by Dan Jurgens.  Booster Gold and Rip Hunter go traveling in time trying to repair the damage done by 52.  A mind-numbing (or expanding) bath into DC "continuity" and all it's ramifications.

Metal Men #1 (of 8) by Duncan Rouleau- The Metal Men return in a new adventure told simultaneously with a remake of their origin.  Fanboys get out the Thinkpads and Wikipedia pages trying to figure out what's going on. 

The Black Canary Wedding Planner and the JLA Wedding Special and the Green Arrow/Black Canary Wedding Special try to milk the upcoming nuptials for all they can get.

Wonder Woman Annual #1 finally completes the Allan Heinberg story from Wonder Woman 1-4 (Feb 2007).

Death and Return of Superman Omnibus collects most of the epic storyline in hardcover for $75. 

Dec  Green Arrow/Black Canary Judd Winick side-swipes fan expectations by killing Green Arrow on his (and Black Canary's) wedding night, then teaming Black Canary with Connor Hawke to search for Ollie's killer. Art by Cliff Chiang.

Batman and the Outsiders #1 restarts the series once again. ( It used to sell, and dammit we're going to keep issuing number ones until you start buying it again.) Written by Tony Bedard with art by Koi Turnbull.

Death of the New Gods #1 (of 8) by Jim Starlin.  Can't have a Great Disaster without killing off the New Gods first, can you?  But how big a surprise is it gonna be if you put it in the title?

Simon Dark by Steve Niles and Scott Hampton is Gotham's new champion of darkness and mystery.  For those criminals who are too creepy for even Batman to touch.

Geoff Johns and Richard Donner conclude their run on Action Comics with an appearance by the Bizarro Justice League in Action Comics 857.  Then Johns brings in the Legion of Super-Heroes with new artists Gary Frank in Action 858.  Since this isn't the same Legion that's appearing in their own title, nor is it the one that was just in Justice League, continuity fans' brains explode (thus eliminating a lot of anti- DC web snarkiness).

Captain Carrort and the Final Ark (get it?) by Scott Shaw and Morrison ties the faux funny animals in the worlds of 52 and sets-up their participation in the Great Disaster.

Vertigo- Vinyl Underground #1- Si Spencer and Simon Gane- occult detectives solve crimes in modern London.  edited by Shelley Bond


Jan  Gail Simone- superhot writer of Birds of Prey takes on Wonder Woman starting with issue #14.

Wildstorm: Heroes- a hardcover collection of stories originally posted for free on the internet. Based on the hit tv show.

World of Warcraft #1- a new ongoing series based on the massively popular multi-player internet computer game. By Walt Simonson and Ludo Lullabi. Edited by Hank Kanalz.

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier- Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neil promise this to be the LAST time they ever work for DC.

Feb 2/10/08 Steve Gerber dies.

2/26/08 New Frontier animated film released direct to video.

Bat Lash #1 (of 6) by Sergio Aragones, Peter Brandvoid and John Severin. DC's acclaimed western hero, returns after four decades in comics limbo. 

Jim Shooter, long ago real-life Boy Wonder of comics, ex-uberhighgrupenfeuhrer of Marvel Comics, creator of Valiant, Defiant and Broadway comics returns to his humble beginnings as scripter of the Legion of Super-Heroes, with #37. (What is this? volume 4?, volume 5? 6 maybe?)

Vertigo: Northlanders- an epic tale of the turn of the Millenium-in the year 1000. by Brian Wood and Davide Gianfelice.Edited by Will Dennis.

Mar  Vertigo: Y the Last Man concludes with issue #60- because it's the end of the story. What a concept!
Apr  Johnny DC: Tiny Titans #1.  I just report 'em, I don't explain 'em.  by Art Baltazar and Franco.
May 5/2/08 Iron Man released

Johnny DC: Super Friends returns by Sholly Fisch and Dario Brizuela based on a new toy line from Mattel.  Real toys, not DC Direct collectibles.

