Jor-El, as initially conceived by Siegel and Shuster in his first appearance in the daily comic strip in January 1939.  For the only, time, the name is spelled Jor-L.  Beginning with the George Lowther novel in 1942, the name is spelled Jor-El.
 . Jor-El, as depicted by Wayne Boring in the Nov-Dec 1944 Superman Sunday sequence.  This is the first version to posit Krypton as having a core of Uranium
Jor-El, as depicted by Siegel and Shuster in More Fun Comics 101.

The origin of Superboy. January 1945.

The classic version of Jor-El as depicted by Wayne Boring and Stan Kaye in the 1948 Origin of Superman, scripted by Bill Finger.

Superman 53 May -June 1948

Jor-El, played by Nelson Leigh, in the Adventures of Superman 1948 movie serial

Jor-El, played by Robert Rockwell on the George Reeves TV show