DC's "other" comics


Title Run Date Details

Big Book of Urban Legends
1 Jan 95 Editor Andy Helfer reincarnates the Piranha line in a new guise aimed at non-comic book readers. First is the Big Book of Urban Legends, a squarebound trade featuring illustrated short anecdotes. by Robert Loring Fleming
La Pacifica
1-3 Jan 95 Paradox Mystery begins with Joel Rose and Amos Poe’s La Pacifica in which a motel owner gets involved with a string of serial killings, (5x8 black and white, 3 issues) Edited by Andy Helfer.
Brooklyn Dreams
1-4 Jan 95 Paradox Fiction begins with J Marc DeMatteis’ Brooklyn Dreams, a surrealistic novel about life in Brooklyn (5X8 black and white, 4 issues). Art by Glenn Barr. Edited by Bronwyn Taggart
Big Book of Weirdos
2 Apr 95 by Carl Posey and Gahan Wilson

Family Man
1-3 Apr 95 A right wing death squad is murdering mafia dons.  Only theFamily Man and his brother Msgr Charles can save them. By Jerome Charyn and Joe Staton.  Edited by Joel Rose and Jim Higgins.
Big Book of Death
3 Jun 95 by Bronwyn Carlton
Hunter's Heart
1-3 Aug 95 A Paradox Mystery by Randy DeBurke. Two Street wise cops track a serial killer. Edited by Joel Rose.
Stuck Rubber Baby-HC
Oct 1995 Howard Cruse's Stuck Rubber Baby is a hardcover, edited by Bronwyn Taggart.  This memoir of growing up in the south during the civil rights movement is soon found in libraries everywhere. 

Green Candles
1-3 Nov 1995 Edited by Joel Rose. A Paradox Mystery Written by Tom DeHaven and illustrated by Robin Smith. Priviate Eye John Halting investigates the mysterious photos being mailed to his daughter's school teacher.
Big Book of Conspiracies
4 Dec 95 by Doug Moench, edited by Bronwyn Taggart.
Big Book of  Freaks
5 Apr 1996 by Gahan Wilson
Big Book of Little Criminals
6 Jul 1996 The most inept crooks who hae ever broken the law.

1-2 Nov 1996 edited by Andy Helfer written by John Figueroa. Art by Kirk Albert
Big Book of Hoaxes
7 Nov 1996 by Carl Sifakis. True tales of the greatestn lies ever told.
100% True
Summer 1996 A tabloid style magazine featuring material reprinted from the various Paradox Press Big Books. Lasts 2 issues.
1 Aug 1996 by Masashi Tanaka reprinted from Japan.

Big Book of Thugs
8 Jan 1997 by JoelRose. The most notorious gangs "since the beginning of time".
Big Book of Losers
9 Mar 1997 by Paul Kirchner. Covers everything from President Garfield to the new Coke.
History of Violence
May 1997 A History of Violence by John Wagner. edited by Andy Helfer.Paradox Graphic Mysteries are now co-published by Pocket Books Art by Vince Locke. After a father kills a man in self-defense his previously unknown past is dredged up.
Big Book of the Unexplained
10 Jun 1997 by Doug Moench. Alien abductions, ufos, and other bizarre happenings.

1-4 Jul 1997 is a lower priced version of last summer's 100% True? 
Gon Swimmin'
2 Oct 1997  
Big Book of Martyrs
11 Oct 1997 by John Wagner. Documents the history of "religion's greatest heroes".
Big Book of Scandal
12 Jan 1998 by Jonathan Vankin. "A riveting look at the power of greed, sex and perversion."

Bogie Man
Jun 1998 by Alan Grant and John Wagner, reprints two stories from a British comic book series.
Big Book of Bad
13 Jun 1998 by Jonathan Vankin. "The best of the worst of everything."
Gon Color Spectacular
3 Jun 1998 Pardox's Japanese reprint series of Gon stories by Masashi Tanaka continues, this time with  Gon Color Spectacular.  Edited by Andy Helfer.
Road to Perdition
Jun 1998 by Max Alan Collins and Richard Piers Rainer  (Paradox Press)  a father and son bond while on a mission of revenge and assasination.  Edited by Andy Helfer.  Eventually a major motion picture.

Big Book of the Weird Wild West
14 Oct 1998 by John Whalen
Gon Wild
4 Oct 1998  
Big Book of Vice
15 Mar 1999 By Steven Vance and D A Stern. Explores "humanity's worst habits in all their sinful glory" (including comic books).
Big Book of Grimm 
16 Sept 99 Edited by Jim Higgins. Retelling the old fairy tales with the original graphic violence

Gon Underground
5 Nov 99
big book of the 70s
Big Book of the Seventies
17 Jun 2000 Written by Jonathan Vankin, Edited by Jim Higgins, Jr.
reinventing comics
Re-Inventing Comics
Jul 2000 by Scott McCloud. Edited by Karen Berger. The sequel to McCloud's ground breaking Understanding Comics,  presents a new theory of comics for the 21 st Century.
phineas b fuddle
Remarkable Worlds of Phineas B Fuddle
1-4 Sept 2000 Written by Boaz Yakin and illustrated by Erez Yakin.  Fuddle is a time traveler who's adventures are damaging the time stream. Edited by Karen Berger.
Gon On Safari
Gon on Safari
6 Sep 2000 More tales of Masashi Tanaka's Gon. Edited by Andy Helfer.