Jun  Grant Morrison's "Batman: R.I.P" begins in Batman 676.  Art by Tony Daniel. Batman undergoes psychological torture by a mysterious foe.  Despite the title, DC goes to great lengths to reassure gullible fans that they have no intention of actually killing off Batman three months before his new film comes out.

In the mistaken impression that the Teen Titans "franchise" can support more than one title, DC releases Titans by Judd Winnick and Ian Churchill

Jul  7/18/08 The Dark Knight released, winning an oscar for Heath Ledger as best supporting actor.

Final Crisis, Grant Morrision's mini-series, the conclusion to the multiple storylines strung out over the past several years, culminating in a climactic battle in which lives will be "forever changed" begins here.  Art by J. G. Jones.

Action Comics Annual #11 finally concludes the Last Son of Krypton story line, (delayed from April- originally supposed to appear in Action 852 in September 2007).

The War that Time Forgot a mini-series by 80's fan favorite Bruce Jones and Al Barronuevo attempts to renew the trademarks on a whole bunch of unrelated forgotten characters from DC's vault.  Still, what comic fan would pass up a chance to watch Tomahawk and Enemy Ace fight dinosaurs?

Vertigo: House of Mystery begins by Matthew Sturges and Bill Willingham with art by Luca Rossi. After Cain is evicted a bunch of people find themselves trapped in the House of Mystery with no way to escape, so they tell each other stories.

Aug  Vertigo: Madame Xanadu begins by Matt Wagner and Amy  Reader Hadley

Trinity by Kurt Busiek and Mark Bagley is DC's newest year long weekly series, this time with related back-up stories in order to help the creative teams meet the demanding schedule.  The focus is on Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. 

Action Comics 866 Geoff Johns and Gary Frank begin a revamping of the Superman strip by returning the original Brainiac and Kandor into "continuity".

By popular demand, Mark Andreyko's Manhunter returns for a four issue run starting with #31.  Art by Michael Gaydos.

world of warcraft
Sep 9/25/2008 After an uneven start DC abandons the Minx line, folding the remaining projects back into Vertigo.

Johnny DC: Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam- by Mike Kunkel- DC finally finds the proper home for the Fawcett characters.

Oct  Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds- 5 issue mini-series with only the flimsiest of ties to the Final Crisis book. by Geoff Johns and George Perez, attempts to deal with the three different Legion continuities currently in existence in the "DC Universe".

Vertigo: Air begins by journalist G. Willow Wilson and M. K. Perker. A story about a stewardess who's afraid to fly, lost in a country which doesn't exist.

Dec  After  33 false starts in a row, Sterling Gates and  Jamal Igle attempt to create a Supergirl for the "DC Universe" that is not a total embarrassment to the human race.  Supergirl #34.
Jan The Milestone characters return to the "DC Universe" under a new deal with creator Dwayne McDuffie. Justice League #27.

DC Classics Library- DC inaugurates a new series of reprints of classic storylines with Denny O'Neil and Curt Swan's Superman: Kryptonite Nevermore.  Hardcover, but on lighter paper than previous deluxe volumes and $10 cheaper.   The artwork is scanned from the original comics rather than recolored, causing some controversy.

Feb  Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade- A new Johnny DC title by Landry Walker and Eric Jones, is part of a new push to put some energy into the line and actually attract the younger readers it's obstensibly aimed for.  Originally announced as an ongoing, it becomes a mini-series instead.
Mar  3/6/09 Watchmen released

Final Crisis #7. The conclusion to all the 2008 crossovers, except for the epilogues and the Legion, which is way late.  Batman dies.  Sort of.

Jim Shooter's return to the Legion of Super-Heroes comes to an unscheduled end with issue 50.


Apr  4/09 Jann Jones leaves her position at DC to move to Los Angeles with her fiance James Robinson.

