Mort Weisinger's Johnny Quick, probably the first strip he conceived for Detective Comics upon moving over from Standard's pulp magazine line, debuted in More Fun 71, September 1941.  Chad Grothkopf is the most likely artist for the first two or three appearances, although doubt remains. With number 74, Batman artist Jerry Robinson took over for two issues.

After that, Mort Meskin settled in for a long run, usually signing his stories Mort Morton Jr.  This is from More Fun 76, featuring Dr. Clever once again. ROUSSOS, GEORGE  DC COMICS   JOHNNY QUICK (pen/ink/) 1946-47  Adventure 113

SULTAN, CHARLES  DC COMICS   JOHNNY QUICK (pen/ink/) 1948-49 >  Adv 136 January 1949  BARRY, DAN  DC COMICS   JOHNNY QUICK (pen/ink/) 1949  Adventure 144 Sept 1949

MAYO, RALPH  DC COMICS   JOHNNY QUICK (pen/ink/) 1949-51/53-54  Adventure 160 January 1951

NORRIS, PAUL  DC COMICS   JOHNNY QUICK (pen/ink/) 1950 one episode Adventure 152 May 1950,

1951-2 (Adventure 171-86) with Sy Barry

MANKIN, HI  DC COMICS   JOHNNY QUICK (pen/ink/) 1954  Adventure 190