Letterer Index

I don't know anything about lettering.  Can't do it.  Can't tell 'em apart after it's been done.  The following collection of lettering samples is based for the most part on the Eclipse Official Indexes to Justice League, Legion, Hawkman, Teen Titans and Doom Patrol.  I believe all those lettering id's were made by Mike Tiefenbacher.  To that I added Joe Desris's id's of early Batman letterers. Presumably with this table and these samples, one should be able to figure out who lettered just about every DC story of the 50's and 60's.  Good Luck.
Artist Type Sample Work Issue Dates of DC career
Berg, Vivian

Doom Patrol

117 65-66
Costanza, John

Justice League

88 69-72
D'Agostino, Jon

Teen Titans

18 68
Ferguson, Howard


88 42-44
Field, Herb

Doom Patrol

104 late 60's
Gordon, Pat

Jimmy Olsen

13 40's-50's


Holloway, Ray

Justice League

68 68-70
Huffine, David


330 65-66
Jetter, Charlotte


368 68
Leferman, Shelly

Atom and Hawkman

39 66-82
Letterese, Joe


267 50-80
Letterese, Joe cover Superboy  89 50-80
Oda, Ben


6 58-85
Robinson, Jerry


36 40
Rosen, Joe

Mr. District Attorney

2 44-54
Roussos, George


79 41
Saladino, Gaspar

Brave and Bold

28 51-91
Saladino, Gaspar cover Justice League 49 51-91
Schnapp, Ira


71 38-68
Schnapp, Ira cover Brave and Bold 30 38-68
Shuster, Frank 41
Snappin, Milt

Justice League

30 49-87
Snappin , Milt cover Adventure 328 49-87
Sprang, Dick


85 44
Starkman, Stan

My Greatest Adventure

81 50-68
Waldinger, Morris

Doom Patrol

115 51-78

Thanks to Jerry Bails, Mike Tiefenbacher, Joe Desris  and the guys at alt.binaries.picutres.comics