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Flash 86

Flash 87

Black Canary's first appearance as a "villain" in the Johnny Thunder story in Flash #86. Aft by Carmine Infantino and Joe Giella.. Story by Robert Kanigher. August 1947. RoyThomas has suggested Bernie Sachs did the inking.
Black Canary's 2nd appearance, still wearing a mask in Flash #87.  Art does not appear to be by Carmine Infantino. September 1947. Steve Rowe suggests George Storm. Irwin Hasen has also been suggested.

Flash 88

Flash 92 cover

Black Canary, Johnny Thunder and Peachy Pet. Flash 88 October 1947
Flash 92 Black Canary gets her own series, February 1948

flash 92

flash 92 p 18
a secret Identity, and a wig. And a boyfriend.  Larry Lance, Private Detective.
Flash 99flash 104
Flash 99 September 1948 Kanigher, Infantino and GiellaFlash 104-the last issue February 1949 Kanigher, Infantino and Giella