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DC launched the Vertigo imprint under group editor Karen Berger, dedicated to more sophisticated story telling aimed at adults. Doom Patrol (64), Shade the Changing Man (33), Hellblazer (63), Animal Man (57), Swamp Thing (129) and Sandman (47) were moved over to the new imprint as a number of new mini series were lined up to jump start the line.  Unlike the regular DC Timeline, this table attempts to include all the Vertigo titles, so if I missed any, please drop me a line. Comments
Vertigo Preview
Mar 93 1 Contains a 7 page Sandman story plus preview pages from many of the new series. 36 pages

Doom Patrol
Mar 93-Feb 95 64-87  Rachel Pollack and Richard Case create a new Doom Patrol to replace the one created by departing writer Grant Morrison.
Shade the Changing Man
Mar 93-Apr 96 33-70 by Peter Milligan and Chris Bachalo, edited by Karen Berger
Mar 93- 63- by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon. Edited by Stuart Moore. Constantine turns 40.
Animal Man
Mar 93-Nov 95 57-89 by Jaime Delano and Steve Pugh. Edited by Tom Peyer

Swamp Thing
Mar 93-Oct 96 129-171 by Nancy Collins, Scott Eaton and Kim DeMulder. Edited by Stuart Moore.
Mar 93-Mar 96 47-75 by Neil Gaiman and Jill Thompson, edited by Karen Berger
Death: The High Cost Of Living
Mar 93-May 93 1-3 3-issue mini (Vertigo) featuring Neil Gaiman’s Endless, is the first original Vertigo series. Art by Chris Bachalo. Once every century Death becomes mortal for 24 hours.
Mar 93-Oct 93 1-8 by Peter Milligan. Art by Duncan Fegredo. Michael Smith is searching for the Enigma, a comic book hero come to life. Edited by Art Young.  Creator-owned series originally commisioned for Disney's aborted Touchmark comic line.

Sandman Mystery Theatre
Apr 93-Feb 99 1-70 Matt Wagner and Guy Davis begin a dark, film noir treatment of the original Trench-coated Sandman. Edited by Karen Berger.
May 93 1 Creator-owned one-shot originally commisioned for Disney's aborted Touchmark comic line. Marc DeMatteis and P Johnson.  Joshua Rose meets the supernatural being Mercy while he is waiting for death.  What a time to receive enlightenment!
Kid Eternity
May 93-Sep 94 1-16 Ann Nocenti attempts to breathe life into Grant Morrison’s imposter. (Vertigo).  The series lasts 16 issues. Art by Sean Phillips. Tom Peyer edits.
Sebastion O
May 93-Jul 93 1-3 Grant Morrison’s steam-punk version of Oscar Wilde. Edited by Art Young.  Creator-owned series originally commisioned for Disney's aborted Touchmark comic line.

Vertigo Visions: The Geek
Jun 93 1 Rachel Pollack (Script), Michael Allred (Pencils) Edited by Tom Peyer. The Geek fights for his soul against Dr Abuse and the Corruption Elementals.  Can Flower Power out last the Reagan Administration?
Skin Graft: The Adventures of a Tattooed Man
July 93-Oct93 1-4 by Jerry Prosser and Warren Pleece. The old Green Lantern villain uses another man's body as a canvas for his living tatoos.
The Last One
Jul 93- Dec 93 1-6 Creator owned mini-series by Marc DeMatteis and Dan Sweetman. Edited by Karen Berger and Shelly Roeberg. Myrwann, last of a race of immortals, has lost the will to live.
Vertigo Jam
Aug 93 1 Previews of forthcomics series.

