Dennis Neville's original Hawkman vision included metal wings (the script did say they were made out of "ninth metal": after all, and a hawkhead that sat on top of Carter Hall's head, not covering his face at all.
  From Flash Comics #1.

NEVILLE, DENNIS  DC COMICS   HAWKMAN (pen/ink/) 1940 > 40 

By Flash #4 Sheldon Moldoff had taken over the artwork and changed the Hawk head into a Hawk mask that enclosed Carter's face.  The wings were now made of feathers 

From Flash #5.MOLDOFF, SHELLY  DC COMICS   HAWKMAN (pen/ink/) 1940-45 > 40 41 42 43 44 45  

When Joe Kubert took over the art in February 1945 (Flash Comics 62) he started varying the design of Hawkman's mask, here shown with much more flamboyant plummage from Flash 70, April 1946.

KUBERT, JOE  DC COMICS    HAWKMAN (pen/ink/) 1944-49 > 44 45 46 47 48 49 

In Flash Comics 98, August 1948, Joe Kubert removed the Hawk mask altogether and replaced it with a standard super-hero cowl.  The feature (and the book) was cancelled six issues later.

From Flash 100.  

REINMAN, PAUL  DC COMICS   HAWKMAN (pen/ink/) 1946 > 46  Flash 78 KOZLAK, CHESTER  DC COMICS   HAWKMAN (pen/ink/) 1946-47 > 46 47 Flash 79

KINSTLER, EVERETT  DC COMICS   HAWKMAN (pen/ink/) 1947 > 47 Flash 87-89