This page lists DC's golden and atomic age artists and gives samples of their work on the features they are most famous for.  Most of these are the same samples on the Who's Whose page, just listed in a different order to make it easier to find by artist.
Artist Character Feature Issue Number Date
Allen , Stookie Oddities In Crime Mr. District Attorney 1 Jan 48
Allison, William Captain Bill of the Texas 
New Comics 2 Apr 36
Anderson, Lyman Jack Woods New Fun 1 Feb 35
Anderson, Murphy Captain Comet Strange Adventures 37 Oct 53
Andru, Ross and Mike Esposito Kings of the Wild Showcase 2 May 56
Archibald, Joe Tinker Twins at Penn Point New Comics 1
Archibald, Joe It's A Fact New Fun 2
Aschmeir, Stan Adventures Into the Unknown All-American 1 Apr 39
Aschmeir, Stan Daisy Darling All Star 2 Fal 40
Aschmeir, Stan Doctor Fate More Fun 94 Nov 43
Aschmeir, Stan Doctor Mid-Nite (Charles McNider) All-American 25 Apr 41
Aschmeir, Stan Johnny Thunder Flash 1 Jan 40
Aschmeir, Stan Myra Mason All American 25 Apr 41
Aschmeir, Stan Peachy Pet Flash 24 Dec 41
Astarita, Rafael Alain de Beaufort  New Comics 1 Dec 35
Baily, Bernard Americommando (Tex Thomson) Action 57 Feb 43
Baily, Bernard Bob Daley Action 17 Oct 39
Baily, Bernard Buccaneer More Fun 51 Jan 40
Baily, Bernard Clarice Winston More Fun 52 Feb 40
Baily, Bernard Doctor Glisten Adventure 72 Mar 42
Baily, Bernard Fatman Action 46 Mar 42
Baily, Bernard Gargantua T Potts Action 17 Oct 39
Baily, Bernard Hourman (Rex Tyler) Adventure 48 Mar 40
Baily, Bernard Jimmy Martin Adventure 61
Baily, Bernard Kulak All Star  2 Fall 40
Baily, Bernard Minutemen of America Adventure 53 Aug 40
Baily, Bernard Miss X (Peggy Maloney) Action  26 Jul 40
Baily, Bernard Mister America Action  35 Apr 41
Baily, Bernard Percival Popp, The Super Cop More Fun 74 Dec 41
Baily, Bernard Regina Paige Bannerman All Star 03 Win 41
Baily, Bernard Spectre (Jim Corrigan) More Fun 52 Feb 40
Baily, Bernard Tex Thomson Action 1 Jun 38
Baily, Bernard Thorndyke Adventure 61
Baily, Bernard Zor More Fun  57 Jul 40
Bailey, Mart Slam Bradley Detective 33 Nov 39
Barreux, Adolphe Magic Crystal of History New Fun 2 Mar 35
Barreux, Adolphe Midshipman Dewey New Fun 2 Mar 35
Barry, Dan Roy Raymond Detective  155 Jan 50
Barry, Dan? or Peddy, Arthur? Tom Sparks, Boy Inventor World's Finest  49 Jan 51
Barry, Dan Vigilante Action 138 Nov 49
Berube, Phil Mr.Piffle Buzzy 14
Berube, Phil Peacefull Phil All Funny 22
Berube, Phil Playful Pop Batman 42
Blummer, Jon L. Captain X of the RAF Star Spangled  1 Oct 41
Blummer, Jon L. Guardian Angel (Hop Harrigan) All American  26 May 41
Blummer, Jon L. Hippity All American 69 Nov 45
Blummer, Jon L. Hop Harrigan All American 8 Nov 39
Blummer, Jon L. Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys Sensation 1 Jan 42
Blummer, Jon L. Ultra-Man All American  8 Nov 39
Boltinoff, Henry Casey the Cop Superman 43
Boltinoff, Henry Dover and Clover More Fun  107
Boltinoff, Henry Young Doc Davis World's Best 1 Sp 41
Boring, Wayne Federal Men Adventure 43
Brodie, Steve Bull's-Eye   World's Finest 24 Sep 46
Brown, Bob Vigilante Action 168 May 52
Burnley, Jack Doris Lee Adventure 61
Burnley, Jack Mist (Nimbus) Adventure  67
Burnley, Jack Starman (Ted Knight) Adventure 61
Callahan, Jack Curly's Cafe More Fun  108
Cameron, Don Les Sparks Flash 16
Cameron, Don Picture Stories from the Bible Picture Stories from the Bible 1 1942
Cameron, Don?, or  Winarski, Ed?, or  Norris, Paul? Punch Parker World's Best 1
Cardy, Nick Tales of the Unexpected Tales of the Unexpected 12 Apr 57
Cardy, Nick House of  Mystery House of Mystery 21
Cassidy, Paul Robotman Star Spangled 7 Apr 42
Cazzenuve, Arturo Newsboy Legion Star Spangled 38 Nov 44
Cazzenuve, Louis Aquaman More Fun 94
Certa, Joe Captain Compass Detective 203 Jan 54
Certa, Joe Robotman Detective 198 Aug 53
Chambers, Jim Crimson Avenger Detective 20 Oct 38
Chambers, Jim Masked Ranger Detective 20 Oct 38
Chambers, Jim Tod Hunter, Jungle Master New Adventures 27
Chambers, Jim Wing Detective 27 May 39
Christman, Bert Sandman (Wesley Dodds) World's Fair 1 1939
Christman, Bert Three Aces (Fog Fortune, Gunner Bill, Whistler Will)  Action 18
Citron, Sam Mr. District Attorney Mr. District Attorney 1
Citron, Sam Starman Adventure 91
Colan, Gene Hopalong Cassidy Hopalong Cassidy 95 Nov 54
Colan, Gene, with Joe Giella Our Army At War Our Army At War 6
Colan ,Gene Strange Adventures Strange Adventures 30
Cole, Brigham Brad Hardy New Fun 5
Cole, Russel Woozy Watts

