all artwork copyright by DC Comics, Inc.  

Curt came to comics after his military service in World War II.  While on the staff of Stars and Stripes he met writer Ed France Herron, who steered him into applying for work from National Comics.

Probably Curt's first published story, featuring the Boy Commandos from World's Finest 21 March-April 1946.  Possibly scripted by Jack Kirby and inked by George Klein.

"Gabby Strikes a Gusher"- Star Spangled 55 April 1946.

Writer unknown. Inks by Jack Farr??

Real Fact Comics #8 "The Chicago Fire"

Robin Crusoe- Star Spangled 72. Sept 1947

Inked by Charles Paris

Tommy Tomorrow- "The Comet Doom"- inked by Steve Brodie? Real Fact 16 Oct 1948

Gangbusters 7 "T-Man in the Big House" Dec 1948

inked by Steve Brodie?

Tommy Tomorrow "The Interplanetary Aquarium"

Action 127 Dec 1948 by Otto Binder-1st inked by John Fischetti

Manhunters Around the World -Star Spangled 96 July 1949 "Watchdogs With Wings"  inks Fischetti

Alan Ladd #3 Inks by Fischetti

"Detective With High Heels" Mr District Attorney 15 Inks by Stan Kaye, Written by Phil Evans.

"Destination Moon" Strange Adventures #1. Inks by John Fischetti. Script by Gardner Fox.

"Secret Fate of Adolph Hitler" Strange Adv #3

"I Fell in Love With a Witch" House of Mystery #1 inked by Ruben Moreira?

Star Spangled War Stories 132 Sept 1952 "The GI With the Million Dollar Arm"  inked by John Fischetti. Writer unknown