James Robinson kills Jonathan Kent in Superman 685

Birds of Prey concludes with issue 127.  Oracle moves on to become a supporting character in the latest Batgirl book.

Batman: Brave and The Bold- a new Johnny DC series based on the new Cartoon series.

May  5/1/09 X-Men Origins: Wolverine released 

World Without Superman story line begins.  Mon-El and Guardian take over Superman, while Nightwing and Flamebird take over Action.  Superman himself is relegated to a mini-Series World of New Krypton.

Jun Jeremy Love's Bayou becomes the first Zuda comic to be collected in print.

The Flash: Rebirth mini-series returns the Barry Allen Flash to his own title for the first time in 20 years. By Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver.

Everything old is new again. Mike Grell's Warlord returns with a new first issue, with art by Joe Prado.

Golden Age Starmans Archive vol 2 introduces a new, controversial art reproduction method to the series: scanning the original art directly from old comics without recoloring.

The Vertigo series, Fables adopts a major publisher mainstay, the crossover, as Fables, Jack of Fables and a mini-series, the Literals embark on a 9 issue continued story line.

Jul  After the longest gestation period in comics history, Power Girl gets her own series, by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, with art by Amanda Conner.

Vertigo: The Unwritten by Mike Carey and Peter Gross begins.  The first issue is offered for $1.00 to entice readers to diver into a fantasy about a fantasy character come to life, or is it a real person trapped into a work of fiction?

Aug  8/31/09 Disney announces intention to buy Marvel Comics.

Batman and Robin #1 heralds a new line of Bruce Wayne free Batman titles, as Dick Grayson becomes Batman with Damian Wayne as his teen sidekick.  by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely.

Detective Comics #854 finds the book occupied by Kate Kane, the new Batwoman, by Greg Rucka, with spectacularly idiosyncratic art by J. H. Williams.  Tim Drake now appears in Red Robin by Christopher Yost and Ramon Bachs.  The Catwoman title is replaced by Gotham City Sirens by Paul Dini and Guillem March.

Vertigo: Filthy Rich by Brian Azzarello and Victor Santos becomes the first title in the Vertigo Crime line, followed by Dark Entries by Ian Rankin and Werther Dell'Edera.  Black and white hardcovers.

Sep  9/9/09 Diane Nelson from Warner Bros. assumes the role as President of the newly created DC Entertainment Inc.  Paul Levitz moves on to become a "creative consultant".  DC will now be part of the Warner Pictures group.

9/11/09 Whiteout released (Based on the Vertigo series)

Blackest Night by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis codifies and centralizes the on-going storylines in the Green Lantern titles for the past year, tying the newly spectrified magic rings together with the nature of death in the "DC Universe".  Lots of dead people return for a curtains call.

Wednesday Comics, though cover dated July, comes out with the September titles.  Printed full newspaper size on newsprint, with each of the fifteen story lines having one ultra-sized page apiece to deliver their story over the 12 week cycle.  Controversy immediately erupts as to whether this is an amazingly overpriced 16 page comic, or a heavily discounted 64 page comic. Edited by Mark Chiarello.  Wednesday Comics features a wider variety of feature types and styles than your average DC shipping month, ranging from Batman, to Sgt. Rock to Deadman and Kamandi.

Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds finally drifts to a conclusion, setting up the return to 1989.

Vertigo: Peter Milligan's Greek Street resets the ancient Greek myths into the streets of modern London.  Art by Davide Gianefelice.


  Feb Feb 18th 2010 Dan Didio and Jim Lee become co-publishers of DC Comics, while Geoff Johns becomes Chief Creative Officer.  
 first wave May First Wave #1 DC tries to bring Doc Savage and the Spirit into an alternate world version of their universe where they share adventures with Batman and Blackhawk.

