all artwork copyright by DC Comics, Inc. unless otherwise indicated
by Bob Hughes

The first Superman comic book cover drawn by Joe Shuster in 1934 for Humor Publishing Inc.

(colored by me)



This page is dedicated to providing examples of the work of the various artists who drew Superman in the days before DC began adding credits to stories.  It is my intention to include examples of  the work of everyone who worked on the Superman strip before the year 1970.  Biographical information is provided for the most part courtesy of Jerry Bails'  Who's Who In American Comic Books.  This is an invaluable resource and a must for all comic fans.  An issue by issue breakdown of Superman credits, as well as those of almost any comic book ever published can be obtained from the Grand Comics Data Base .  Please check out these highly recommended sources.
The artwork on this site is grouped into the following categories:
Joe Shuster Before Superman War Years 1943-6 The Iron Age Superboy 1944-49
Joe Shuster Part 2 1935-38 The Fifties Wayne Boring Superboy-1950-70
Joe Shuster Part 3 1938-40 The Sixties Curt Swan Curt Swan on Superboy
Shuster Shop 1941-2 The Bronze Age  
Individual artists:
Jack Abel
Neal Adams
Dan Adkins
Murphy Anderson
Ross Andru
Eduardo Barretto
Tex Blaisdell
Jon Bogdanove
Wayne Boring
Steve Brodie
Rich Buckler
Sam Burlockoff
Jack Burnley
Ray Burnley
John Byrne
Nick Cardy
Paul Cassidy
Frank Chiarmonte
Sam Citron
Vince Colletta
Pete Costanza
Ed Dobrotka
Kieron Dwyer
Scot Eaton
Steve Epting
Mike Esposito
John Fischetti
Creig Flessel
John Forte
Ron Frenz
Kerry Gammill
German Garcia
Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez
John Giunta
Tom Grummett
Butch Guice
Dave Hunt
Stuart Immonen
Dan Jurgens

Gil Kane
Stan Kaye
Russel Keaton
Barry Kitson
George Klein
Peter Krause
Paul Lauretta
Don Komisarow
Doug Mahnke
Hi Mankin
Mike McKone
Bob McCleod
Sheldon Moldoff
Jim Mooney
Ruben Moriera
Win Mortimer
Dennis Neville
Irv Novick
Leo Nowak
Jerry Ordway
Bob Oksner
Yanick Pacquette
George Papp
George Perez
Al Plastino
Bruno Premiani
Fred Ray
Peter Riss
George Roussos
Paul Ryan
Kurt Schaffenberger
John Sikela
Jon Small
Dick Sprang
Frank Springer
Chic Stone
Curt Swan
Al Wenzel
Anthony Williams
Al Williamson
Ira Yarbrough
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all artwork copyright by DC Comics, Inc.  by Bob Hughes
unless otherwise indicated