Jonah Hex:Two-Gun Mojo
Aug 93-Dec93 1-5 by Joe Lansdale and Timothy Truman, Dead outlaws walk the night as Zombies. Editor: Julie Rottenberg & Stuart Moore 
Black Orchid
Sep 93-Jun 95 1-22 Dick Foreman (Script), Jill Thompson (Pencils),  Tom Peyer (editor). An investigative reporter tries to find out the secrets of the mysterious plant-woman.
Sep 93-Dec93 1-4 Peter Milligan and Ted McKeever.Edited by Art Young.  Creator-owned series originally commisioned for Disney's aborted Touchmark comic line.  After her husband dies, Judy Tanner adopts a vengeful identity. Set in the shadowy sex clubs of San Francisco.
Vertigo Visions: The Phantom Stranger
Oct 93 1 by Alisa Kwitney and Guy Davis. The Stranger takes on a supernatural nursing home.

Nov 93 1-8 An 8-issue mini series featuring a new "Golden Age" hero by John Smith and Scott Eaton. Stuart Moore edits.  Louis Sendak lost his wife 50 years ago, trapped in another dimension. Now he once again becomes the Scarab to save her and himself from the Sicari.
Children’s Crusade
Dec 93-Jan 94 1-2 Vertigo joins the gimmick crowd by linking all their annuals into a single storyline, beginning and ending with this "bookend" series.  Written by Neil  Gaiman . Neil Gaiman and Alisa Kwitney  (Script), Chris Bachalo and Peter Snejbjorg (Pencils), Stuart Moore and Julie Rottenberg (editors).
Arcana Annual
Jan 1994 1 Reintroduces Tim Hunter. John Ney Rieber (Script), Peter Gross (art) Edited by Stuart Moore and Julie Rottenberg.  Penultimate chapter of the "Children's Crusade" crossover.
American Freak: A Tale of the Un-Men
Feb 94- 1-5 by Dave Louapre and Vince Locke. Edited by Karen Berger and Alisa Kwitney. A young man discovers he's the product of a failed geneteic experiment.  Swamp Thing spin-off.

Mystery Play
Apr 94 Hardcover Grant Morrison (Script), Jon J Muth (paints)  Edited by Art Young; Tim Pilcher. A small town is brought to a standstill when a play winds up with the murder of God.
Books of Magic
May 94-Aug00 1-75 The  ongoing series begins.John Ney Rieber (Script), Gary Amaro (Pencils), Edited by Stuart Moore and Julie Rottenberg.
Rogan Gosh
May 94 1 Peter Milligan and Brendan McCarthy.  Two young men search for enlightenment within the spicy pages of an Indian menu.  Reprinted from the Bristish comic Revolver.
Jun 94-Aug94 1-3 James Robinson revives the three witches from the old Witching Hour comic. A savage murder in ancient Britain brings on the vengeance of the Hecateae. From the Middle Ages to the Victorian Era to the 1990’s, the wheel of death and rebirth brings the killer and his victim ever closer to a final confrontation. Art by Teddy Kristiansen, Peter Snejbjorg

Heart of the Beast
Jul 94 1 Hardcover by Dean Motter and Judith duPre. Illustrated by Sean Phillips. A gothic horror story set in the modern day New York singles scene, about love, commerce, art and architecture
Vertigo Visions:Dr. Occult
Jul 94 1 by Dave Louapre and Dan Sweetman Edited by Shelly Roeberg.
Aug 94-Jul95 1-6 by Elaine Lee and William Simpson. "Dracula meets Thelma and Lousie". Stuart Moore, Julie Rottenberg , eds. 1st appearance of Skeeter, Screech, Mink, Whipsnake, and Howler 
Sep 94-Aug95 1-12 Reprints the Marvel/Epic series by Marc DeMatteis and John J Muth. 