May 18, 2010 DC announces its intention to shut down the CMX brand effective in July. 
 No more CMX
digital first
 no more zuda
6/23/2010 DC announces simultaneous digital versions of many of its comics.  Zuda, DC's previous on-line venture is to be folded into this new service and the brand name to disappear. Only four Zuda comics ever actually reached print: Bayou, High Moon, The Night Owls and Celadore.
  Jul 7/23/10 Karen Berger confirms former DC universe characters to return to DC editorial and leave Vertigo. This most specifically affects a proposed new Swamp Thing series in development and Madame Xanadu which is cancelled.

I, Zombie- Chris Alberson and Michael Allred create a new hit series for Vertigo. Gren Dylan is a zombie detective. That is, she's a detective who just happens to be a zombie. Became a TV series in 2015.
 I Zombie
 no more wildstorm Sept Sept 21, 2010 DC announces that several functions will be moving to the west coast but that comics editorial will remain in New York City.  The Wildstorm imprint is eliminated effective with the Dec issues with most Wildstorm titles moving to the DC brand.  Wildcats and The Authority are cancelled.  The Zuda brand is also eliminated.  Wildstorm's editorial staff is relocated to the digital publishing division in Los Angeles. 

Sept 27 DC collected editions editor Bob Harras named Editor-In-Chief, uniting editorial functions for DC, Mad and Vertigo in one office.

Sept 28 2010 Joan Hilty, Pornsak Pichetshote and Jonathan Vankin, three editors at Vertigo laid off.

 red Oct Oct 3 2010, Richard Bruning (Senior VP Creative Director), Cheryl Rubin (Senior VP Brand Management) and Steve Rotterdam (Senior VP Marketing and Sales) let go in DC's new west/east coast reorganization

Earth One- In an attempt to trademark the Phrase Earth One, while still not giving Silver Age readers what they actually want, DC launches yet another in an interminatble series of alternate origins for Superman, this time skipping the floppies and going straight to hardcover. It was a hit for hot minute. As if to prove the futility of this premise Last Family of Krypton by Cary Bates premieres the same month as a 3 issue mini series.

Oct 15, 2010 Red starring Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren and Morgran Freeman debuts as a major motion picture from Summit Entertainment and DC Entertainment.. The original Warren Ellis scripted comic came out in 2003 from Wildstorm's Homage Imprint.



 The All New Batman: The Brave and the Bold- Cartoon Network tie-in
 Batman: Brave and the Bold
  Feb  The Mighty Crusaders 6 ends DC's association with the Archie/MLJ superhero characters.  
 Young justice Mar  Young Justice returns as a Cartoon Network tie-in book due to their new animated series.  
  Apr DD abandons the Comics Code Authority and its seal. From now on DC titles will bear their own rating system. E/T/T+/M.

 DC Universe Online Legends is a new comic book series based on a MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game. The comic is either an ad for the game or the other way around. Pulblished semi-monthly.online legends
 no code seal
  Jun 6/17/2011- Green Lantern, a $200 million dollar major motion picture starring Ryan Reynolds, barely makes its cost back, although it will live on in digital form forever.  Green Lantern poster
 flashpoint Jul Flashpoint- 5 issue mini series in which Flash (Barry Allen) goes back in time and changes history, (again.) Accompanied by the requisite stack of cross-overs and tie-ins.

Batman: Arkham City is a 5 issue mini-series bridging the gap between two video games: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City.
  Sept DC Retroactive: A series of titles featuring new stories by creative teams from past decades backed up with reprints, is released over  a two month period.  
Oct Superman Beyond 0
Batman:Arkham Unhinged

DC ends the firstwave line abruptly  with Doc Savage 17 "to be concluded".
  Nov "The New 52"!  DC discards their old continuity for the third time in less than a decade and restarts all their titles with new #1's.  The idea is to concentrate on a smaller, more coherent line of only 52 ongoing titles with a certain amount of balance between old standbys and new experimental titles.  The new books are designed to be faster moving with an emphasis on action.

