Wonder Woman's original costume featured flaring culottes,a white belt and red boots with a white stripe as seen here in Sensation Comics #1.

Art by Harry G. Peter January 1942

By Sensation #9, Wonder Woman's culottes had turned into form-fitting shorts.

Art by Harry G. Peter, September 1942.

Frank Godwin Sensation 17-21 1943 Sensation 95 Irwin Hasen took over cover duties January 1950 as part of an attempt to make the series look less idiosyncratic.  Sensation was at the time being revamped to look more like the booming romance comics.

In Wonder Woman 39, January 1950, the boots were replaced by Grecian style sandals. 

Harry G. Peter continued to be Wonder Woman's main artist, but he employed a shop of otherwise unknown assistants.  The art suddenly became much less idiosyncratic and much more sedate and even cramped. Sensation 93 1950.

Wonder  Woman 77 October 1955. Irv Novick and Bernard Sachs took over cover duties from Irwin Hasen. The boots returned in Wonder Woman 157, October 1965, as a precursor to a series of Wonder Woman adventures ostensibly set in comics' "Golden Age".  Art by Ross Andru and Mike Esposito.