Sep 94-Oct 96 1-25 Written by Grant Morrison with art by Steve Yeowell. A Secret Society of Occult Subversives. Are they the heroes or the villains? Stuart Moore; Julie Rottenberg (editors) 
Vertigo Rave
Nov 94 1 Preview of upcoming Vertigo projects
Shadows Fall
Nov 94-Apr95 1-6 John Ney Rieber (Script), John Van Fleet (paints) Art Young edits. Only Warren Gale can stop the Shadow of Despair. After all, it's his shadow.
Dec94-May 95 1-6 by Gary Ushaw and Warren Pleece Are London mobs tied in with the occult? Edited by Karen Berger

Mr Punch
Dec 94 1 Hardcover. Neil Gaiman with art by Dave McKean. A young boy encounters a mysterious Punch and Judy man and a woman who makes her living playing a mermaid.
Jan 95 1 Peter Milligan and Duncan Fegredo. The greatest artist and the greatest plastic surgeon team up with horrific results. A Vertigo Voices one shot.
Feb 95 1 Vertigo Voices. by Jaime Delano and Al Davison George Palmer is a normal man isn't he?  So why is he suddenly feeling these long-repressed urges?
Jonah Hex: Riders of the Worm and Such
Mar 95 1-5 John Lansdale and Timothy Truman bring back Jonah Hex in a series that gets them in legal trouble when Johnny and Edgar Winter don’t get the joke. 

Mar 95-Sep95 1-6 Jame Delano and Richard Case. Native American power beings attempt to use their shamanistic rituals and a new drug to force the world back into harmony with nature. Edited by Art Young.
Apr 95-Aug 00 1-66 Garth Ennis’ series about a southern minister who is granted  mysterious powers. Art by Steve Dillon. Edited by Stuart Moore and Julie Rottenberg.
Vertigo Tarot
May 95 1 Not a comic book. A Tarot deck and illustrated 116 page guide. Written by Rachel Pollack with art by Dave McKean.
Tank Girl movie adaption
May 95 1 By Peter Milligan and Andy Pritchett A beer swilling teen finds the tank of her dreams and sets off on a post apocalyptic mission of revenge.  Original series from Dark Horse.

Jun 95-Jan 96 1-8 by Garth Ennis and Phil Winslade Seeking to gain control over her paranormal powers, Rosie Nolan goes on a violent quest across the globe. Edited by Archie Goodwin and Chuck Kim.
Kill Your Boyfriend
Jun 95 1 by Grant Morrison and Phillip Bond  A Vertigo Voices one shot about a teenage girl on the road to nowhere fast. Edited by Art Young.
Tank Girl:The Odyssey
Jun 95-Oct95 1-4 Jamie Hewlett's Tank Girl: returns in  a 4-issue mini  Script by Peter Milligan.  Tank Girl is on an odyssey around the world to save her boyfriend Booga.
Jul 95-Apr96 1-10 Dave Rawlson, Pat McGreal and Chas Truog  create The Private Lives Of Leonardo Da Vinci in the style of I, Claudius, edited by Karen Berger and Alisa Kwitney.

Aug 95-Feb96 1-7 Peter Milligan creates a sort of new age punk  version of all those Eastern mystic hero comics.  Edited by Art Young. Art by Glynn Dillon
Vertigo Visions: Prez
Sep 95 Edited by Lou Stathis, written by Ed Brubaker. A bad idea then- a worse one now. Art by Eric Shanower.
Sandman Midnight Theatre
Sep 95 1 Edited by Karen Berger, Writen by Neil Gaiman and Matt Wagner with art by Teddy Kristiansen.  Morpheus doesn't meet the Golden Age Sandman.
Millenium Fever
Oct 95-Jan96 1-4 A modern romance tale edited by Art Young  by Nick Abadzis and Duncan Fegredo. Jerome falls in love with Maiya. But is she the girl of his dreams, or simply out of this world?

Tank Girl:Apocalypse
Nov 95-Feb96 1-4 Edited by Art Young.  Alan Grant and Andy Pritchett. The race is on to find the new messiah, before his mother kills him.
Dec 95-Jan96 1-2 Featuring John Constantine written by Jaime Delano and edited by Stuart Moore. Art by David Lloyd.  The Horrorist is a young woman who embodies the spirit of human suffering.
Industrial Gothic
Dec 95-Apr96 1-5 Written and drawn by Ted McKeever and edited by Lou Stathis. A weird apocalyptic future where everyone must be beautiful, or else.
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