11/8/11 Marvel announces it will join other publishers in providing simultaneous digital versions of some of its comics.

11/11/11 Green Lantern :Animated Series begins on Cartoon Network

 batgirl returns



The DC Editorial Staff 2012

Diane Nelson, President

Dan DiDio, Jim Lee: Co-publishers, Geoff Johns: Chief Creative Officer 

Bob Harras, Editor-In-Chief

Karen Berger Senior VP Executive Editor Vertigo

 The "52"

  Mini-series, etc.

 DC Entertainment


Matt Idelson


Demon Knights

I, Vampire


Swamp Thing

Wonder Woman





Joey Cavalieri

All Star Western

Animal Man


Men of War

Mr Terrific






Jim Chadwick

Gears of War

End of Nations


Ben Abernathy



DC Universe Online



Joey Cavalieri

My Greatest Adventure


Kwanza Johnson

Scooby Doo

Looney Tunes


Kristy Quinn

Tiny Titans


Jim Chadwick

Young Justice

Brave and Bold


Michael McCalister

Cartoon Network

Karen Berger



Shelly Bond

House of Mystery

I, Zombie






Janelle Siegel

Birds of Prey

Savage Hawkman



Wil Moss

DC Universe Presents



Michael Marts



Chris Ryall

Star Trek/Legion


Will Moss


Thunder Agents

Kwanza Johnson

Legion Secret Origin

The Ray


Michael McCalister



Mark Doyle


Sweet Tooth

American Vampire


Will Dennis





Harvey Richards


Static Shock


Chris Conroy




Patrick McCallum


Green Arrow

New Guardians


Suicide Squad

Eddie Berganza

Blue Beetle

Resurrection Man

Justice League


Michael Marts


Batman and Robin





The Dark Knight

Bobbie Chase




Red Hood

Teen Titans



Brian Cunningham

Green Lantern

Legion Lost

Red Lanterns

Green Lantern Corps



Rex Ogle

Justice League Dark

Justice League International

Rachel Glukstern




Hawk and Dove

Captain Atom

 superman beyond Jan   justice league beyond
 batman beyond Feb    
 Batman Beyond Unlimited Apr Batman Beyond Unlimited combines three Digital Only titles into one hard copy comics title. Includes Batman Beyond, Superman Beyond, and Justice League Beyond.

Smallville Season 11
begins as a Digital First title (4/30/12), to appear in print 3 months later.
 smallville season 11
 ame-comi girls May DC changes its corporate symbol to the "DC peel".

Vertigo announces a series of new titles, trying to ride on the "New 52" wave without actually destroying their old line, including Fairest (a Fables spin off), The New Deadwardians, Saucer Country and Voodoo Child.

Digital First- Amecomi Girls began life as a series of statues from DC Direct and then morphed into a series of Digital First Titles.

DC peel

 earth2 1 Jun Six "new 52" books are cancelled with issue 8 and replaced with new titles including an entirely new version of the Justice Society set on an entirely new Earth 2, in the present rather than World War II. Last Mr. Terrific, OMAC, Blackhawks, Men of War, Hawk and Dove, Static Shock  
  Jul Earth 2, World's Finest (starring Power Girl and the "original" Helena Wayne Huntress), Dial H for Hero, The Ravagers, GI Combat and Batman Incorporated are the new "New 52" titles.

Smallville Season 11
comes to print after previously being released "digitally only."
 Smallville season 11
  Aug Before Watchmen,  a collection of new mini-series based on the decades old series by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, promises a lot of hoopla and controversy.  
  Oct  Stephen Amell stars as Green Arrow on the CW TV series Arrow.  
  Nov Zero issues month.  All "52" titles feature a Zero issue with backstory material. Captain Atom, Night Force, Resurrection Man, and Voodoo cancelled.

