Howard Purcell 1941-44 AA-26 All-American 28 Flora and Bobby Styles joined Sargon in his third appearance as his supporting cast.  Flora was engaged as his business manager.  She hung around through 1943 .AA 45 Sensation 34.

Irv Novick 1942 stopped by for a one issue fill in in All-American 41 August 1942 Jack Lehti, usual artist on the Crimson Avenger,  filled in on All-American 43 (1943).

Sheldon Moldoff 1943-44 All American 49.  Also  Comic Cavalcade 3 and 14 and Sensation 34.

All American 50 ended Sargon's run in All-American. Stories appeared at random intervals over the next few months until he landed a spot in Sensation Comics.

Joe Kubert 1944-46 bridged the gap between the old series and the new, drawing Sensation 35 and 36 in 1944 and then coming back in 1956 for  Sensation Comics 56, 57 and All-American 70. (Sensation 36)

Joe Kubert-  Max the Magnificent became Sargon's comic sidekick when the strip restarted in Sensation Comics 56. His first appearance was in the All-American 70 one off. (Sensation 57) Dennis Neville, former Hawkman artist and Superman assistant took over the increasingly humor-oriented strip in 1946 from Sensation 52-55. (Sensation 52.)

Irwin Hasen 1946-47 Sensation 58-64 managed to combine the humor with an edgier style that implied menace beneath the slapstick. Paul Reinman Sensation 65-83 and Green Lantern 37 1947-49 .  As the golden age wound down, many strips ramped up the action by providing their protagonists with colorful arch-enemies. Sargon's was the Blue Lama.  Sensation 70