Ben Webster

More Fun 10
Cooke, Tom Robotman Detective Comics 148 Apr 50
Cooper, Tom 17-20 In the Black (Jim Gale) New Comics 1
Cooper, Tom Along the Mainline New Fun 5
Cooper, Tom Buckskin Jim New Fun  2 Mar 35
Cooper, Tom Captain Spiniker New Comics 1 Dec 35
Cooper, Tom Captain  Grim New Fun 5
Cooper, Tom Castaway Island New  Comics 4
Curzon, Matt Dickie Duck New Comics 2 Jan 36
Daly, John Johnny Everyman Worlds Finest 15 Fal 44
Daly, John Aquaman Adventure  140
Davis, Jim Fox and Crow Fox and Crow 14 Feb 54
Davis, Jim Hound and the Hare Fox and Crow 14 Feb 54
Davis, Jim Polar Playmates Real Screen 6 Jun 46
Davis, Jim Twiddle and Twaddle Flippity and Flop 1
Davis, Jim? Tito & His Burrito Real Screen 5 Apr 46
Del Bourgo, Maurice Green Arrow More Fun 101 Jan 45
Dobrotka, Ed Robotman Star-Spangled 18 Mar 43
Donohoe, Joe Detective Sgt Carey More Fun 72 Oct 41
Dressler, Irving Nutsy Squirrel (with Robert Rabbit)  Funny Folks 4 Oct 46
Draut, Bill Tales of the Unexpected Tales of the Unexpected 2 Apr 56
Drucker, Mort Mystery_In_Space Mystery In Space 13
Drucker, Mort Willy Buzzy 52 Nov 53
Dunn, Ed? Nero Fox Leading 18
Dunn, Ed Presto Pete Animal Antics 3
Dunn, Ed Willy Wolf Funny Folks 4 10/46



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