Spectre logo 

The Spectre as originally conceived by artist Bernard Baily on the cover of More Fun 52.  He wears a blue cape, shorts and gloves and his "skin" is grey.  Jim Corrigan does not appear in costume in this story, part 1 of his origin. By his third appearance, the Spectre's hood was colored green. However, his skin continued to have a grey pall to it.

By More Fun 57, the Spectre's skin was being colored white. The biggest change to come over the Spectre's strip was the introduction of Percival Popp, the "Super Cop" in More Fun 74 in December 1941, the only story of that era that conspicuously does not have Jerry Siegel's name on it.  Baily has claimed to have written it himself.

In More Fun 90, April 1943, Jim Corrigan and the Spectre separate into two beings, so that Corrigan can join the army.  The Spectre is rendered invisible and usually only Percival Popp is aware of his presence.  The strip continues in this manner until the end in More Fun 101 (January-Feb 1945).   These stories were all written by Gardner Fox. All Spectre stories in More Fun were drawn by Bernard Baily.  Pierce Rice did draw a couple of appearances in All Star Comics though. (All Star 18, Fall 1943)