New mini series; Joe Kubert Presents

  Dec December 3, 2012- Karen Berger announces she is leaving Vertigo, effective with the March issues.  Shelly Bond replaces her.  12/21/12 Hank Kanalz promoted to  Senior Vice President- Vertigo and Integrated Publishing, moving Vertigo farther away from the DC main line which reports to Bob Harras.. 

Talon, The Phantom Stranger, Sword of Sorcery starring Amethyst, and Team 7 join the "52"



 arrow cw 1 Jan

Arrow, based on the CW version of Green Arrow, begins.

New mini series: The Human Bomb and the Whistling Skull

Injustice:Gods Among Us- new digital first comic based on the multiplayer  on-line game in which Superman is a murdering villain and Batman must lead the heroes to save the world from him. Perpetrated by Tom Taylor and Jheremy Raapack.  This is probably the most successful of the digital products as it  runs for five years before morphing into Injustice 2. A continuing festering sore to remind everyone of everything that's wrong with comics today.

 adventures of superman Mar
Digital first version of Superman for those of us who find Injustice makes us want to vomit.

Frankenstein, Grifter, Legion Lost and Blue Beetle
  Apr Threshold, Justice League of America, Katana, and Vibe join the "52"  
  May DC cancels six more "new 52 titles": Sword of Sorcery, Savage Hawkman, Firestorm, Deathstroke, Team 7 and Ravagers.

Constantine #1
springs forth from Justice League Dark.
  June  The Green Team and The Movement prove that DC on any given day can green light almost anything. Two really cool series that vanished in a puff of smoke.  
  Aug Johnny Romita Jr. becomes the new artist on Superman. It is the first DC work for the much ballyhooed Marvel artist.  Geoff Johns scripts.  Superman 32
 Batman 66 #1 Sept Batman '66 ostensibly based on the long ago tv series that all "serious comics fans" hate. A digital first version came out July 1 2013, which is only one week's lead time?  
  Oct  Batman Beyond Universe #1 incorporates the Digital Batman Beyond comic and Justice League Beyond.  
 scooby doo team up Nov  Villain and 3-D lenticular cover month. Forever Evil-  Lots of comics with decimal points in the issue numbers.

11/12/13 Beware the Batman-another Digital First comic based on a Cartoon Network series.
11/21/13 Scooby Doo Team Up
 <insert blurry mess here/>
  Dec Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher take over Batgirl and change the direction of the title into something much lighter and not grim and gritty. Surprisingly, it actually sells.

 Batgirl 35
Jan The Sandman Overture
harley quinn 1 Feb Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and Chardin relaunch Harley Quinn. DC's first (?) only (?) post-Millennial hit.

Justice League 3000 #1 by Keith Giffen and Marc DeMatteis with art by Howard Porter.

Teen Titans Go #1 by Sholly Fisch, Merrill Hagan, Ben Bates and Jorge Corona. Released as a Digital  First. Based on a Cartoon Network TV show.

Vertigo- presents Dead Boy Detectives-from the pages of Sandman- a cool little series that didn't make much of a splash.
June DC launches a weekly Batman series entitled Batman: Eternal.  It is actually only intended to run 52 issues, which is pretty short for eternity. batman eternal 1
Jul DC launches a second weekly series Futures End. This one comes with 42 tie in one shots.
sensation comics Aug Digital first Sensation Comics.  Sensation Comics is continuity free, featuring whichever version of Wonder Woman the writer/artists want to work with.
Sept Sept 22, 2014 Gotham TV series starring Ben McKenzee as Gordon and Sean Pertwee as Alfred on  Fox. new suicide squad
Multiversity 1 Oct Grant Morrison's Multiversity begins, exploring the deeper concepts of parallel worlds.

Newsstand version of the "digital first" Sensation Comics.  

Oct 7 2014 Flash TV series begins starring Grant Gustin on CW.
OCt 24, 2014 Constantine TV series on NBC.

