DC's "other" comics

"                                " Piranha Press was DC's first attempt at constructing a "mature readers"  brand of serious pictorial fiction.  It was also the first DC imprint to allow for creator ownership.  Edited by Mark Nevelow, the label was perhaps too ambitious for its time- and really spawned only one success- Kyle Baker's "Why I Hate Saturn".  Although Gregory and Epicurus the Sage had moderate public accepatance. This is a complete list of all known Piranha projects.  If I missed any, please let me know

Beautiful Stories for Ugly 
1-30 Jun89-Sep92 Mark Nevelow edits. by Dave Louapre and Dan Sweetman. A monthly 32 page comic book, with no continuing characters. The first issue "Cotton Candy Autopsy" features hard-bitten clowns out partying on the town.
1-5 Jul 89-Dec90 Tim Conrad (Script and layouts); Michael Davis (pencils) Mark Nevelow edits. The clone of a geneticist becomes a media superstar.
Aug 89  by Alec Stevens. A story about a descent into madness. Color. An old beggar looks back over his past. 48 pages.

Desert Streams
Aug 89 or "Miriam's Search for Divine Bliss". The tale of a poor little rich girl and her search for happiness, by Alison Marek. Black and white. 120 pages. 
1 Oct 89 by Marc Hempel, edited by Mark Nevelow. Gregory is a little guy with a big head who wears a straitjacket and lives in a tiny cell." Herman Verman is a rat who shares his cell. 120 pages, black and white.
1-4 Nov 89-Mar90 Gerard Jones and Mark Badger. 48 pages. Prestige Format. "A psychological thriller with political overtones."

Epicurus theSage
1 Dec 89 William Messner-Loebs (Script), Sam Kieth (art). Persephone is kidnapped by Hades, and Epicurus has to get her back, or the world will suffer under Demeter's wrath. Edited by Mark Nevelow. 48 pages, color. Magazine size.
The Wasteland
1 Jan 90 by Dave Louapre and Dan Sweetman. 128 pages, black and white, full page cartoons.  Many of these originally appeared in the L.A. Reader and Fangoria.
1 Feb 90 by Alec Stevens. A story about skinhead gangs, primarily devoted to "fast-paced action." 56 pages, color.
Elvis Mandible
1 Apr 90 bu Douglas Michael

1 May 90 by Allison Marek
Invaders from Home
1-6 Jun 90-Nov 90 6 issue mini by John Blair Moore
Why I Hate Saturn
1 Jun 90 Kyle Baker- probably the most popular of the Piranha books.  Went through multiple printings.  "Two sisters, one of whom thinks she's from Saturn, the other one is insane." 208 pages.
Hiding Place
Jul 90 Charlie Boatner/ Steve Parkhouse. Edited by Karen McBurnie. The Hiding Place is where things go that no longer fit on Earth, such as satyrs, jackalopes, mermades and unicorns.  Trouble ensues when when the Trogs try to bring in heavy industry. 104 pages.

Nation of Snitches
Sep 90 Jon Hammer
Laziest Secretary In the World
Oct 90 Jennifer Waters and Gil Ashby
Cotton Candy Autopsy
Jan 91 Part reprinted from Beautiful Stories by Dave Louapre and Dan Sweetman
Drowned Girl
1 Jan 91 by Jon Hammer

Epicurus the Sage
2 Mar 91 William Messner-Loebs (Script), Sam Kieth (Pencils), Sam Kieth (Inks). Epicurus is called upon to discover why Danae is happy. It turns out Zeus is behind it. Edited by Mark Nevelow
What If This Were Heaven, 
Wouldn't That Be Hell
1 Apr 91 by Dave Louapre and Dan Sweetman. Edited by Mark Nevelow.
Prince:Alter Ego
1 Dec 91 An attempt to meld rock and  comics. Written by Dwayne McDuffie. Drawn by Dennis Cowan. Edited by Margaret Clark.
Mars on Earth
1 Mar 92 Damon Cardwell and Glenn Barr

Fast Forward
1-3 Dec 92 Piranha Press, an anthology of short stories  by different writer/ artist teams.
2-4 Feb 93-Dec93 by Marc Hempel edited by Margaret Clark