When Dr. Fate debuted in More Fun Comics 55, he wore the costume at the left, full golden helmet, cape, ankh and no gloves. (More Fun 56- art by Howard Sherman, as was almost every Dr. Fate story.)  

By More Fun 65, 10 issues later, Fate had added gloves to his costume, but the had yet to take his mask off and reveal who he was underneath.


Fate first removes his mask to Inza in More Fun 66, but his name, Kent Nelson, is not revealed until his origin, one issue later. Kent Nelson's origin in More Fun 67, revealed that his powers came from Nabu the Wise an ancient wizard from the planet Cilia.

With no explanation, in More Fun 72, October 1941, Fate switches to a half helmet that leaves his mouth uncovered. He also spends a lot more time hitting people than he does casting magic spells.

The biggest change occurred in More Fun 85, November 1942, when Fate abandoned his cape and Kent Nelson entered the medical profession.  His powers now seem to be concentrated in a magic ring. 

Joe Samachson took over the writing in January 1943, as Fox busied himself with the Spectre.

It wasn't until almost the end of his run other artists besides Howard Sherman started to work on the feature.  Jon Chester Kozlak drew the stories in More Fun 96-98.  The series ended in More Fun 98, July 1944, a victim of the WW II paper shortage that caused comics to be cut back to 52 pages. A very young Joe Kubert contributed a couple of Dr. Fate's final appearances as a member of the Justice Society. This is from All Star 21 Summer 1944.