Dec Earth 2: World's End released as a third weekly title. Earth 2 worlds end
convergeance Jun Convergence is a weekly series and a series of 40 two part stories featuring characters from previous versions of DC "continuity".  This is intended to fill the gap caused by DC's moving their New York offices to California.
Jul DC Comics Bombshells 1- alternative version of World War 2 where all the heroes are female. by Marguerite Bennett and Marguerite Sauvage.. Began as a digitial first comicbook, released in print the following month. Originally began as a line of collectible statues in 2013.  The original statues were designed by Ant Lucia and crafted by Tim Miller. bombshells
Aug It's not Earth 2 and its not the Justice Society, so wtf is it? earth 2 society


10/1/2015 DC Superhero Girls- animated series available on Cartoon Network  and YouTube featuring teen age high school versions of DC female super heroes and villains. ?Written by Shea Fontana and directed by Jennifer Coyle. First of a new line that dispenses with comic book store presence and "floppies" all together. Trade paperbacks and digital comics are the preferred method of distribution.

10/26/15 Melissa Benoit stars as Supergirl in a new CBS tv series, produced by the same people as do the Flash and the Arrow. Sadly it only last one season on the grown up network before being relegated back to the junior varsity with the rest of DC's shows.
superhero grils logo
Lois and Clark 1DecThe Post Crisis Superman (the one married to Lois Lane) gets his own book, now hiding on Nu 52 Earth.
the adventures of supergirlJan1/21/2016 DC's Legends of Tomorrow, a spin-off of Arrow and Flash debuts on the CW. Unusually, no comic book is spawned by this event.

DC rushes a new Supergirl title into the ether to exploit the unexpected popularity of the new TV series.
Apr4/20/16 Shelly Bond  "restructured out of DC" as Vertigo begins its amazing vanishing trick.
MayCaught unprepared, DC sweeps the desks of cancelled projects and issues a non-TV tie in Legends of Tomorrow.Legends of Tomorrow
superman diesJulDeath of the New 52 Superman

DC Launches new Hanna-Barbera titles, Scooby Apocalypse, Future Quest, Wacky and Raceland.

wacky racelandsciiby apocalypsefuture quest
superman rebirthAugRebirth Begins

8/15/16 Suicide Squad released as DC's latest attempt to create a motion picture franchise.
Flintstones 01SepThe Flintstones join the new Hanna-Barbera line, bringing a modern satirical take to originally 50's styled characters.  Written by Mark Russel with art by Steve Pugh.
OctA  second wave of Rebirth titles, including Supergirl, Batgirl and the Birds of Prey, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Hellblazer and Blue Beetle.
NovDC rushes a new Supergirl title onto the stands to exploit the unexpected popularity of the new TV series. (Oh wait that was four months ago). supergirl rebirth
JanPaul Levitz's Doctor Fate concludes  with #18.
FebThe Wild Storm #1- DC tries to do something/anything to salvage a broken trademark.

Earth 2 Society concludes, just in time to make room for the return of the real JSA?
MayDC launches a series of DC character/Hanna-Barbera team-ups, including Adam Strange/Future Quest, Green Lantern/Space Ghost and Booster Gold/Flintstones

5/5/17 DC divided into three separate kingdoms, each with an Executive Editor reporting to Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras. Mark Doyle is promoted to Exec editor of both Vertigo and Young Animal. Pat McCallum is Exec Editor for the DC Universe and Bobbie Chase takes over everything else including a Young Readers imprint set to launch in 2018. Chase will also rule over the newly relaunched Wildstorm Universe, Hanna-Barbera comics, DC Kids, Digital First titles, custom comics, and Milestone. She will also continue to oversee talent development at DC.
Batman 21JuneBatman/ Flash Rebirth Crossover "The Button" threatens to untangle DC's "Timeline" assuming such a thing is even possible at this late date. Includes cameos from Johnny Thunder, Saturn Girl, Thomas Wayne and Jay Garrick.the flash 21

All characters and artwork copyright by DC Comics Inc.